Monday, October 27, 2008

Kudos To Marley!


Someone finally saw Improper Adoptee for who she really is. Finally, I am not the only one (off MySpace, that is) who has posted publicly about her behavior. I hope, for Marley's sake, that Improper Adoptee doesn't start harassing and blogging about her like she's done to me. It can become quite annoying to have a wackjob stalking you and then posting her "psychic thoughts" and convoluted ideas about you to her puppets.

Marley did the biggest no-no you can to Improper Adoptee; she didn't delete all comments that Improper didn't approve of. On MySpace, Improper Adoptee was friends with a woman that was also friends with me. When Improper Adoptee realized this, she told the friend to delete me off her friend's list. This shared friend of ours refused to, so Improper Adoptee got angry and deleted her. That friend knows what's going on and what has transpired ever since, and when she saw IA's blog, she wasn't surprised Improper was "up to her old tricks." Improper Adoptee uses this "friend" as an example of someone who supposedly sided with her and hates me, in one of her blogs, but ooooh no, that's just ol' Stepford Child grasping at her last straws. The truth is, she lost that friend when she demanded someone pick sides and choose her, and then posted public libel and hate. People usually don't sit well with outbursts like that.

Lastly, as usual, Improper has again shown her bigoted and anti-semitic side in her comments on Marley's blog, and on her own blog in retaliating to Marley. Her constant mentioning of Jews and the Torah is getting old. I told her myself that the Torah has no opinion on what she claims it does — a barren woman is a punishment from God. No, Rabbi's still fight over this and disagree on the translation. (Does anyone know any denomination of Christians who agree on Biblical translations?!? I sure don't!) In the Torah, God blesses many with fertility, those who were barren prior. The Improper Adoptee ignored the direct quotes from the Torah because they proved her whole case wrong. Her rantings are moronic. It's pretty low class. Then again, no one ever said Improper had class to begin with.

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