Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Did it Again, You Did it Again, You Did it Again and Again and Again


Ministry (a band) would barf if they knew I used their lyrics for this blog title. Then again, maybe not. Al Jourgensen might laugh knowing they were used for a psychotic stalking nutter. I'm sorry I even have to type something so horribly mean to a woman who is so in need of psychological help, but she's ignored every request to stop her libel, every request to just let it go, and now she's made this a mountain range, when before, it was only a hill — a large hill, but not so much a mountain. She's created a landscape of hatred, and I think it's exactly what she wanted.

She can't stop herself.

I'm so upset that she said I'm flat. Being a B cup is so hurtful. I've always dreamt of having such huge jugs that I could barely carry on my 5'2" body, something along the lines of "nearly D's," but no, I only got B's. :::sigh::: Should I rush off to the best board certified plastic surgeon for implants? IA, you can blog about it, or Ha ha ha

YES, cupcake, I am pretty. So is Marley.

Oh, IA? The Talmud? It's the oral Torah. I don't read the Torah, and I don't read the Talmud. I put quotes of the day on a blog. A lot of people do. Obsessing a bit? My GOD, you are. Would you rather I put Christian quotes? I can, but I get tired of all the Jesus stuff, and the over the top quotes that aren't from the bible, but from extremists who believe that only Christians are the righteous ones. The Christian quotes also annoy me in other ways. They remind me of Sunday school and being abused by the Catholic side of my family. The Russian Jews of my family weren't into beating children, but the church back then didn't disapprove of punishment with physical harm. Lastly, you are a hypocritical Christian, and that's the best reason to not want those quotes on my blogs, Myspace profile or anywhere.

Hags like you, Baba Yaga, should not throw stones when you live in a hut on chicken legs.

Chat later, Baba Yaga Kostianaya Noga. I have sleep to get and work to do tomorrow, then playtime for my beautiful son, followed by food shopping for my son, his Dad and my 4 cute kitties. Later on, we'll go see grandpa and grandma; my son loves to visit them. Do you need to know when my son has a BM? Do you want daily updates on my sex life? Should I take photos of my bra size tags to prove that I'm actually a B, and I'm OKAY with that?

Baba Adoptee, you crack me up sometimes.
It's a shame some people might associate you with other adopted people. You're one of a kind. Not a compliment, dear!

As for adoption, since Improper Adoptee thinks I'm an "adoptee hater" and "pro-adoption," which is illogical: I'm not pro or con. I think birth certificates should be available to all. There is no reason to keep those records sealed.

I don't think anyone should be forced to give up their baby, but I don't think anyone should be forced to keep their baby if they are not fit to be a mother and have no mothering instincts and no desire to be a mother. I would worry then that they would have animosity towards that child, and be abusive down the road. I've seen it myself. I don't think all adoptive parents should be judged as selfish baby-stealing abusers, like StepFord Child says. I grew up with kids in school who were in families with adopted and birthed children. It was out of love, not greed. They didn't make money. They shared clothes. Ah, this is for another night, another blog...

This is America. My opinion is mine. I should not be abused, harassed and bullied for it. I'm already being bullied for having an adopted friend and agreeing with her adoption. Please, if anyone disagrees with my comments above, just let it be. No cruel comments.

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