Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"and it is mentally healthier for any child to be raised by those who created them."

OH really. ORLY? Yes, really.

ALL the time? ALL THE TIME? I mean ALL THE TIME, Seriously?

Even if the mother didn't want the child and will not care for the child AND WILL LEAVE IT ALONE AS AN INFANT WHILE SHE GOES OUT TO DO SELFISH ACTS?

OH, OKAY. You must know a lot more than everyone else.
Of course you do. You're the, whoops, THE Authority on the topic.

My bad. There are NO unfit mothers on this planet. There are only adopted babies who come from real women who were forced to give them away, many times by Christian Organizations, of course, because they were single and poor (just like you said) and they were manipulated and tricked by evil people, so that rich barren women could raise their child, and rob them of their true heritage and their bonding with their mother, on purpose, because all adoptions are so cruel and evil. There's never been an adoption that was for the better! Nope.

*I'm not "pro-adoption," nor am I anti-adoption; I don't believe that ALL cases of adoption are wrong, and this does not make me pro-adoption at all. I believe adoption is necessary due to circumstances beyond our control, but that certain laws should be changed, and sooner, not later or never. TBC...

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