Monday, October 27, 2008


Oh Joy, another one. Yes, that's sarcasm, and has a double meaning. No, I'm not feeling joyful right this moment, and the woman who has won her place here on the nut bar blog in named Joy. Joy thinks she knows me, as well as The Improper Adoptee, also known as Stepford Child, also known as StepFordChild, SC, and StepfordC. Wait, there's more; Native Warrior, Burned and anonymous.

To those like Joy, another anonymous pal of The Improper Adoptee, another woman hiding herself behind nothing but 3 little letters on the internet, let me make myself VERY CLEAR.

When I was informed about Stepford Child's blog, which began in MAY, I found out that her very first blog included my nickname as a LABEL, and that she was referring to me in that very first blog. I was stunned. Firstly because I thought she was gone, and out of my life. It'd been a few months. Secondly because she wrote a blog that was insinuating that I cared enough about her to copy her writings. (GAG) I've never used her name, not Stepford nor Improper, and never would. It's like eating fast food to me — sickening. I just would never do it.

I then noticed the left hand sidebar, and saw her LABELS and her section called

"VILLIANS OF MY SPACE...POSERS AND PHONIES AND TROLLS, OH MY......" and I was seriously speechless. This woman had nothing better to do than stalk a handful of us from MySpace and make a Hate List? She even links back to us, so her pals can lurk our profiles. CREEPY.

It only got worse from there. Keep in mind, she was a bully of the past by this time, and here I was, staring at her psychosis. Her next blog included, and still includes copyright infringement. She stole an image off my profile, a blurred badly copied version, and posted it at the end of one of her long rants, and called me a "blood-sucking VAMPIRE." She blogs that little piece in July, a blog that has nothing at all to do with me, except at the very end when she throws her dig in. It makes no logical sense.

In August, when I found out about this sick blog, I left her a comment, and asked that she remove all references to me, all the links to me, and told her to CEASE AND DESIST. I didn't type one cruel word. I simply stated that what she was doing was harassment, and that she was violating me by doing what she was doing. I told her that MySpace had told me to print out everything and go right to the police, since her posts were threatening (death curses, telling me to die, saying soon I would be silenced, then hinting some sort of death and native crap), and that Google had also said to do the same, that they would then be sent a subpeonea and would release all records to the police and begin investigating her, so I could have an attorney file a suit against her for numerous charges. Being adequately educated on the topic, I know some of the laws, and her little cyberbully game being done anonymously is a federal crime. It's a long explanation, but anyone can find it via Google.

I asked her many times. I then got stern with my requests, and Improper laughed, and blogged about me more, making up more cruel, nasty lies and only getting off on my simple request for her to stick to her topic of her blog and stop being libelous and posting defamatory content. She said she could do whatever she wants. This was her way of "getting revenge" for MySpace booting her off their site for her own misbehaviors. Had she just followed the Terms of Service, she'd not have gotten herself deleted.

When she began posting faked comments, or posting to her blogs altered pieces of my comments, or changing them, I knew this wasn't going to stop. Some of her words are pure hatred. They're proof that some people actually do feed off others' pain. She laughed at my father's cancer diagnosis. She then told me she wished I got cancer. She said I called my own son a bastard. !!! Within the comments section is where she hides some of her real dirty work, because she thinks less people will look there. She posts what she claims are parts of "a comment I got earlier today." Why not post the comment? Something to hide?

She has a lot to hide. She had a lot to hide on MySpace as well. How foolish of me to know she was unstable, yet still reach out to her. How absolutely stupid of me to see this woman get attacked by people in animal rights groups, and instead of me just ignoring it, I post asking them to lay off. I even emailed MySpace many times to get posts deleted that I felt were really hurtful towards this demonic woman. Had I known what I know now, things would be so different. I'd have just stayed away — very, very far away.

To try to get all those Myspace users to stop only seeing her as some loony, I messages Stepford Child, and it was actually in reference to an altercation in a topic that had gotten beyond out of control. A teenager was flamed a bit, and before you could blink, he lashed back and posted a cell phone number, daring the others to call it. They did. Stepford Child stuck up for him, but she'd not read the dozen+ pages of the topic. I messaged her, filled her in, and then suggested that it might help to create another profile just for animal rights and activism. She said she'd thought about it a few times, but wanted to keep both together. Okay, no problem. She even thanked me for doing so much for animals and for caring enough to try to control the group. I thought everything was okay.

Then I made that big OOPS.

I asked her about my friend Anne, an adoptee. I can go into the most minute details, but in a nutshell, Stepford didn't believe one word, and said I told her the story to hurt her, to make her cry and to just lay the pain on harder since she was an abused adoptee, and of course I knew this. (I didn't, I never read that far on her profile.) She went bonkers. When she didn't reply for a week, I went to her anti-adoptee group and just asked what was wrong. "Did I say something wrong?" Who knew she thought I made it all up, that she'd then post crazy run-ons about how crack wasn't invented (I never said the mother was on crack when the baby was born; it was crack in the 80's, and we all know it was around by then) and I did this on purpose, I wanted to hurt her, I'm a troll, a liar, a phisher, a hacker. Before I knew it, she was posting topics in the animal rights group about ME, "SPOOKIE IS A POSER" — which included the must-have comments such as "she's pro-adoption, she doesn't want you to know the truth about the adoption industry..."

I had nothing, and still have nothing to do with adoption or the industry. I made a bad choice and I have paid for it for almost a year. I helped someone, and they flipped out on me. She lurked me persistently, she posted all over a social site linking to me and my groups, and she made a group specifically about me and about other users she felt wronged her, or that she judged, like Lisa-Marie and Lauren, Raine or John, edge, etc. So for people like Joy, or Kite Kamp Girl, or even Gershom: STOP JUDGING US. And Joy, it doesn't matter if you're as strong as a wall of steel and can take all the abuse of an army online and offline. You're not everyone. All people are different, and I am through with being abused by this woman. She's a toxic, hateful person, and she's not ever going to stop. I can, and will post the FACTS and that will be that. I wouldn't have to do it if your friend The Improper (and that is one hell of an understatement) Adoptee had just removed the libelous material.

When you're asked politely to cease and desist, you should oblige. You shouldn't laugh like a psychotic off their meds and intensify your antagonism by blogging more deplorable lies. The obsession with lying about me, over so many months, seems to have become such a big issue for her that it appears she might actually believe her lies, something that does happen with people who are unstable, and repeat a lie or lies over and over again.
The fiction becomes the truth — in their mind.

<--- Oh, can click that. There's a fully legible version. Remember, you have to click with the magnifying glass, too, too view it at 100%.

Stepford Child, StepFordChild, SC, Step, StepfordC, The Improper Adoptee, IA, WHATEVER... You are one hell of a
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All she had to do was stop harassing me. I told her my father has cancer, and then the pulmonary embolism. She was giddy and happy. No one deserves to be bullied by a person with a hole where their heart should be, and no conscience.


Ungrateful Little Bastard: Why be two-faced? Why LIE?

I requested that you please delete the nonsense that IA posted in your comments from a blog entry, and you did comply. Later, you claimed you deleted the type of crap that The Improper Adoptee, you buddy, posts, but claimed, no, it was not due to her, and insinuated to your cohorts that it was comments from IA's supposed "HITLIST" types. That's a lie. Did you tell your friend the truth, or did you two-face her? Did you tell anyone the truth? I'm going to post the exact words I sent to you in a comment, and it's the comment I sent, that posted, in which you deleted as I requested (unlike KITE KAMP GIRL and Marc's comment, but then again, Amy isn't dealing with a full deck. You are, yes?) I posted my comment on the 29th or the 30th, so it makes perfect sense that you deleted all the unrelated comments after my request. IA was posting from the 19th to the 26th, and you said on the 19th you'd rather not see personal differences posted in your comments. 7 days later, she posts "sorry," yet continues to attempt to bash me by calling me a "Pro-adoption troll" amongst the other ridiculous shit. I, on the other hand, sent you a polite note, not meant to be posted or publicly viewed, and everything was deleted. Just because you believe a demented liar you never even met means you're going to judge me as well, and toss your hatred my way, too, just like her? Well then, all I can say is WOW. You need help, too, then. I sure wouldn't judge you so quickly and without something more than internet madness.

Funny…you and I are close in age. You live in the same "place" as I do. Imagine if we actually have met before? Imagine if you liked me? Would that piss you off?

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...
Great post Amy. And note, this is not directed at you.....

Um - excuse me, but I have and will continue to delete any comment that has nothing at all to do with something I post. ULB is not a free press, it's my personal blog, any problems that anyone has they need to take it elsewhere and away from my journal.

OOOOH, I see. That's odd. Until the moment I left my comment, you'd left all of IMPROPER COMMENTER'S comments on your blog, all of which had nothing to do with the blog entry. Now you're trying to change your story? I see how it is.

This is what I'm talking about, ULB. I'm pointing this out because you posted on a blog, in somebody's comments that you removed so-called BS from me or people like me, and that is just not true. You deleted The Improper Adoptee's off-topic rant, and then my comment to you, since I didn't email you.

Jaymie said,
"ungrateful little bastard DELETED the comments by COWARD WHO HIDES AS The ANONYMOUS JANE DOE - AKA - Improper Adoptee!"

Jaymie then posted, on MySpace, this:

"Spookie did comment to ungrateful little bastard and request that The Improper Adoptee’s comments about her be removed, and that her own comment not be posted either. She didn’t save what she sent to her, it wasn’t "the most important thing going on in my life" - her words. She said Marc/SaviourRnR says a comment left on Improper Behavior’s BarfSpace claims that she herself, the Anonymous Cowardly Egger asked for the comments she posted to be removed. I call bullshit.

Spookie if I got any of this wrong just let me know and I’ll correct it."

I replied:

That sounds right. And I didn’t save it, but I left that window open for days, and I hit the back button today and got the post page with my text in the comment box. This IS NOT my entire comment, but enough to show I asked her to delete that nutter’s comments, and politely. Freakshow Adoptee will try to twist it around, but the blogger I posted to wll know the truth, because I posted this and I did get to grab it now, as I sent it to her.


Could you
please remove the libelous and defamatory postings by The Improper adoptee that are diected towards me?

You said:
"However I’m going to have to respectfully request that any personal differences with other individuals not be left in comments here."

I would be very appreciative if you would remove her hostile, antagonistic lies off your comments section (and of course, my comment as well with hers). She only did this to try to abuse me further while she is aware my family is in a very grave crisis.

Thank you in advance. I would truly appreciate it."

I didn’t even check my comment to her for spelling errors or capitalization, and see my two errors in this section alone. ha ha.

That was posted a while ago on MySpace. When I saw your comment on a blog — oh, let's not play games, you know where you posted it — Amy's blog entry full of spoonfed bullshit IA fed to her and she believed like some cult moron — I just had to post here. I don't understand the lying amongst some of you. Baffling.

Whatever. Enjoy your lying if it makes you happy. I'm glad you don't live near me and we don't run into each other while shopping. That would surely suck, huh?

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