Monday, November 3, 2008

Absolute Nutter Paranoia!

Oh, I made a Punny! There I go again! Okay, seriously now. This stuff isn't funny. It's serious utter paranoia to the extreme, or, it's as usual, utter libel. First it was the comment of "threats of physical attacks," and we all know that was a completely dishonest statement she made, even those that she claims it was sent to, who refuse to discount it. Now she claims that I or someone I know, or someone who lives in her area (possibly her state) is doing threatening things to her for almost a year. The finger pointing began this time after she was banned from The Daily Bastardette. Is that coincidence? I have no idea. Who lives near this nut bar? Again, no idea. Let's just get to the facts.

The Improper Adoptee posted some wacko crap and is now crying a river because people have finally gotten tired of her "poor me, boo hoo hoo" whining that follows every single drama she plays a minor or major part in. She's the daytime soap actress of the year, and she is very good at playing that "psychotic and abusive "MISERY" type woman, add a dash of "look at me!" and "100 MORE TIMES THEY VIOLATED ME", pulling out all the tears, showing everyone her "proof" and telling all the gory details of her numerous horrific cyber-rapes and e-thefts, hacked minds and trolled litter boxes.

I was not joking about anger management.
Insanities on the Internets!: Anger Management?

This (the image to the right, which you can click on, then click on again to see @ 100%) is from IA's blog, the comments to "Sitting High Up On The Chair Of Hypocrisy..." (oh, but you won't see my comment, she forgets about mine...waaah. /sarcasm on waaah.) So, all those anonymous comments do seem to be The Improper Adoptee once again posting to herself. It's like Myspace all over again. When she couldn't get her hate through as herself, she took on another persona. Thanks to her word-droppings, and the hint left on Marley's blog, the fraud has been exposed. Ha! I knew the person telling me to look for "wingnut" wasn't a joker. I've already posted about this before; finding Stepford Child/Improper Adoptee using words culled from comments I'd sent, in comments she'd post mere hours later, or in a blog later on or in the following the days. Sometimes it wasn't just words, but full sayings or references. She didn't even change my usage in some cases. She'd just take my words and sub in herself where I had posted about myself. Friggin' weirdo. CREEPY.

So, I assumed the person had to be someone on her "Hit List" or on the reader list of The Daily Bastardette, and someone who had posted recently, particularly when Improper was banned. BINGO, it was not too difficult. She went right to Robin's blog and snagged the word from the title of a blog Robin had posted. Who would make it that obvious?!? Another thing that people should notice, and I'm not sure if anyone else does — IA's anonymous posters make the same spelling errors as Improper does. Isn't that just a little bit odd? Wouldn't you at least try to make your phony comments seem authentic? As I'm typing, I caught another OOPS! The Improper Adoptee LOOOOVES to use "benedict bastard" when referring to certain people, and fake anon number three says "most people think she's a benedict bastard anyway." It's anon number four that says, "I'm lmao watching that wingnut use her to trash you." What follows that is so immature and StepfordChildly, she couldn't have been any more obvious unless she'd used a webcam and put it on YouTube!

"both ugly bitches too. gross! i wouldn't fuck them for money! no guy wouldg give them any, maybe that is why they act like such twats."

Ha ha ha! Seriously. That's just pathetic.

Let's go from CREEPY to SCARY! This one takes the cake, or the blog title.

OOOH-KAY! Who's Utterly paranoid and delusional? Yikes, people. Do I call the police and report a lunatic, or call the police and forewarn them that some nutbar is going to call them about someone from very far away knocking over some kook's garbage cans? That above is scary.
No, it's SCARY and CREEPY.

Now if this bullying nutter would just have the decency to remove all the libel and the copyright infringement off her blog from the asylum, I'd gladly take this crap down. Sadly, the lady refuses, and I think she enjoys the negativity of the drama and past cruelty, pain and hurt she inflicted on me, and on many others. It's creepy that she still gets her jollies this way. I doubt she'll she'll ever stop...not on her own.

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