Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"THERE ARE NO ULR's!" —The Improper Adoptee, Oct. 8th, 2008

You have to laugh when someone claims to be such an internet savvy person, yet calls a URL a "ULR" and an IP address an "ISP." The Improper Adoptee pathetically tries to scare those she has harassed for the past year by attempting to sound knowledgeable about the internet and throwing in the use of "my attorney" here and there, but none of her little games work. She's just a little plastic Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot, but unlike the Marx toy from the 60's that made it to the shelves and made so many children happy, she was a reject, maybe defective, and thrown away — as she says — therefore she must abuse, harass and torture all she can; virtually punching out as many others as she can online for the rest of her life on this Earth, maybe even in hell, where she is headed.

I don't enjoy wasting my precious time exposing the insane pathological liars out there in the world of "cyberspace," but when someone is so obsessed with taking their time to hate, someone has to expose their lies.

Here's a snippet of the psychosis posted by this woman who unmistakably needs to see a psychologist, but doesn't believe in seeking the help of professionals. She's anti-psychiatry, and though a psychologist doesn't dispense medication, I would assume she would not last long with one because he or she would tell this nutter that she needs to channel her feelings differently, to change and to stop being the unhappy bastard she is. She'll just suffer until the day she drops dead. Here's her blabbering. (I'm not correcting her poor spelling or grammar.)

"…gets me deleted four times, lying all the way, and then starts a hate group against me. I made the sarcastic crack I made too because I don't beleive for a minute there is anything wrong with her father. Of course after I point out the fact in a comment on my blog that she never wrote one sentence that he is dying, and instead the first thing you see on her page, is some long bs paragraph about me, she goes and puts up some picture of him, and starts asking for prayers(like I said in my comment she would of asked people to do on her space, if he was really sick). Pfft. spookie says in her comment to Amy, that no one ever looks at my page, well how would she know? That none of the screenshots are fake, and shows two supposed inboxs of my old profile, yet THERE ARE NO ULR's!(and anyone can make what she made in photoshop and everyone knows the sku baby pic came from the Abolish Adoption website and anyone can copy it.) And no reputable blogger links back to my blog?!!! How dare she say that, I think Gershom and Amy are beyond reputable bloggers and Cassi's blog rocks. Then this:
"IA says she is "a psychic and a medium," but if she were, she would know that all her lies she has been posting are just that — lies. Her comments within her blog posts, hidden little tidbits of hate, are also lies, and her "psychic abilities" would know that she is telling fibs like a naughty child"
is proof that spookie is psychotic. I am not even going to elaborate on this remark.
"Her son, who she calls a bastard, was born via c-section and Stepford saw the photo from surgery yet still said it was fake. Why does the boy have to be adopted?"
Now, I had said she might be an AP, so look at that-she calls an Adopted Child a bastard....
And she is full of shit, because I never saw any picture of her (euw) C-section. Like I would talk to her in my email, LIKE I WOULD EVEN GIVE THIS HACKER MY EMAIL! and she never posted a picture of this anywhere."

Firstly, I want to note that she, Stepford Child, was only deleted THREE times, so this admission to four times is also an admission to the profile called "Native Warrior" being her alternate troll profile. That would make the forth that was deleted. Native warrior came along right when Stepford Child was deleted, and immediately began posting to edge, spookie and others in an adoption group, spewing the usual garbage Stepford Child would, and even making the same spelling errors. Even Native Warrior's grammar was the same as Stepford Child's horrible grammar. Is that a coincidence? Oh, of course not. There you have it — the forth deletion.

Secondly, no one ever has to announce when a family member or friend has cancer. It was mentioned after it became critical — a pulmonary embolism and double pneumonia — and even then, it is not The Improper Adoptee's business, or decision, as to when a person should (if ever) put personal information such as that on their MySpace profile.

If Improper is psychic, how come she doesn't know about anything?

Lastly, she's a paranoid delusional. "LIKE I WOULD EVEN GIVE THIS HACKER MY EMAIL!" Does she also wear a tinfoil hat?

Let's just get to the Google URL's and prove this babbling ogre wrong, once again. She says that there are no URL's to back up the screenshots of her nastiness towards others? Oh, okay. Let's see about that.

I won't overwhelm you, or the wonder-psychic herself. I'll just post a few.

(is that not disgusting? It's on a SEX SITE!)

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