Monday, November 17, 2008

She's So Improper, it's Difficult to Gather it All Up! An Attempt to Prove the TRUTH.

StepFordChild started in with me in March, but little did I know that she had already been harassing adoptees in a handful of adoption groups. Since StepFordChild/StepFord Child has been deleted from MySpace, her ORIGINAL postings are no longer visible to regular users, but her quoted posts are. All her posts are still on the MySpace servers, though, should they be needed for any lawsuits.

As you can see above, SFC, now known as The Improper Adoptee put her 2¢ to Lisa-Marie. She did this many times, and Lisa-Marie tried to be understanding and cordial with her. That didn't work. The Improper Adoptee just kept coming back with more rude blows, and when Lisa-Marie posted another poem, The Improper Adoptee not only slammed her for it and called her derogatory names, she took the poem and put it on her own blog, using it as a "poll" and saying it was a made-up piece of propaganda by the adoption industry. The Improper Adoptee is a cruel woman, that there is no doubt about.

Another example of The Improper Adoptee being a typical online bully, and this is without the full text. She watches a video on YouTube of an adoptee who reunited with her family, and upon seeing what the user looks like, she calls her a bitch. This is out of pure jealousy, or immature hatred and cruelty. Maybe she behaved that way because of both. She even says that her first thought is that the woman is a bitch, and that she thinks to herself, hmmm, she must look like one, too. This is the very same bully that has tried to lie to everyone who reads her libeLOG and who tries to convince all her pals that she's the victimized little puppy who was kicked around on MySpace. This cruel woman is no victim.

The Improper Adoptee has called ADOPTION SEARCH ANGEL a phony, yet ADOPTION SEARCH ANGEL helped someone right here. No wonder she lists her on her list of hated people on her blog. She actually helps people.

Edge is also on The Improper Adoptee's "Hit List," or "Hate List." Improper calls it "VILLIANS OF MY SPACE...POSERS AND PHONIES AND TROLLS, OH MY......" — I have to stop for a moment and say something about the title of her hate list; VILLAIN is SPELLED WRONG! Secondly, MOST of the people on the list are ADOPTEES. Yes, you read that correctly — The Improper Adoptee has a hate list made up of mostly adoptees, just like herself, except they did not abuse or attack anyone online. Edge, by the way, is the adoptee that The Improper Adoptee calls "a crack pimp," and ugly, because she is a racist bigot and judges people by appearance and her sick, demented "research" on religions, races and ethnicity.

Only the first sentence of StepFord's quote is actually The Improper Adoptee. The rest is her quoting another user.

This one doesn't need commenting.

There's this one really "funny" comment about how I need Zoloft in the first screenshot above. It proves she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. Zoloft isn't for anything like she is insinuating! Maybe she was put on Zoloft at some point, and took herself off it. Zoloft is for depression and/or anxiety. I guess The Improper Adoptee forgot to think before posting, or she just doesn't know much about psychiatrist medications as she claims to. She'll claim, as usual, that she didn't make that post, but it's so obviosu it screams IMPROPER. Even the fact that she used the word "snicker" at the end is proof enough. This woman doesn't realize how transparent she is.

To the the right is one of her comments that shows how seriously in need of help she is. I think she honestly believes her words here. The only problem with this comment is that she herself claims to be psychic, yet she's proven no psychic abilities whatsoever.

I myself actually had some abilities up until my late 20's, possibly 30. To be honest, it freaked me out. When it had first happened, I said nothing. Later on, when I was in my early 20's, I finally told my mother. I didn't blurt out, "Hey! I see things (daydreaming), or dream stuff! Isn't that cool!?" I started by telling her about strange coincidences, until she finally told me about my great grandmother and my great-great grandmother and their supposed "talents." I have to admit, it was a relief. My mother had a dream about the Andrea Doria sinking, days before it collided with the Swedish ship Stockholm on it's way to NY. My "abilities" were always in dreams, and they were sometimes very disturbing. One of my dreams was so vivid and detailed that those involved were convinced that I must have left my house, drove to the location and watched the event. When I continued the dream and added details, things that happened behind closed doors that were impossible for me to see or hear, they were speechless — mortified and a little scared — but believed me, and one of them then asked that if I ever had a dream about him, that I please tell him immediately. I'd had dreams that were of dangerous situations and of the most mundane, but all none the less were of actual events. Some of my dreams would happen as the events took place. Once, a person screamed in horror in my dream and I sat up in my bed and gasped. I looked at the clock, noted the time, and went bac kto sleep. I found out later that at that exact moment, he really did scream in horror, and the expression on his face that I saw and I described to him was probably the expression he did have on his face. Other dreams were simply meaningless, or meaningless to me because I was not able to translate the meaning to them. The more frequent I'd have the meaningless dreams, the ones that seemed to just be dreams of people doing daily routines, and I'd see it repeated the next day to a T, the more I wished it would stop, and eventually it did for the most part.

As for The Improper Adoptee's psychic abilities, she has never been clear about what they are. They aren't clear and sharp enough so that she may pinpoint events and people. She cannot pull up names, or know where people live. She's afraid of people she doesn't know, and uses the excuse that "evil people are blocked." This isn't true. If there is anyone reading this in the New York City area, I can tell you what street to go to downtown in the village and you can be read without saying a word, and when you leave, you will not only be speechless, you might cry, shake or run to the nearest subway or bus and go home and get under the blankets and just think. The woman there is no fraud. She lives a simple life with her family in a basement. She can read you from 6ft. away, good or evil. She can go into detail. She doesn't need props, words or anything to lead her on. She scares most who see her. She can even tell you if you've had an abortion, given a child up for adoption, or if you're going to have a child. She'll tell you if you better run, not walk, from the man/woman you're with. Improper is no psychic in my opinion. She can think she is, but then again, she thinks she's a good, kind sould who helps others, so there you go.

I'd like to point out, again, a paragraph in Ms. McA's blog entry, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!
This one really amazes me, because you can see that The Improper Adoptee must believe her delusional horror stories and worries.

(BTW Ms. Improperly Lying Adoptee, you fake, fraud and social outcast, when you revamped your LABELS, you accidentally deleted the label that linked me to your psycho-ranting titled ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!! Didn't you notice?)

She says I'm "out to get the AAAFC forum." What is the AAAFC forum?" First I'm pranking her house with phonecalls (according to her, and if this was even true, she could've already had me in court, which proves she is full of it) and thrown trash in her yard (OMG, one of my favorite things to do!) and now she claims I'm "out to get" some forum I don't even know about; what it is, where it is, if it's a Yahoo group, a private forum site, etc. As for KITE KAMP GIRL, why is Improper Adoptee worrying about her? Amy threatened me! She said she'd love to humiliate me if I dared to post to her blog. Well… Amy was told the truth, and not threatened. When will Ms. McAnonymous (like that, IA?) tell the truth? Has she ever once told the truth?

Here's another doozy from this psychopath.

I need to be commited again? When was I ever commited? I'm sorry, that's hilarious! Are you projecting, Ms. McNutter? I've never even been diagnosed with a minor mental illness. Can you say the same? NO. Admit it, you cannot, and we all know that, because you show all the signs of serious mental instability and emotional problems, all sadly untreated and only worsening over time. You're a ticking time bomb.

Serious time now. Here she once again accuses me of being people who are actual people in different states. Take Miss Chainsaw for example. The Improper Adoptee, or StepFord Child, as Miss Chainsaw knew her as, knows very well that she is not me, but in her desperate attempt to convince what few "cyber-pals" she has left, she is grasping at what little straws she thinks she has left, and she keeps bringing up Miss Chainsaw, a friend from Myspace and a group member from STOP Cruelty Against Animals; she is also a person that Stepford Child loathed with much intensity during her time on Myspace. Her communication with me was proof of that, and Improper adoptee has posted that proof herself as well, so that cannot even be called a lie by the Queen of Hate herself. IA had even asked me to ban Miss Chainsaw, but I'd not. That created yet another reason for IA to seethe with more anger to fuel what would quickly become a hatred towards me. It's not hard to get her to hate you. She turned on someone else simply because they did not honor her request to delete me off their friends list. Before that, she used that woman as her puppet and tried her best to turn her against me. Now, that very same woman has read Improper's blog in full and decided for herself that IA is very much indeed IMPROPER.

Then there's Jaymie. IA can't recall her conversations with Jaymie, or how she knows her? It's amazing that she can bully someone for a few weeks, but then forgoet, entirely, who they are. The same goes for Laurie, who only joined the group using an alternate profile because she did not want this horribly cruel and hate-filled woman to vomit more acid onto her about her non-hatred towards her adopted parents. Because Laurie didn't feel angry or any animosity towards them, StepfordChild, Improper Adoptee felt it was her duty to berate Laurie and make crude, defamatory comments about her. The same goes for others, and the same goes for adoptive parents who did not adopt out of selfishness or because they were barren. If an adoptive parent posted, and said they adopted because a child NEEDED a home, and they had one to give, IA would say they were lying — and then came the vile words, the cursing, the acidic bile spewing like some character in a cheesy horror flick (you could imagine it in your mind, she was so detailed with her words of hate).

p.s. IA is changing her LABELS to throw off the PROOF that her THIRD most used LABEL is ME. An ANTI-ADOPTION blog has ME as it's third most used keyword?!? Is that not a tip-off to something being not quite right?

I think it's time I just post ALL of The Improper Adoptee's LIBELogs that are labeled with my nickname. That should suffice is showing just how ill this woman is, and also prove was a farce her blog really is. She blogs here and there about anti-adoption, but her real reason for starting her blog? HATE.

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She's a vindictive, volatile, dangerous woman who makes death threats and wishes people would die in wars or from cancer. She calls teenage girls and young women who are confused "sluts and whores." You want to be her friend? Hey, if that's your thing, go ahead.

Remember who is the one who refuses to stop being a bullying bitch, people. The Improper Adoptee. Motive: excuse of abuse and paranoia that others hurt her and deserve it; and that those others are pro-adoption. Someone, please, help her. Those who call her friend, why do you sit back and let your friend cyberbully and hurt other people, abuse and harass strangers and why don't you try to get her help, or help her yourselves? What is wrong with you people?

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