Monday, October 27, 2008


Oh Joy, another one. Yes, that's sarcasm, and has a double meaning. No, I'm not feeling joyful right this moment, and the woman who has won her place here on the nut bar blog in named Joy. Joy thinks she knows me, as well as The Improper Adoptee, also known as Stepford Child, also known as StepFordChild, SC, and StepfordC. Wait, there's more; Native Warrior, Burned and anonymous.

To those like Joy, another anonymous pal of The Improper Adoptee, another woman hiding herself behind nothing but 3 little letters on the internet, let me make myself VERY CLEAR.

When I was informed about Stepford Child's blog, which began in MAY, I found out that her very first blog included my nickname as a LABEL, and that she was referring to me in that very first blog. I was stunned. Firstly because I thought she was gone, and out of my life. It'd been a few months. Secondly because she wrote a blog that was insinuating that I cared enough about her to copy her writings. (GAG) I've never used her name, not Stepford nor Improper, and never would. It's like eating fast food to me — sickening. I just would never do it.

I then noticed the left hand sidebar, and saw her LABELS and her section called

"VILLIANS OF MY SPACE...POSERS AND PHONIES AND TROLLS, OH MY......" and I was seriously speechless. This woman had nothing better to do than stalk a handful of us from MySpace and make a Hate List? She even links back to us, so her pals can lurk our profiles. CREEPY.

It only got worse from there. Keep in mind, she was a bully of the past by this time, and here I was, staring at her psychosis. Her next blog included, and still includes copyright infringement. She stole an image off my profile, a blurred badly copied version, and posted it at the end of one of her long rants, and called me a "blood-sucking VAMPIRE." She blogs that little piece in July, a blog that has nothing at all to do with me, except at the very end when she throws her dig in. It makes no logical sense.

In August, when I found out about this sick blog, I left her a comment, and asked that she remove all references to me, all the links to me, and told her to CEASE AND DESIST. I didn't type one cruel word. I simply stated that what she was doing was harassment, and that she was violating me by doing what she was doing. I told her that MySpace had told me to print out everything and go right to the police, since her posts were threatening (death curses, telling me to die, saying soon I would be silenced, then hinting some sort of death and native crap), and that Google had also said to do the same, that they would then be sent a subpeonea and would release all records to the police and begin investigating her, so I could have an attorney file a suit against her for numerous charges. Being adequately educated on the topic, I know some of the laws, and her little cyberbully game being done anonymously is a federal crime. It's a long explanation, but anyone can find it via Google.

I asked her many times. I then got stern with my requests, and Improper laughed, and blogged about me more, making up more cruel, nasty lies and only getting off on my simple request for her to stick to her topic of her blog and stop being libelous and posting defamatory content. She said she could do whatever she wants. This was her way of "getting revenge" for MySpace booting her off their site for her own misbehaviors. Had she just followed the Terms of Service, she'd not have gotten herself deleted.

When she began posting faked comments, or posting to her blogs altered pieces of my comments, or changing them, I knew this wasn't going to stop. Some of her words are pure hatred. They're proof that some people actually do feed off others' pain. She laughed at my father's cancer diagnosis. She then told me she wished I got cancer. She said I called my own son a bastard. !!! Within the comments section is where she hides some of her real dirty work, because she thinks less people will look there. She posts what she claims are parts of "a comment I got earlier today." Why not post the comment? Something to hide?

She has a lot to hide. She had a lot to hide on MySpace as well. How foolish of me to know she was unstable, yet still reach out to her. How absolutely stupid of me to see this woman get attacked by people in animal rights groups, and instead of me just ignoring it, I post asking them to lay off. I even emailed MySpace many times to get posts deleted that I felt were really hurtful towards this demonic woman. Had I known what I know now, things would be so different. I'd have just stayed away — very, very far away.

To try to get all those Myspace users to stop only seeing her as some loony, I messages Stepford Child, and it was actually in reference to an altercation in a topic that had gotten beyond out of control. A teenager was flamed a bit, and before you could blink, he lashed back and posted a cell phone number, daring the others to call it. They did. Stepford Child stuck up for him, but she'd not read the dozen+ pages of the topic. I messaged her, filled her in, and then suggested that it might help to create another profile just for animal rights and activism. She said she'd thought about it a few times, but wanted to keep both together. Okay, no problem. She even thanked me for doing so much for animals and for caring enough to try to control the group. I thought everything was okay.

Then I made that big OOPS.

I asked her about my friend Anne, an adoptee. I can go into the most minute details, but in a nutshell, Stepford didn't believe one word, and said I told her the story to hurt her, to make her cry and to just lay the pain on harder since she was an abused adoptee, and of course I knew this. (I didn't, I never read that far on her profile.) She went bonkers. When she didn't reply for a week, I went to her anti-adoptee group and just asked what was wrong. "Did I say something wrong?" Who knew she thought I made it all up, that she'd then post crazy run-ons about how crack wasn't invented (I never said the mother was on crack when the baby was born; it was crack in the 80's, and we all know it was around by then) and I did this on purpose, I wanted to hurt her, I'm a troll, a liar, a phisher, a hacker. Before I knew it, she was posting topics in the animal rights group about ME, "SPOOKIE IS A POSER" — which included the must-have comments such as "she's pro-adoption, she doesn't want you to know the truth about the adoption industry..."

I had nothing, and still have nothing to do with adoption or the industry. I made a bad choice and I have paid for it for almost a year. I helped someone, and they flipped out on me. She lurked me persistently, she posted all over a social site linking to me and my groups, and she made a group specifically about me and about other users she felt wronged her, or that she judged, like Lisa-Marie and Lauren, Raine or John, edge, etc. So for people like Joy, or Kite Kamp Girl, or even Gershom: STOP JUDGING US. And Joy, it doesn't matter if you're as strong as a wall of steel and can take all the abuse of an army online and offline. You're not everyone. All people are different, and I am through with being abused by this woman. She's a toxic, hateful person, and she's not ever going to stop. I can, and will post the FACTS and that will be that. I wouldn't have to do it if your friend The Improper (and that is one hell of an understatement) Adoptee had just removed the libelous material.

When you're asked politely to cease and desist, you should oblige. You shouldn't laugh like a psychotic off their meds and intensify your antagonism by blogging more deplorable lies. The obsession with lying about me, over so many months, seems to have become such a big issue for her that it appears she might actually believe her lies, something that does happen with people who are unstable, and repeat a lie or lies over and over again.
The fiction becomes the truth — in their mind.

<--- Oh, can click that. There's a fully legible version. Remember, you have to click with the magnifying glass, too, too view it at 100%.

Stepford Child, StepFordChild, SC, Step, StepfordC, The Improper Adoptee, IA, WHATEVER... You are one hell of a
Little girl screaming liar, liar picture, yelling liar, you're a liar, big fat liar,liar, rude comment picture, pictures, funny pictures, funny comment pictures for Myspace,insult, insulting picture,

All she had to do was stop harassing me. I told her my father has cancer, and then the pulmonary embolism. She was giddy and happy. No one deserves to be bullied by a person with a hole where their heart should be, and no conscience.


Ungrateful Little Bastard: Why be two-faced? Why LIE?

I requested that you please delete the nonsense that IA posted in your comments from a blog entry, and you did comply. Later, you claimed you deleted the type of crap that The Improper Adoptee, you buddy, posts, but claimed, no, it was not due to her, and insinuated to your cohorts that it was comments from IA's supposed "HITLIST" types. That's a lie. Did you tell your friend the truth, or did you two-face her? Did you tell anyone the truth? I'm going to post the exact words I sent to you in a comment, and it's the comment I sent, that posted, in which you deleted as I requested (unlike KITE KAMP GIRL and Marc's comment, but then again, Amy isn't dealing with a full deck. You are, yes?) I posted my comment on the 29th or the 30th, so it makes perfect sense that you deleted all the unrelated comments after my request. IA was posting from the 19th to the 26th, and you said on the 19th you'd rather not see personal differences posted in your comments. 7 days later, she posts "sorry," yet continues to attempt to bash me by calling me a "Pro-adoption troll" amongst the other ridiculous shit. I, on the other hand, sent you a polite note, not meant to be posted or publicly viewed, and everything was deleted. Just because you believe a demented liar you never even met means you're going to judge me as well, and toss your hatred my way, too, just like her? Well then, all I can say is WOW. You need help, too, then. I sure wouldn't judge you so quickly and without something more than internet madness.

Funny…you and I are close in age. You live in the same "place" as I do. Imagine if we actually have met before? Imagine if you liked me? Would that piss you off?

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...
Great post Amy. And note, this is not directed at you.....

Um - excuse me, but I have and will continue to delete any comment that has nothing at all to do with something I post. ULB is not a free press, it's my personal blog, any problems that anyone has they need to take it elsewhere and away from my journal.

OOOOH, I see. That's odd. Until the moment I left my comment, you'd left all of IMPROPER COMMENTER'S comments on your blog, all of which had nothing to do with the blog entry. Now you're trying to change your story? I see how it is.

This is what I'm talking about, ULB. I'm pointing this out because you posted on a blog, in somebody's comments that you removed so-called BS from me or people like me, and that is just not true. You deleted The Improper Adoptee's off-topic rant, and then my comment to you, since I didn't email you.

Jaymie said,
"ungrateful little bastard DELETED the comments by COWARD WHO HIDES AS The ANONYMOUS JANE DOE - AKA - Improper Adoptee!"

Jaymie then posted, on MySpace, this:

"Spookie did comment to ungrateful little bastard and request that The Improper Adoptee’s comments about her be removed, and that her own comment not be posted either. She didn’t save what she sent to her, it wasn’t "the most important thing going on in my life" - her words. She said Marc/SaviourRnR says a comment left on Improper Behavior’s BarfSpace claims that she herself, the Anonymous Cowardly Egger asked for the comments she posted to be removed. I call bullshit.

Spookie if I got any of this wrong just let me know and I’ll correct it."

I replied:

That sounds right. And I didn’t save it, but I left that window open for days, and I hit the back button today and got the post page with my text in the comment box. This IS NOT my entire comment, but enough to show I asked her to delete that nutter’s comments, and politely. Freakshow Adoptee will try to twist it around, but the blogger I posted to wll know the truth, because I posted this and I did get to grab it now, as I sent it to her.


Could you
please remove the libelous and defamatory postings by The Improper adoptee that are diected towards me?

You said:
"However I’m going to have to respectfully request that any personal differences with other individuals not be left in comments here."

I would be very appreciative if you would remove her hostile, antagonistic lies off your comments section (and of course, my comment as well with hers). She only did this to try to abuse me further while she is aware my family is in a very grave crisis.

Thank you in advance. I would truly appreciate it."

I didn’t even check my comment to her for spelling errors or capitalization, and see my two errors in this section alone. ha ha.

That was posted a while ago on MySpace. When I saw your comment on a blog — oh, let's not play games, you know where you posted it — Amy's blog entry full of spoonfed bullshit IA fed to her and she believed like some cult moron — I just had to post here. I don't understand the lying amongst some of you. Baffling.

Whatever. Enjoy your lying if it makes you happy. I'm glad you don't live near me and we don't run into each other while shopping. That would surely suck, huh?

Kudos To Marley!


Someone finally saw Improper Adoptee for who she really is. Finally, I am not the only one (off MySpace, that is) who has posted publicly about her behavior. I hope, for Marley's sake, that Improper Adoptee doesn't start harassing and blogging about her like she's done to me. It can become quite annoying to have a wackjob stalking you and then posting her "psychic thoughts" and convoluted ideas about you to her puppets.

Marley did the biggest no-no you can to Improper Adoptee; she didn't delete all comments that Improper didn't approve of. On MySpace, Improper Adoptee was friends with a woman that was also friends with me. When Improper Adoptee realized this, she told the friend to delete me off her friend's list. This shared friend of ours refused to, so Improper Adoptee got angry and deleted her. That friend knows what's going on and what has transpired ever since, and when she saw IA's blog, she wasn't surprised Improper was "up to her old tricks." Improper Adoptee uses this "friend" as an example of someone who supposedly sided with her and hates me, in one of her blogs, but ooooh no, that's just ol' Stepford Child grasping at her last straws. The truth is, she lost that friend when she demanded someone pick sides and choose her, and then posted public libel and hate. People usually don't sit well with outbursts like that.

Lastly, as usual, Improper has again shown her bigoted and anti-semitic side in her comments on Marley's blog, and on her own blog in retaliating to Marley. Her constant mentioning of Jews and the Torah is getting old. I told her myself that the Torah has no opinion on what she claims it does — a barren woman is a punishment from God. No, Rabbi's still fight over this and disagree on the translation. (Does anyone know any denomination of Christians who agree on Biblical translations?!? I sure don't!) In the Torah, God blesses many with fertility, those who were barren prior. The Improper Adoptee ignored the direct quotes from the Torah because they proved her whole case wrong. Her rantings are moronic. It's pretty low class. Then again, no one ever said Improper had class to begin with.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anger Management?

Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately
by John Lee (Author), William Stott (Contributor)

This book, Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately, is recommended by all types of readers from all walks of life, and also by professionals. I noticed in a review that a therapist highly recommended it, one that worked specifically with abused women. The Improper Adoptee alleges that she was abused for all of her childhood, by her adoptive mother. This book might be of help to her. Usually this book is of help to people who are suppressing their anger and inappropriately behaving when letting it loose. Improper Adoptee isn't suppressing anything, but she does need quite a lesson in "expressing anger appropriately." I'd suggest this book for starters.

Not all of these adopted "children" now grown up are from abusive homes, but some are angry beyond the norm, and not handling it properly — The Improper Adoptee is the best example. There's only so long that you can live such an ager-filled live — or is there? Like an anonymous woman pointed out in a comment posted to Improper's blog, it is obvious that she is an unhappy person. But does she even want help; to change and to feel some contentment? I personally doubt it, because I feel that she gets her little bit of happiness from inflicting pain upon others, like myself.

Take the outburst Improper Adoptee had when a mother of an adopted child posted in Gershom's blog. (Speaking of Gershom, I'll get to her soon in another blog, since she seems to like to be passive-aggressive and oh-so biased, yet ignores the facts and refuses to set the record straight.) The woman, who called herself Lisa Carter, posted the following:

In response to that comment left on Gershom's Anti-Adoption blog, The Improper Adoptee commented back with this hostile and angry outburst:

That is definitely someone who needs anger management! She can't even read a comment from a calm person, and reply in a neutral tone. She has to be hostile or she isn't herself. She believes that all adoptive parents are not only barren and selfish, but adopt for their own needs. I know people who have adopted children, even teenagers, out of the goodness of their hearts. There are so many children who live from foster home to foster home, or in orphanages, and these bitches like M, The Improper Adoptee, would rather they rot forever in misery than be adopted by a loving, caring couple. How cruel. Some of these children are tortured with memories they need to forget, some have been abused, seen things they'd rather have not — what's wrong with them being taken in by a wonderful family, Improper? I'd give kudos to any family who would save a child in such need, including a loving gay couple. I know that will set you off on a rage for hours, but gay couples are wonderful parents, and you are the last one to be capable of judging.

The full context of this can be found here:

Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately
by John Lee (Author), William Stott (Contributor)

The Improper Adoptee and some of her online "friends" should seriously think about purchasing this book.

StepfordChild, the angry and abusive woman who blogs as The Improper Adoptee, might also benefit from a workbook called The Pathways to Peace Anger Management Workbook by William Fleeman (Author). To think that in a matter of weeks, she could actually be on the road to becoming a pleasant person is merely a dream, because we know all too well that she feeds on pain and anger and taking away her "food" would only make her shop for more victims.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

No URL's Match the Screenshots? Part II

As promised, another undoctored screenshot WITH the URL that The Improper Adoptee claims does not exist. There's such a boatload more, I think I might crash some of those older Pee Cee's out there if I posted them all in one blog post. I hope you've all upgraded, and not to Vista, because even this image is large. (I don't use Windows, and I sure won't use a PC even it pretends to be as fast and stable as my computers here.)

This is a big one, so I'll leave this screenshot and Improper Adoptee's so-called lack of evidence to speak for itself.

This is the URL/link:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

OMG WHAT? She Said That?

The Improper Adoptee said...

"I only ask that you consider all the facts of each case before you judge someone you do not know."
…I suggest you open your eyes…and not judge…supposed innocence as you see it just because he is your "friend." You never really know what goes on behind closed doors you know. Or who is lying to your face …deserves the justice that comes from the truth. I hope you will remember that."

Sunday, October 5, 2008 7:37:00 PM EDT

FUCK! No way! She said what? Someone's teasing me. She's kidding.

Yes, she said that little faux pas. She Who Always Passes Judgment has slipped up, my goodness. She's admitted that people should NOT always assume and judge others as bad, evil or guilty just because he or she is a friend of someone — something she wants her friends to do for her when it comes to me — and now she should have to make a statement about it if her friends were to be asked about this conundrum.

I think I almost LOL'ed myself off my chair when I first saw it the day it was posted. I bet she said it after reading my posts so many times, saying she should not judge and assume when she doesn't know someone, and telling her friends that since they, too, don't know me, that they should not assume that they are being fed the truth either. What a riot this is.

Her sheep should read this and realize that even their "friend" has said exactly what I was trying, rationally and calmly, to convey to them. Sadly, they take calm and careful words and call them "harassment." I call that not only paranoia, but defensiveness. When you're on the defense before someone even steps over the line, you have something up your ass already, and nothing is going to change that. Mother Teresa could have sent a message or email and and they would have said she assaulted them with depraved discourse.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"THERE ARE NO ULR's!" —The Improper Adoptee, Oct. 8th, 2008

You have to laugh when someone claims to be such an internet savvy person, yet calls a URL a "ULR" and an IP address an "ISP." The Improper Adoptee pathetically tries to scare those she has harassed for the past year by attempting to sound knowledgeable about the internet and throwing in the use of "my attorney" here and there, but none of her little games work. She's just a little plastic Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot, but unlike the Marx toy from the 60's that made it to the shelves and made so many children happy, she was a reject, maybe defective, and thrown away — as she says — therefore she must abuse, harass and torture all she can; virtually punching out as many others as she can online for the rest of her life on this Earth, maybe even in hell, where she is headed.

I don't enjoy wasting my precious time exposing the insane pathological liars out there in the world of "cyberspace," but when someone is so obsessed with taking their time to hate, someone has to expose their lies.

Here's a snippet of the psychosis posted by this woman who unmistakably needs to see a psychologist, but doesn't believe in seeking the help of professionals. She's anti-psychiatry, and though a psychologist doesn't dispense medication, I would assume she would not last long with one because he or she would tell this nutter that she needs to channel her feelings differently, to change and to stop being the unhappy bastard she is. She'll just suffer until the day she drops dead. Here's her blabbering. (I'm not correcting her poor spelling or grammar.)

"…gets me deleted four times, lying all the way, and then starts a hate group against me. I made the sarcastic crack I made too because I don't beleive for a minute there is anything wrong with her father. Of course after I point out the fact in a comment on my blog that she never wrote one sentence that he is dying, and instead the first thing you see on her page, is some long bs paragraph about me, she goes and puts up some picture of him, and starts asking for prayers(like I said in my comment she would of asked people to do on her space, if he was really sick). Pfft. spookie says in her comment to Amy, that no one ever looks at my page, well how would she know? That none of the screenshots are fake, and shows two supposed inboxs of my old profile, yet THERE ARE NO ULR's!(and anyone can make what she made in photoshop and everyone knows the sku baby pic came from the Abolish Adoption website and anyone can copy it.) And no reputable blogger links back to my blog?!!! How dare she say that, I think Gershom and Amy are beyond reputable bloggers and Cassi's blog rocks. Then this:
"IA says she is "a psychic and a medium," but if she were, she would know that all her lies she has been posting are just that — lies. Her comments within her blog posts, hidden little tidbits of hate, are also lies, and her "psychic abilities" would know that she is telling fibs like a naughty child"
is proof that spookie is psychotic. I am not even going to elaborate on this remark.
"Her son, who she calls a bastard, was born via c-section and Stepford saw the photo from surgery yet still said it was fake. Why does the boy have to be adopted?"
Now, I had said she might be an AP, so look at that-she calls an Adopted Child a bastard....
And she is full of shit, because I never saw any picture of her (euw) C-section. Like I would talk to her in my email, LIKE I WOULD EVEN GIVE THIS HACKER MY EMAIL! and she never posted a picture of this anywhere."

Firstly, I want to note that she, Stepford Child, was only deleted THREE times, so this admission to four times is also an admission to the profile called "Native Warrior" being her alternate troll profile. That would make the forth that was deleted. Native warrior came along right when Stepford Child was deleted, and immediately began posting to edge, spookie and others in an adoption group, spewing the usual garbage Stepford Child would, and even making the same spelling errors. Even Native Warrior's grammar was the same as Stepford Child's horrible grammar. Is that a coincidence? Oh, of course not. There you have it — the forth deletion.

Secondly, no one ever has to announce when a family member or friend has cancer. It was mentioned after it became critical — a pulmonary embolism and double pneumonia — and even then, it is not The Improper Adoptee's business, or decision, as to when a person should (if ever) put personal information such as that on their MySpace profile.

If Improper is psychic, how come she doesn't know about anything?

Lastly, she's a paranoid delusional. "LIKE I WOULD EVEN GIVE THIS HACKER MY EMAIL!" Does she also wear a tinfoil hat?

Let's just get to the Google URL's and prove this babbling ogre wrong, once again. She says that there are no URL's to back up the screenshots of her nastiness towards others? Oh, okay. Let's see about that.

I won't overwhelm you, or the wonder-psychic herself. I'll just post a few.

(is that not disgusting? It's on a SEX SITE!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Improper Adoptee Says NO URL's Match the Screenshots?

Well, well, The Improper Adoptee has gotten herself into quite a predicament. Does she come clean in her libelog, or does she beg all these other bloggers that she's left little breadcrumbs of lies in in their blogs to delete her incriminating posts? Golly, what to do! It's nuttier than a bulk case of JIF from BJ's! Mr. Squirrel thinks so, too! ;D

Let's start with a blog called "Second Chance Mother." Improper Adoptee doesn't just throw her two cents in, she badgers the blogger to the point that the blog writer asks her why she even reads her blog, and she asks Improper to stop attacking her. Even one of Improper's readers, "maybe," asks passively for Improper to back off. "maybe" is a reader of The Improper Liar and seems to be one of her sheeple, usually believing her cheap shams and seeming to think she's a decent woman, but here, "maybe" saw the cruel side of the spawn of hell who calls herself "Improper," and rightfully so.

This little tidbit below is just the sprinkles on the giant cupcake of Improper's Bakery of Abuse. There's more to come after this one. The Hostess of Harassment has left crumbs all over the internets, and the bakery is now OPEN.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger. It's all real, you can't doctor another person's blog.

This was posted by one of StepfordChild's "VILLAIN'S OF MYSPACE," a guy on her "Hit List." It's a link to a thread on MySpace, and even though Stepford Child is deleted, and her original posts gone from public view, anything active users quoted is still visible, so you can see for yourself that Stepford did indeed harass and abuse other adoptees and those who chose adoption; a difficult choice no matter what The Improper Adoptee says or thinks.

[QUOTE] John-I Wont Stop, Neither Should You!! wrote:

[QUOTE] Adoptee Rights Demonstration wrote:

I haven’t seen what she has done to you, but I do see what you are doing to her as harassment.
Writing about people and creating groups like this to intentionally threaten and harm them is pretty rude.

You Should know who you’re defending, and make no mistake about it, she is destroying all positive efforts made by any and all adoptees. The following posts were made several months ago and is the reason Stepford is banned from Myspace. This is where it all began:

A window to Stepford’s true colors

Here’s a few of her higlights:

Posted: Feb 8, 2008 7:07 AM

Stepford Child wrote:

Posted: Feb 15, 2008 8:54 AM
Stepford Child wrote:
You know, I have just about had it with most other adoptees-I am sick and tired of how BORING so many of you are -you just sit there and take the Pro-adoption agencys shit and abuse like some frekin mute doormats-ALL OF YOU, ALL OF US NEED TO GET MORE RADICAL-STOP ACTING LIKE THE DOCILE SLAVE-It makes me furious that adoptees are not out there with megaphones protesting in front of the NCFA home office, or in front of Social work depts in all states, or in front of adoption agencies, or outside the White House-animals activists do this-they fight, they scream, the protest, protest, protest, but you lazy adoptees, YOU DO NOTHING. You do nothing but sit here and perpetuate the lies about adoption, the lies about us, the lies about raising a child alone, lies that the adoption profession, the stupid Church, the NCFA and the loser social workers MADE UP TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF US BY DENYING US OUR CIVIL RIGHTS.

Stepford Child wrote:

All women who willingly give their child away to strangers ARE bitches.

This isn't the end of the URL's/links to the screenshots. There's more coming, and they're coming to this blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Stepford Child really got deleted from MySpace. (or "How Improper Adoptee found out she has to follow rules or else.")

This is the original email correspondence between MySpace Customer Service and a Myspace user, spookie/Suzanne. (I think she's a blogger as well. ha ha ha)

StepFordChild wrote:

Here is a bulletin I sent out about spookie. I got 15 emails from people telling me they hated her. All of you including spookie are the bullies, losers and trools.

And ah Laura, NO ADOPTEE WHO FELT HURT BY LISA’S POEM WOULD EVER GO TO YOU FOR SEARCH HELP. They’d be afraid you would rip them apart. So as I said, you discredited your self because after how you treated me, many adoptees will never trust you.

Jun 8, 2008 10:00 AM

Well, she is at it again. I posted a bulletin I made about SoDelicious and Trader Joe’s in the animal rights group, Save An Animal Today! because I wanted to help end the myth that dairy can help people lose weight-it doesn’t and ALL it does do is increase sales for the abusive dairy industry. Since there are young woman in this group who might fall into that diet trap, I thought I should let them know if they didn’t, that SoDelious is now under Trader Joe’s label at their store because it costs alot less money there and it is vegan, so for young animal activists it is news to know. I also wanted people to call TJ’s and complain about how they still sell battery caged eggs. Is there something wrong with that? Is there something wrong with promoting a dairy free dessert that is better for people’s health and helps the animals? I guess spookie/mittens the cat thinks so, despite the fact she is a member of this group. You all remember spookie right? She sent me an email after I defended a young man in another group who had posted a question which was how can we stop animal abuse. Of course for his compassion and concern, he only got jumped on by a group of vicisious and immature trolls. In her email, she told me that I should NOT have a dual profile that trashes animal abuse and exposes the scam of adoption. I wrote her back a polite reply saying I had thought about that, but I wanted to educate people, especially the younger generations about the truth of how abusive adoption is to adoptees. This is why my profile says I fight for animal liberation and adoptee liberation, but all of you know that. Well, after I expressed my feelings to her, she wrote me back a really mean spirited email, trying to con me that all real mothers are crack addicts, and she had a friend who was one in the late 70’s who HAD to give her child away because of that. The story she told me, was completely fabricated, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CRACK IN THE LATE 70’S OR EVEN IN 1980! Because of this outright lie, that was construted to support adoption, and hurt me because I am against it, I did not reply to her. So then, she started hurling abusive insults to me in the animal group, and went into every group I started doing the same thing, as both spookie and mittens the cat. She cut me down for not replying to her, and ripped me apart ruthlessly for days and then finally threatened to get me deleted, which she did. Because she choose to whip me with my own pain, I posted the letter she sent me in the group to show people how she was bullying me. Spookie claims to be a parent, but she acts like she is in 7th grade. It is obvious she is Pro-Adoption and intends to punish me because I had to endure the abuse growing up of being told I wasn’t good enough to know who my own parents are via the closed record adoption system. This is her current slap across my face in the Save An Animal Today group-I have done nothing wrong, and when trolls like her pick on people who want to push veganism to help animals, then THEY ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS AS WELL, BECAUSE AS SHE INSULTS WHAT I WROTE, SHE INSULTS THE MESSAGE BEHIND IT.

I know some other people who have been attacked, harrassed and abused by spookie. She does nothing for the fight against animal abuse. PLEASE READ THE CONVO BELOW, AND THEN REPORT HER FOR CYBERBULLYING, BECAUSE SHE CHASES AWAY GOOD PEOPLE IN GROUPS WHO ONLY WANT TO HELP ANIMALS. Please repost this and thankyou. Be aware too that spookie IS Mittens The Cat-seh hasd told me this herself-I do not know who Manda is-maybe it is another profile she made, but she had no right to insult me either and all three of them are bullys.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Suzanne (ME)
Date: June 13, 2008 10:56:23 PM EDT
To: Cyber Bully Report, Abuse
Subject: Fwd: Report — Libel, defamatory group posts, harassment

I reported this woman in March 2008 for bullying and stalking me. You deleted her. I’m reporting her again because she is once again posting libel and bullying me.
She has violated numerous terms of service that she agreed to abide by when she re-signed up after her deletion.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: StepFordChild
Date: Jun 7, 2008 8:25 PM

Death curse on you bitch.

StepFordChild wrote:
These links will take you to other links-forget what you saw in JUNO, it is all a LIE-a group of selfish adoptive parents that oppress the slaves, I mean kids they adopt called the NCFA DO NOT want us to know our own people, or who we look like, OR OUR OWN PARENTS NAMES! or the fact that most babies are coerosed away from single mothers against their will by social workers, WHEN WE WANTED TO BE WITH THEM-THE NCFA ARE THE ONES THAT GET BS MOVIES LIKE JUNO MADE, TO BRAINSWASH GIRLS TO GIVE AWAY THEIR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD TO INFERTILE STRANGERS WHO BUY THEM AND THEN CON THE POOR CHILD THAT THEY ARE THEIRS WHICH IS ABUSE WHILE NOT LETTING THE CHILD EVEN KNOW THEIR MOMS NAME.
Spookie is like those people-she is a people abuser and she hates me because I expose and hate the American adoption system because it abused me and countless others.
She hates me because she wrote me a very mean email MEANT TO HURT ME and then I did NOT reply and she handles it like a 4th grade BULLY-going all around into groups insulting me, calling me names-it is sad she says she is 42 and acts like the mean kids we all knew in juniour high school, but this is how Pro-Adoption people are-skank losers!!
And that is harrassing, intimidating, manipulating hacker, spammer, phisher
spookie, ika: mittens the cat IS
Stay way from her if you care about yourself.
She is beyond dangerous and needs SERIOUS MENTAL HEATH HELP.
Burn in hell spookie.

I moderate TWO groups, and this woman is banned from both. She has called my son a bastard child, and she has posted bulletins to strangers asking them to report me, people who do not even know me or have contact with me.

Back in Mach/April, I begged Myspace to take of this woman’s abuse. You finally did. She was posting in private groups I was not a member of, asking for people to report me, and she was pretending to be a victim.

She has also posted that I’m a troll, spammer and a hacker. She is trying to convince people that I am a threat. This was her motive in march as well.

Here is the OLD report I sent in, just so you see this is a repeat of her old stalking and bullying of me.

Fwd: Report — Libel, defamatory group posts, harassment

Begin forwarded message:

From: Suzanne (ME)
Date: March 16, 2008 11:09:22 AM EDT
To: Cyber Bully Report, Abuse
Subject: Report — Libel, defamatory group posts, harassment

I am reporting for libel and defamatory posts. Terms of Use Agreement

February 28, 2008

8. Content/Activity Prohibited. The following are examples of the kind of Content that is illegal or prohibited to post on or through the MySpace Services. MySpace reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in MySpace’s sole discretion, violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending Content from the MySpace Services and terminating the Membership of such violators. Prohibited Content includes, but is not limited to, Content that, in the sole discretion of MySpace:

8.7 constitutes or promotes information that you know is false or misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;

Stepford Child wrote:
This person is a troll of the highest form I have just found out-The Spookie and Mittens The Cat my spaces are two of many troll spaces this person has, and there are over 40 myspace accounts belonging to this person! This person trolls in many names, in many animal groups and it is best to avoid her. I am receiving a list of her names pretty soon, and when I get them I will post them.

More: this is your karma!!!!!(and I know you didn’t HAVE a baby, you adopted one, you act just like immature, spoiled and bitter barren women who STEAL other women’s babies...And what is the real reason Spookie doesn’t want the truth about adoption showing in animal groups? Because she supports the corrupt, immoral profession of human trafficking, ie: adoption! Duh.......

Groups » STOP cruelty against animals » Topics » SPOOKIE IS A POSER

Groups » STOP cruelty against animals » Topics » SPOOKIE IS A POSER
Okay........I’ll keep your emails private...........ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! know since you come into my adoption groups and upset people-I got two emails about what you posted in my Adult Adoptees Group so............this is your karma!!!!!(and I know you didn’t HAVE a baby, you adopted one, you act just like immature, spoiled and bitter barren women who STEAL other women’s babies...) Look at what a con artist Spookie is
Stepford Child
IS posting in her groups that

A) I’m "barren" and "Stole someone’s baby (I had a baby Dec. 26, 2006, but even if he was adopted, it is NOT her business)

B) I’m a troll — with FORTY profiles!!! Who has 40 profiles!

C) She’s posting libel in groups I WAS a member of, but now she made the groups private and hidden so I can’t see what she’s saying/posting about me, but another member says she is posting slander (libel) and really obsessed with me now.

D) She is messaging some of my friends on my account and telling them I am a liar, stole a baby, and I’m lying to them. This is sick!
Look at her profile and read it. She’s unstable and not seeking help.

PLEASE, help me, because I don’t deserve to be abused and have crazy people harassing me about my baby.

Remember, I can’t go to the group moderators, SHE IS the moderator for two of the groups! She is posting it!

(you can tell other people had reported her, since they say she is already in queue for deletion)

Subject: Re: Fwd: Report — Libel, defamatory group posts, harassment [ref:00D78NrS.500766ExC:ref]
Date: June 16, 2008 11:21:17 AM EDT
To: ME

Thank you for bringing this profile to our attention. The profile in question has already been or is scheduled to be removed. If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply to this email directly, keeping the subject line and footer information intact.

Thank you,
Customer Care
Survey Feedback

Tell us how we’re doing. Click here to let us know what you think! Please note, MySpace will NEVER ask you for your password as part of our survey feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion with us.


Here is Improper Adoptee's original post of the bulletin she sent out on Myspace.

This is the post of the email exchange. It might be easier to read in JPG format.

There are no lies. The bulletin that is shown, that Stepford Child, The Improper Adoptee posted can still be found on Myspace — quoted by an active user in an adoption group. Her profile may be gone, but her words, if quoted by others when responding back then, remain.

She's a liar and a backstabbing creep. She only is your friend if you abide by her rules and you never dare ask about adoption in a manner that might be insinuating that an adoption situation you know of was a positive one for somebody out there.

"Okay........I’ll keep your emails private...........ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!"
—The Improper Adoptee

Saturday, October 11, 2008



Click above.

When Stepford Child Attacks

The Improper Liar

The FIRST Group is ABOUT MySpace Users, unlike what she said on her blog. She LIED. She’s trying to tell blog readers that it’s the group below, when she knows damn well it’s not, it’s the group she made specifically for HATE & BULLYING.

Her dual profiles caught, when hours earlier she had THREE (3) ACTIVE PROFILES.

The "Meany Doodles" first blogger entry…

Note the date. She began her blogging about Myspace users long before this group was created. StepfordChild, aka The Improper Adoptee claims that she began blogging about MySpace long after a group was made to discuss her cyber-harassment and abuse of users. No, she lied and was caught lying.


—IMPROPER ADOPTEE (Stepford Child)

Google will spider this blog and let all people
who search "The Improper Adoptee" FIND THE TRUTH.

Bullied or harassed by StepfordChild / Stepford Child or Improper Adoptee? Are you or someone you know a victim of her lies and abusive postings? Has she hurt you emotionally and posted personal information on the internet? Post your TRUTHS here.

Stepford Child, AKA The Improper Adoptee is Pro-Life AND Anti-Adoption. She’s abused and bullied dozens of users on Myspace, and beyond the site. She hosts a BLOGGER site to continue her cyberbullying of many users of Myspace. She’s relentless. This group is for posting the facts, or venting. If you’re listing on her blog, you are welcome to post here to tell your side and let others know the truth, especially if she’s bashed you, or tried to ruin your name.

Adoption workers, this isn’t a group for you. This is a group for victims of a methodical abuser who victimized and continues to victimize adoptees / adopted children (teenage and adult) and adoptive parents.

If you have a story to tell, you may share it, but beware, this woman is lurking and reading every word, and you can become her next blog. I don’t mind if any victims of Stepford post off topic here. Maybe it would be good to give a little info, so those who click from her blog see that the VILLIANS are not villians at all. Some might be similar to those who click though.


You say -
"Yet a woman who is married and infertile, who doesn’t even have the natural maternal instincts needed to care for a baby born to her, because she has not had a baby born to her....."

You’re a cruel wicked witch. That just isn’t true. All women are born with maternal instincts. Some just never become aware of their instincts. Those who wish to have children and can’t have such a desire, a maternal instinct they are born with, they will adopted the tossed away, unwanted and abused. Not all adopted children are or were stolen or coherced away from their real mother. Like a bird knows to fly south, or a salmon knows when to go upstream, a woman is born with that instinct. She can repress it and choose a career and/ her own life, or she can choose to have a family. Your opinion is like that of the men who sold snake oil in the old days. So is most of what you puke up on the internet.

Thank you Jaymie for allowing me to use your main group layout for this entry.

These are other instances of abuse at the hands of StepFord Child while she was on Myspace.