Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anger Management?

Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately
by John Lee (Author), William Stott (Contributor)

This book, Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately, is recommended by all types of readers from all walks of life, and also by professionals. I noticed in a review that a therapist highly recommended it, one that worked specifically with abused women. The Improper Adoptee alleges that she was abused for all of her childhood, by her adoptive mother. This book might be of help to her. Usually this book is of help to people who are suppressing their anger and inappropriately behaving when letting it loose. Improper Adoptee isn't suppressing anything, but she does need quite a lesson in "expressing anger appropriately." I'd suggest this book for starters.

Not all of these adopted "children" now grown up are from abusive homes, but some are angry beyond the norm, and not handling it properly — The Improper Adoptee is the best example. There's only so long that you can live such an ager-filled live — or is there? Like an anonymous woman pointed out in a comment posted to Improper's blog, it is obvious that she is an unhappy person. But does she even want help; to change and to feel some contentment? I personally doubt it, because I feel that she gets her little bit of happiness from inflicting pain upon others, like myself.

Take the outburst Improper Adoptee had when a mother of an adopted child posted in Gershom's blog. (Speaking of Gershom, I'll get to her soon in another blog, since she seems to like to be passive-aggressive and oh-so biased, yet ignores the facts and refuses to set the record straight.) The woman, who called herself Lisa Carter, posted the following:

In response to that comment left on Gershom's Anti-Adoption blog, The Improper Adoptee commented back with this hostile and angry outburst:

That is definitely someone who needs anger management! She can't even read a comment from a calm person, and reply in a neutral tone. She has to be hostile or she isn't herself. She believes that all adoptive parents are not only barren and selfish, but adopt for their own needs. I know people who have adopted children, even teenagers, out of the goodness of their hearts. There are so many children who live from foster home to foster home, or in orphanages, and these bitches like M, The Improper Adoptee, would rather they rot forever in misery than be adopted by a loving, caring couple. How cruel. Some of these children are tortured with memories they need to forget, some have been abused, seen things they'd rather have not — what's wrong with them being taken in by a wonderful family, Improper? I'd give kudos to any family who would save a child in such need, including a loving gay couple. I know that will set you off on a rage for hours, but gay couples are wonderful parents, and you are the last one to be capable of judging.

The full context of this can be found here:

Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately
by John Lee (Author), William Stott (Contributor)

The Improper Adoptee and some of her online "friends" should seriously think about purchasing this book.

StepfordChild, the angry and abusive woman who blogs as The Improper Adoptee, might also benefit from a workbook called The Pathways to Peace Anger Management Workbook by William Fleeman (Author). To think that in a matter of weeks, she could actually be on the road to becoming a pleasant person is merely a dream, because we know all too well that she feeds on pain and anger and taking away her "food" would only make her shop for more victims.

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