Saturday, June 16, 2018

Seriously? It is Time to Move On, Marilyn McAboy

You would think that by 2018 — over a full decade later — that Marilyn McAboy would stop obsessing over me. She has not. Kat McAboy is still at it. Sadly, she still has the same unhinged mentality and not a shred of normalcy in her meaningless life, unless obsessing over strangers gives her a purpose.

I honestly thought the woman might have died or been put into an institution for psychiatric care but she's still lurking about, harassing people. The only difference now is that technology has gotten much better. The Orleans Police told her long ago to remove all her creepy bullying from the internet, but through her tears at her kitchen table, she lied to the officer and said she would do as told — remove all mentions of me. She didn’t and the police returned to her lonely little cave a week or so later, once more to tell her that she needs to stop harassing strangers online and to delete all references to the people who filed complaints about her. She cried hysterically, she admitted to not removing anything and once again, she promised the police she would do as they said because she didn't want to lose her laptop computer. After a couple of months passed and she had yet to comply with the police, I discussed it with them over the phone and we all decided to just let the crazy woman be crazy and maybe one day she would find something productive to do. Apparently not.

As long as this mentally unstable woman is breathing, she will abuse, harass and stalk those whom she believes wronged her in some way. I'm positive there are dozens of fresh, new users online that she’s already busy stalking from group to forum to social media platform and I’m just one of her OG’s from “back in the day.”

I was never instructed to do anything by the police. In fact, the NY police never contacted me. The only police involvement was Orleans, MA and Boston, MA, the latter due to McAboy having had a blog up with hate speech and child exploitation. That blog was purged and "Kat McAboy" avoided being charged with a crime; Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree.

As long as she keeps her level of crazy to a minimum, she will remain free to live out her miserable life without incident. If she decides to take any of her sick obsessions to the next level, the case files are still open in Orleans, MA and she will be arrested. I'm not a fan of the mentally ill being put into jail or prison. I believe that if they commit a non-violent crime (such as harassment or non-physical contact stalking as is the case with McAboy), they should be sentenced to lengthy mandatory psych care and/or a stint in a facility for 6 months to a year at the least, in order to be taught how to behave with others in society and to learn how to function as normal as possible with whatever mental and emotional illness they have been diagnosed with. If medication is necessary and the person has refused it for most of their life, then they must learn to adjust to their meds while under full-time surpervion. In her case, I'm sure there has been more than one diagnosis. She's needed help from the outside for a very long time. Hopefully she will get the help she so sorely needs before she wakes up one day and realizes she's a very old woman and has not ever taken time to live and enjoy a single moment of life.

Good luck, Marylin. It's time you move on.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Too lazy for Spellcheck and Insanities from OZ that Made "Improper Adoptee" Marilyn McAboy Snap Her Cookies.

Dear Marilyn McAboy:
Seriously? You make excuses for why you have spelling errors strewn all over your blog? You can't click a button? You can harass and abuse people but you CAN'T CLICK A SPELLCHECK BUTTON? Really? You're going with that BS story? I think you're just a lazy...and like you call me all the time...BITCH. You're a lazy friggin' bitch, and you know what else? I know why you've resumed with a vengeance. You're all butt hurt over my pointing out that THE WIZARD of OZ is COPYRIGHTED and you had it all over you FORMER version of your blog—you know, the infected, trojan filled version of your vomit and diarrhea. (Blogger Bulimia Nervosa)

You really got that angry and snapped your cookies over seeing a URL (that's what a link to a website is, dolt) that described in detail the copyrights for all versions for The Wizard of Oz? That is what set your fat ass on fire and has you blogging your filthy panties off about me? The Wizard of fucking Oz? Did you think you were part of it? Were you a...OMG! Gee, I just realized. Sorry. You're a flying monkey and you're ticked off that you had to remove all the Wizard of Oz images and crap because now your flying monkey BS no longer makes any sense at all. Wake up call: it didn't make sense before either, and all the adoptees who saw it were rolling their eyes. But you are still a flying monkey and yes, I'm sure you can fly, so go right ahead. That's as rich as your bestiality blog entries and comments, posts and blurbs you pleasured yourself to back in, oh, 2009? Are you still doing the Zoophilia thing? Eeeuw, no, don't answer that. Just GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK.

Spell check. Gosh, it's so easy to us. (It's a button to click and this sociopath, Improper Adoptee aka Marilyn McAboy is far too busy harassing people to click a button!)

Honestly, I could not care less. I just want this sociopath loser to leave me the hell alone and get herself into a psychiatric facility, because someone who is crying for help by posting that they feel suicidal, about how they feel driven to kill themselves, should be forced by the authorities in her area to be committed for the minimum time for observation at the very least. All this "I feel like killing myself" and "I'm being driven to suicide by..." crap is a CRY FOR HELP, and possibly all this volatile hate she has been posting the last month is part of what is going on with that.

Your "BLOG" is really not about ADOPTION.

The proof is right on your "BLOG," Improper Adoptee.
There is nothing that is about ADOPTION.
I will quote you:

About This Blog:



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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You've Harassed Me Far Too Long. I've Notified the Police. STOP YOUR HARASSMENT!

Marilyn McAboy -- The Improper Adoptee,

I've had as much of your abuse as I can take, and I refuse to tolerate any further insane public defamation from your sick, delusional mind put onto the internet. I've had it with your gross behavior towards me and your fake drama. You're not a victim, you're a victimizer. You're not a poor woman who is being cyberabused, but you are a cyberpath. You earned the title on your own. I did not submit your information nor did I pay the research fee for that website. You got there yourself, as proven by your former friends all saying to keep away from you. You're a delusional idiot; you know right from wrong, yet you pretend you are this naive and innocent woman who is just a poor clueless adoptee, hurt by all the people in the world. You just libeled good people and stood up for two sociopaths. You're that stupid. You don't ever research anything before mouthing off, you just skim things: you said that back in 2008 when you sent me a Myspace message*. You said you rarely read anything lengthy, and you admitted it was a bad thing, but you skimmed over most things you read and only got the gist of things, which led to you not always fully grasping what was actually going on, or the real story or situation, and because you don't read—you skim over—you miss key information. You then blog about these topics and issues as if you are the WikiBot on all of them, and really, you're the most clueless person to be saying anything about what you blog about, especially when it comes to me and people I reblog about or post about. I am a SEA SHEPHERD and you don't even know what Sea Shepherd is. Have you even heard of Animal Planet and the show "Whale Wars?" Now do you have half a clue? And no honey, I'm not lying about my affiliation. I'll be volunteering in a booth for Action for Animals again this summer. You have no idea who they are either. I do it yearly, and during the year I hand out AFA literature and Vegan Outreach booklets. But of course I'm lying. You know that. I have a photo or maybe 4 or 5, taken in 2003, or 2004 and in my boyfriend's townhouse, with his leather couch and my cat spookie, so that invalidates everything. Since you didn't pay attention in my Myspace group, which had clear and specific guidelines on the group main page, you have no idea I became veg*n in 2006. I suppose your psychic abilities were not working proper when you downloaded all of my photos off the internet and stared so intensely at them. They should have said to you, "Hello, Marilyn. I'm a picture from 2002. She was not yet a vegan, but she was rescuing animals and teaching TNR and helping set up transports from high kill shelters. Veganism will come soon. First will be vegetarian." Then you ogle more photos and they are 2005 and 2006. You're making fun of them, you recall putting them on your bestiality blog and pretending to be man while writing filthy, disgusting prose. Those pictures should have said "Oh, Improper, why do you stalk this woman of compassion and kindness? She is all giving, selfless and good. You set a bad example for others. These photos show her as vegetarian. She eats no animals. Veganism is soon." (this is ludicrous, but I think it's on your level) Well, you know it all, so I don't know why I'm bothering, but I became vegan. I stopped wearing anything made from animals and using any products containing anything with animal product. I bet you don't even know when you're using animal products. And you're not vegan, so who are you of all people to even judge a vegan? Oh, a crazy person.

You think you know it all. You made libelous comments about Nikki Craft. Do you KNOW who Nikki is? I do. She is a friend of mine. Nikki is someone you, if you'd actually researched her, would approve of! You're such a jackass that you just read a sociopath's fake letter (and sorry to tell you, but all those cease and desists on McDade's blog are fake. There is no attorney, there was no police contacted and no, CPS was never contacted. It's all fabricated. HE IS JUST LIKE YOU.) And you believed every word. That is why I was tweeting for Sea Shepherd. Here, since you are too much of an uneducated dolt to do it yourself:

Nikki Craft (born 1949) is an American political activist, radical feminist, artist and writer.

Activism [edit]

In 1975, Craft presented the Rockwell International Board of Directors with "...naked doll[s] splashed with blood-colored paint" to protest their B-1 bomber called "The Lancer".[1] The same year, Craft founded Women Armed for Self Protection (WASP), which advocated armed self-defense for women and retaliation against rapists by their victims; she wrote and recorded "The Rape Song" about Inez Garcia and Joan Little.[2]
In 1976, Craft co-founded the Kitty Genovese Women's Project (KGWP) when she and another activist posed as sociology students under the pretense of doing a "statistical study on violent crimes" and obtained the names of every indictedsex offender in Dallas County from 1959 to 1975. This was before such records were kept on computer; the activists worked for nine months writing all the names down on index cards. A year later, 25,000 copies of the KGWP newspaper were published. The paper listed all 2,100 sex offender indictments, 1,700 of which were multiple offenders, and was distributed throughout Dallas. On March 8, International Women's Day, the group read the names over local community radio KCHU for 13 hours.[3]
In 1979, Craft helped organize the first Myth California Anti-Pageant in Santa Cruz, California. In 1980 Craft joined other pageant protesters and over the next nine years conducted other actions, including throwing raw meat on the stage and pouring the blood of raped women across a pageant entryway. One year three men locked arms on stage, yelling "Men Resist Sexism! Men Resist Sexism!" preventing the crowning until they were dragged away. There were many arrests, and each year the crowds grew larger at the anti-pageant protests which later resulted in the Miss California pageant leaving Santa Cruz. The protests continued in San Diego and in 1988, after the pageant left Santa Cruz and moved to San Diego, the winner of a local pageant unveiled a banner from her bra at the state finals that read "Pageants Hurt All Women." A documentary called Miss... or Myth? examines these protests.[4]

1980s [edit]

Craft was arrested[5] in August 1984 while sunbathing at the Cape Cod National Seashore; she refused to put on her shirt.[6] She later organized a class action suit funded by the Naturist Society against the federal government, which manages the Seashore. Later in the proceedings, she and others withdrew from the case because the Society's attorney had made concessions to the respondents related to clothing requirements for Seashore visitors that included gender distinctions, specifically, the covering of women's breasts.
In 1986, Craft was arrested in Rochester, New York with six other women who were topless or "shirtfree" in public. The case was dismissed on appeal six years later, thus weakening the New York "exposure of a person" state law when pertaining to woman's breasts.[7][8][9]

1990s and onward [edit]

In 1990 Craft opened the Andrea Dworkin Online Library. In 1992, Diana E. H. Russell dedicated her book Femicide to Craft. In 1997 Dworkin dedicated her book Life and Death to Craft. In 2000, Craft and D.A. Clarke organized "Feminists for Nader
" and campaigned for Nader's presidential bid.
In 1995, the feminist journal On the Issues published Craft's article entitled "Busting Mister Short-Eyes" about a naturist child rapist sentenced to 30 years in prison, partly as a result of Craft's advocacy.[10]
In 2001 she protested the war in Afghanistan and called upon other feminists to do the same.[11] In 2005, she created the "Hustling the Left
" website, criticizing leaders in leftist and progressive movements who published articles, interviews and expressed public cooperation with Larry Flynt and his magazine, Hustler. The website took its name from a June 2005 article by feminist activist Aura Bogado, who protested the promotion of Flynt's support by the anti-wargroup Not in Our Name.

As for the others you've libeled, TRY DOING YOUR HOMEWORK.

You have SHAC on your blog. Do you really not know about the SHAC 7? Are you just pretending to be a moron? You list HSUS as good. You side with BSL? You agree with kill shelters? PETA. You still on their side, too? They kill animals. Peta euthanizes thousands per year. Email them and ask, and you will get a reply explaining how sorry and unfortunate it is, but they feel they are doing the animals in shelters the best thing they can for them, by freeing them from the cages and bringing them peace. What about adoption? Oh no, they don't think it works. I got a letter and so did dozens of others who all wrote to PETA and asked them why they insist on killing shelter animals. They have a van they use, a mobile death center, and they kill them and dump them at the nearest site. FACT. I'm not the only one who researched this for many hours, hours that add up to days. You won't recall, but in my Myspace group, I didn't allow bashing of PETA. I had not yet finished my research. I finished, and I've learned more than I wished I did.

Back to business. Or in your case, your cyberbullying and cyberstalking, your harassment and abuse.
I ask you again, last time now! STOP VICTIMIZING ME. Stop your lies and your freakish comments. Stop your blog entries full of deluded fairytales from hell.

I asked you numerous times over the years to just leave me alone. Why did you just ignore my requests and keep posting horrid lies? Why could you not control yourself? Because you continued to lie, stalk and make me feel uncomfortable and creeped out, I had to keep emailing your blog to the Orleans, MA police department. I'm not lying. I have no reason to lie. I don't lie about anything. You do, though, it's something you choose to do on a regular basis. I've contacted the police. You've been aggressive, vulgar, crude and I feel threatened by you. You are dangerous. You attempt to put blame on others for your suicidal feelings. You claim you want to kill yourself and blame me. I think you need to take that up with an ER, and if not, the police need to speak to you. You might have erased those comments from your blog, but each and every one you posted remains in my Gmail inbox, because you kept posting and posting repeatedly for hours and mentioning how you felt along with your childish name-calling and attacks on me.

Chief of Police
Deputy Chief of Police
Orleans Police Department
90 S. Orleans Road
Orleans, MA 02653

You can continue to post lies and hate all you like. It's still allowed in this country. But harassing people is not as simple. All the libel, defamation and stalking? There's a fine line and I think you jumped over it a while ago. Yes, Improper Adoptee, I did contact the police. The police know your name quite well.

I will not allow you to bully me for years and years to come. This has to end, and since you refuse to stop, someone has to force your hand.

Improper Adoptee,

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth - nothing more.
Nah, that's just a joke. But this is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You will wake up in your bed and realize the rabbit hole goes very deep. You won't be in your own bed. And the story will be one you didn't make up and post online.

I did exactly what this psychopath instructs people to do, and I came up with nothing but regular
websites, such as Pinterest, until page 2, where Seal Sheperd's old hilarious blog pops up. If that qualifies
as "quite a few," we are back to that math issue with The Improper Adoptee. It's not been over 6 years, it's
barely been 5 and no, there are only three sociopaths who come up in the Google search she insists
readers do. She is one of them. A known fraud and fake—Seal Shepherd—is the second, and lastly
is Teddy, otherwise known as Fabrizio Cordero. He didn't put it up, though, his boss did. By boss, I mean
the woman who controls every aspect of his life. That drug addicted liar wasn't even allowed contact with
his own blood relatives, with his own father. I can prove it. She stated "Give anyone my cell number."
That was in reference to anything pertaining to him. She said he would forever be at her beck and call,
because he lied to her for almost 10 years. I'm not giving out her number. Improper will have to stalk her and get
the information herself.
The fraud Teddy committed was part of this woman's bread and butter, and she
relied on it to help pay for extras, like many flat screens and all the video game consoles on the market,
beer and cigarettes and so on. When he was caught, they assumed I knew Teddy was selling
fakes on ebay. Sorry, but no. I was all the way across the country. The fakes were poorly made knock-offs
and the famous maker caught him with the help of his friends and fans. Imrpoper Adoptee never reads the
full story about anyone or anything...remember, she "skims."

Improper Adoptee, does this mean you're now going to start stalking and bulling me on Pinterest, We Heart It, Get Glue, Photobucket, Mixcloud, Twitter and Threadless?!? I could not believe the torture, abuse and disgusting lies on Pinterest of all places! And the vulgarities on We Heart It, OMG! Since I did NOT know of you in 2007, that was 6 years ago BTW, I am in total shock at the horrible things I saw when I did what you tell people to do using Google! It showed the cyberabuse you have professed for over 6 years and counting! Before I even took over STOP Cruelty Against Animals! It was as if someone manipulated the INTERNET! Maybe the whole web was hacked! Finally...FINALLY on page two of the Google search you ask us all to do, I found Seal shepherd's blog that he hasn't really touched much. You know, it's amazing that he made all those hilarious cease and desists. I noticed you left out some pretty popular people! Selective, huh? And poor Sunny. You don't know, but he didn't even have any "imvovlment"(that's how McDade spells it in all those faked C&D's) in anything, actually. He was barely ever online, and when he did come online, he was in utter shock to find his name mentioned. It came to be because he is INDIAN. Little do you know, but McDade does not like what he openly calls "towelheads." Go ahead and ask him, since you are so sure he is a victim. He has no problem admitting it—at least he did not back when he was bullying women and people of color. He opening said that his town was being invaded by Indians, that they didn't use toilet paper, they ate food with one hand and wiped their asses with the other—according to him this was the truth and his reason for wanting to leave Brampton, Ontario. He would have stalked you, had you been in one of his Canadian seal groups. You'd have become sliced, diced and he'd have served you on a platter with his chicken dinner. You make the perfect victim for him, because you're single, a female, and you've already been victimized by a man. He'd find that out, because that's how he operates. He did it to dozens of women, and once word got out, he was exposed. Those women who stood up for themselves and exposed him? He posted lies about them and their entire families and then he went after their relatives. Once he was knee deep into that, he'd begin the campaign online gathering hundreds of users to believe the women were "seal killers" or the wives of men who killed the seals. He was very convincing. It's his "thing." But hey, you are the smart one here, right? So anything you've already said, it must be on spot 100%. The same goes for Fabrizio Cordero, aka Teddy Winchester. I mean, seriously Marilyn, who pretends to be a militant animal rights activist and vegan from 2004 to 2009 on Myspace, right? That's just plain silly! Of course I had to make that up like you say, because no one lies online! He was secretly ALF, you know? Oh yes. He said so. And he broke free animals from a fur farm and the FBI got a partial print! That's why he came to Jersey! Really!!! I know, I shouldn't have put all that stuff up, right? It sounds soooo made up. Gosh! And then for me to make up the comments his ex said. Wow, I really had to think hard about that and try to copy her persona, you know?

*sighs* You are so PATHETIC, "lady." (As Rotty Guy called you many years ago, remember?)

Nah. But think whatever makes you happy. Amy decided on her own. You actually caused it to happen, but you don't like to believe you cause any trouble, so make something up. You're good at that. 
You did right there in that sentence, because last month you claimed that you stopped your friendship with Amy, that is was your decision and your choice solely, that YOU decided to not email her when you got your new email.

Was that after you sent the email to her with the subject line of JUDAS? You were angry when you found out she had spoken to me. Would you be so angry to know that Gershom had non-antagonistic communication with me as well? I saved the emails. I didn't reply Gershom's last message to me because I didn't want to be set you.

Anyway big loon, I have things to do. I'd really appreciate it if you took all of this serious instead of thinking you are some puppet master and all of us are pawns in your sick game of "Marilyn Plays Control FREAK." Find something constructive to do. You're credibility in the adoptee community is wearing thin. Why not try to rebuild all those bridges you've burned? Why not do some good for the people of closed adoptions? Right now your help meter is teetering between 0 and 1. You're doing no good for anyone, including yourself.



* Skimming. Remember this? Here's the proof, and no, it is NOT edited at all.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: spookie (to Stepford Child)
Date: Feb 16, 2008 10:22 AM

[QUOTE] Stepford Child wrote:
Um, if you can't afford a $15 vaccine get rid of your fucking cat and give it to someone who can take care of it properly and get it the medical care it needs.   Christ.  
People are such idiots.   
You really hate yourself don't you? Sad....  sad too, that you take it out on everyone Chainsaw......  [/QUOTE]

The "girl" who said she couldn't afford to pay $15 for a vaccine was really a teenage boy who stole a girl's profile, a troll.   The profile was deleted the next day. The same "girl" also posted she was going to commit suicide because of myspace, and other nonsense comments, all obviously untrue due to their inconsistency. 

BTW, I also stuck up for the child named Cody. Cody then lost his cool and posted his cousin's phone number and begged members to call it.   That was a bad idea. 

No offense, but you have very good info to post in SCAA and it gets ignored because the people only see your profile and ignore your wealth of info.   Maybe you could create another profile and keep it private, using it to post in groups that are volatile?

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Stepford Child (to spookie)
Date: Feb 16, 2008 10:40 AM

Well, I will be honest-I hadn't read all the pages before I replyed , there are just too many and I can't concentrate that long,lol.  I have however, had it with Chainsaw-she is an evil horrible girl who is constantly picking on everyone and not just in this group-I wish she would be banned from myspace, hell actually the whole internet, lol.  It makes me mad that groups like yours are started to help animals and all people do is sit there and nit pick about how people write and how they spell-I am sick of the soap opera and the fighting in part because the animal matters just get ignored.  I didn't read what Cody did or the other post you mentioned about the girl threatening suicide-so I guess I wasn't aware of all going on, but I stuck up for Cody anyway because you know these troll losers they push people to act horrible and lose it-that is what they want and Chainsaw is one of them-I still am glad I stuck up for this kid because he did nothing wrong posting that thread and I hope he reads what I wrote because he deserves to have his morale upped-I don't want him to stop being a good person and stop fighting for the animals and the bottom line is he did NOTHING to deserve those bitches from picking on him and I don't want him to lose faith-I'm sick of seeing nice people get ripped apart on the interent-I realize I have a dual myspace and I have thought myself about using this one just for adoption stuff and making a separate animal one and am palnning on doing that-but at the same time I like educating people on the oppression and predjudice that adoption really is because like things concerning animals the wrong attitudes the Adoption field pushes needs to be changed.  It is a billon dollar industry that has destroyed millons of people's lives and people need to know the truth.  Anyway, I am glad you are deleteing people, I wish you would ban Chainsaw..... she is a pain in the ass..... I'm glad you like the info I post and it is too bad this group has become a troll haven because I love that you made it for the animals, you are a good person too and you don't deserve this crap in your group-take care and I won't tell anyone about this e-mail, Have a great day

You can't even CONCENTRATE! You don't even fully READ anything! You're CRAZY and not in a "ha ha I'm just kidding!" way!

Maybe you should lay off all that BUD LIGHT, "LADY!" And please don't tell us all that you don't pound down the Buds, because you stupidly admitted you do in quite a few comments you've left over the years. Drunk!

Dare to Define Amy: Improper Adoptee Dearest,

Dare to Define Amy: Improper Adoptee Dearest,

Improper Adoptee Dearest,

Yes! I went there because I am beyond sick and tired of this continuous nightmare.   I am now taking action.  I asked you several times to remove references to my family, friends, and me.  You refused.  I don't think that you understand the irreparable harm that you have committed against my family, friends, and me.  I did nothing to you to warrant this treatment.  I begged and pleaded with you to remove references to my family and friends.  I asked you to delete the posts about Spookie.  I tried everything to help you forgive and move on with your life.  You just do not get it.

I just happened to stumble upon this latest diatribe of vitriol.  I am Amy Burt, also known as Amyadoptee.  I am not some weak minded individual who lacks fortitude and strength.  I am not someone who is easily fooled.  I no longer participate in adoptee rights because I have so much more on my plate that warrants my attention.  I am a disabled Desert Storm Veteran who sadly fought for your right to spill your vitriol all over the internet.  I am a survivor of Hidradenitis Suppurativa.  I am a survivor of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I am the kickass mother of two precious blessings that I call my daughters whom I now have physical custody.  I survived the worst judge in the history of Texas.  I survived one of the worst divorces in the history of Texas.  I am not someone who is easily manipulated or controlled.

Approximately in 2009,
 Spookie and I talked because I was worried about a mother who was making contact with her.  This woman had made threats against me via the United States Postal Service.  She had mailed letters to both me and Spookie.  During my divorce, she began mailing them to my ex-husband.  I still have those letters which were all post dated out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  My ex-husband and Spookie gave me those letters.  Because of many of the rants on your part, this woman was led to believe things that weren't true. 

Even when Spookie and I were at odds with each other, she did not harass me to the extent that you are proclaiming.  She pretty much left me alone.  Spookie never attempted to hack into my email, blog, or any other online internet product.  I know that others did it.  I know their names.  Karma has a funny way of coming back and hurting people.  Eventually those that did perpetrate harm against me and my daughters will get their Karma.  I will get justice although I am no longer concerned about any of that old crap.  

In the mean time, this is my one and only post to Improper Adoptee.  I ask you now and forever to clean my name from your blog.  If you want to be considered a valuable asset to the adoption community, remove the content about Spookie and I. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grab a Snack! The Improper Adoptee is Having a Psychotic Break and on A Blogging Spree!

Ha ha ha! The Improper LOSER is having a total psychotic break because she can't put two and two together. It's hilarious and sadly pathetic at the same time. (I'm laughing because that is what this inept creep would want as a response. Anything said is a lie according to her anyway, so me and anyone else might as well go along with the NEW GOD of ALL THE EARTH—The IMPROPER ADOPTEE) Due to her NOT looking at my blog at all, she is using those psychic powers she claims to have and reading my blog entries AND at the same time is still searching for hours for any photos she can find of me, old and new, so she can download them and save them to her computer, and save them to CD's. Eeeuw. Keep in mind that this is a gay-bashing homophobe, a woman who HATES the thought of a gay couple adopting a child and has opening spoken against it, and here she is, spending hours looking for images of me to look at and to save for her viewing *GAG* pleasure later on, *barf* which I find not only disgustingly creepy, but offensive. She hates the GLBT community, yet she is stalking A WOMAN for years—since spring 2008. I happen to support gays adopting children and I openly support the GLBT community. I'm not just an animal rights activist, but a person who is against specieism. Most of society is blind to speciesism but as more and more people realize that non-human animals are not our property, and deserve to live free from exploitation by humans, they are deciding to go vegan. Against bigotry and racism. Against misogyny. Against sexism.

Pull 'em up, McAboy!
 Marilyn, I have bad news for you. Nothing you say holds water, makes sense, looks legit and guess what? You have no credibility in ANY community—not the adoptee community OR the animal rights community, especially the animal rights community—so you better put on your big granny panties, line then with your Depends pad and suck it up, old lady, because all your bad karma? It's coming back to bite your fat old that funny snake pic you posted! It's going to bite that big fat ass of yours, just you wait, cupcake! Imagine that snake as karma, coming for your fat ass! Ha ha! Orleans, MA police have a rock hard plank for you to sleep on for the night...coming soon. :D You just keep it up and please, DO make sure you fuck up. Make a really off remark, post a comment you forgot breaks law, steal a photo or even just claim the suicide bullshit some more. I'm so sick and tired of dealing with your utter nonsense and non-stop badgering stalking that I want you to please just slip up and do it. You have nothing to lose. You're a loser with nothing. Right? C'mon, I'm giving you what you want, right? What you claim all the time, and for years? You sick, twisted bitch, just do something insane and fucked up so we all can live in peace and not have to deal with your psychosis anymore. You're a screaming, paranoid delusional schizophrenic heartless old maid with nothing to live for. GO fuck yourself! Happy, now, right? You ENJOY this!

That's what is so SICK about you. You're a CRAZY LUNATIC and EVERYONE knows what you are. You don't want to face the facts. You have no real readership on your blog, and your Anonymous posts to your comments? They're YOU. Your former friends said it's what you do and your own daughter said you do it. No one wants anything to do with you anymore. You really are nothing but the person they point to when they want to make a statement about what NOT to do when advocating for adoptee rights. They point in your direction and tell others, "DON'T act like this woman, she's nuts." It's true. You can go ask the people you used to be friends with. Oh, that's right, you don't know who I mean. Tsk tsk.

It's The Improper Adoptee (using
another woman's image, of course).
Let's get this straight, McAboy. You're a stranger. You stalk and harass me. I'm a victim. You're obsessed. You think you are in control and your plan is to ruin part or all of my life, because it makes you feel good—you get a pleasure response from what you do to me and have been doing for many years. you're not a mentally well person. You are a sick, psychologically damaged woman who is obsessively stalking another woman. All the libel and defamatory rants you post just go to show what a sick state of mind you're in and have been in since the time you began making yourself public. You've probably been this way most of your life. YOU ARE SICK AND YOU NEED VERY SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Improper Adoptee: The Psychotic Break.

The Improper Adoptee is having a major psychotic break over the old news regarding the malware on the former version of her blog. (See screenshot below)

Creepy. Why is this woman looking at me 24/7/365? The Improper Adoptee stares at images of me ALL THE TIME, and that is SICK. This woman is obsessed with me and this blog entry alone is proof enough that she is actively STALKING THE HELL out of me, along with trying her best (and failing horribly) to create problems for me in the animal rights community.

Being that she is completely computer illiterate, she doesn't even take into consideration that she's stripped her blog of the code that was causing the alerts on the users' computers who checked it. I was not even aware. I don't use a PC and wasn't even concerned about such a thing when loading this psychotic's blog page(s) because I know she isn't capable of inserting malicious code herself. When I was sent the DM (Direct Message) on Twitter regarding a trojan or other form of malware on I asked the user to do me a favor and have it looked into further. She said she most definitely would. Numerous messages were exchanged and it was determined by computer savvy users that there was indeed something malicious on The Improper Adoptee's blog. I was told to not load the blog at all, but I let my friend know that I was not affected by whatever this nefarious code was. Since she was concerned about it—and towards whom it was meant to harm—she said we should alert others. And we did.

Because this woman does NOT read anything in full—she "skims," as she admitted years ago many times when making a complete ass of herself in forums (groups), posting utter nonsense or insulting users because she had not read fully the topic and all the posts, I'm going to post the Twitter DM's from the other user. Doing so will show this social network idiot that I did not even know there was a trojan on her lunatic blog. I knew there was something wrong, but I thought it was her asinine snowflakes and that hideous animation she had as the main graphic on top. I figured that all that crap was slowing things down, all the movement and the non-stop action having to happen all at the same time, it had to take a toll on some computers. And it did. Who knew she had malware to go with it? Not me, not until someone had tech savvy people look into her blog site and find it.

That blog entry wasn't the first. Her psychotic break began when she read about her copyright infringements on her old layout (the original version of "The Wizard of Oz") and the javascript, etc. embedded within her mess of a blog page, overloaded with poorly written code she copied and put into her "layout," which then created the problems some users experienced—and when I let the animal rights community know about this sociopath stalking me and gave her URL out on Twitter, one activist went to people who use PC's and had them use software to pick apart her blog site and they did indeed find malware. The Improper Adoptee can cry, lie and have a tantrum all she likes—as usual—but acts are facts. Actually, facts are something she isn't familiar with at all.

This psychopath constantly writes about me, claiming I'm screaming, yelling and doing things—all in person. Is this lunatic stalking me in person as well as online? How much danger am I actually in? I honestly would like that answered, and I'm going to make sure that question is answered as soon as possible.

I've kept this documentary blog up ONLY because of this sick, hate-filled woman cyber-harassing me for so many years. I'd taken it down years ago, after the police went to her home and told her to stop cyberbullying and cyberstalking me. We all thought that since she is mentally ill, yet fully aware of what she is doing and knows right from wrong, that my taking down what bothered her—the truth being shown to everyone—would help make her stop victimizing me. It did not. She waited, and it was probably sheer hell for her, and she waited...and then she began again. Once she started again, she began the vile prose and disgusting hate all over again. She ignored every word the police offers said to her, every warning they laid out to her. In her demented mind, she decided that everything they said to her, she would digest and spit out and type onto her blog claiming they told her they told me to stay off her blog. Why would they go to her home, twice, and tell me from there to stay off her blog? Anyone can go on any website. There are no laws saying you can't go on a blog hosted by Google. She should know better, but she probably "skimmed" that part while reading the Terms. The police never came here, nor did they warn me of anything. Nothing was discussed about my being a cyberbully or cyberstalker. They said this woman was known for abusing people, in real life, not just online. I was not the first victim and would not be the last. I'm sure there are so many others the numbers must be mind-boggling. On her blog alone, you can count dozens, including her main targets, me and Amy.

She has lost all respect and credibility in the last place she had left in her very small world. The Adopteeland Online. People have seen what she has been doing, and not only to me and Amy. It's all over the internet. She attacks like a rabid beast, and I don't mean an animal on this earth. She's vicious, and now that those of us who have been victims long enough have had it with her abuse, I hope this woman realizes her time has run out. She should make a decision quickly, because soon, there won;t be time to do anything but cry.