Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ha ha ha StepFordChild. Oh, I mean The Improper Adoptee.

Sorry, M. I can't keep up with your names. Ever think of commenting as Native Warrior again? Nah, too obvious, right? Shall I just call you "anonymous?" How about your real name? No? Too personal? I agree. I think "IMPROPER" suits you so well.

I'll get straight to the "ha ha" part. Not only are you afraid of me because you think I'm a hacker, you forgot that if you can see your IP on the sidebar of this can I. Duh! You're soooo afraid of me because you came up with this hilarious, ludicrous FAIL of a lie about me long ago, when you needed some excuse for being a CREEPY HATE-FILLED BITCH to me for no reason, and you actually brainwashed yourself into believing it! It's classic!

Also, you know how you keep saying you have attorneys and private investigators on some case against me? Well, I was wondering, if it's not too much of a bother, if you'd post how much money you've supposedly wasted on this delusional crap, instead of putting it towards something real and not imaginary? Unless, of course, you're just blowing smoke out of your ass? Hmm? I call bullshit.

I read on a blog, a friend of yours, that squirrels spied on your today, and you were at church. I knew this already, but that blog entry confirmed it. This sign was on the lawn of the church you prayed at. A photo was taken last night, by feral cats, who delivered the XD memory card via the Underground Network of Feral Cats for Freedom to my ferals here in NY. The XD card was then left on my back deck in a food dish, in exchange for two bowls of premium dry food and a pouch of Wellness. The squirrels verified it was you at church, and they followed you home to make sure there were no mistakes (they spied in your window, and they saw you on your computer typing, with spelling errors, your latest blog, so they were 100% it was indeed you.) According to the cats and the squirrels, YOU were seen there last night, fiddling with the letters at the church's illuminated sign.

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