Friday, November 28, 2008

She Wants Her Cake, AND TO EAT IT, TOO. The Fat Slob Doesn't Want ANYONE Else to Have it The SAME.

The Improper Adoptee wants it HER WAY OR NO WAY. Is anyone surprised?

In many blog entries here, I've said to her that I would gladly remove the stuff that makes her blood boil (though I think it boils on it's own), if she would just remove the libelous blogs and the link to my Myspace page, as well as the picture she stole and used without my permission — copyright infringement — but she's refused, and by refused I mean that my asking seems to exacerbate the situation. She's done nothing but laugh, sneer and post more libel and defamatory garbage, not only on her own horrible blog, but on other people's blogs in their comments. She does NOT want to stop being a big, cruel bitch. She enjoys doing what she is doing, which is harassing me. She gets pleasure out of stalking me and reading about my life, then copying it all and burning it to CD. It's really fucking creepy.

Anyone who knows how this horrid situation with this vile woman originated, and who knows the threats she made against my life — subtle, yet threats none the less — knows I asked last spring for her to CEASE AND DESIST. I asked her many times, dozens while she was a MySpace member and then dozens more when I finally was made aware of her blogs about me. She ignored all requests and claims she is "exposing a pro-adoption troll" when she knows she is really not removing the lies or stopping the cruelty because SHE IS HAVING FUN and SHE IS AN ABUSIVE, CRUEL CYBERBULLY.

I asked her is March. I asked her in June. I asked her last week. She refused.

Once she was banned and graylisted from MySpace, I thought I was finally safe from her, but she only moved her means of abusing me — to Blogger. I asked her in Sept. when I found her blog entry posted in MAY that referred to me. She refused.

I want her to go to court. I want her to do what she keeps threatening me with.


Stop threatening me with it and do it. And while I'm here on the topic of threats, I have to wonder why you've stopped threatening my life. Do you pretend to your 5 friends that you never once threatened another person with death, or wished it upon them, OR sent them a supposed "native death curse" via your "supposed" native friend? Don't tell me, you've hid that part of your life from your Blogger buddies? Your MySpace pals were well aware of your death threats, why not let Gershom, Joy, and whoever is part of the naivé and ignorant gang in on your "I'm so cool and cruel I send death threats!" already? If you're so close to them and so honest with them, come clean completely. What do you have to hide? They are your friends, right? Tell them about your death threats and honest to god hopes of people dying for your personal pleasure. DO IT, BULLY.

She's said in her blogs,
"so who is spookie? Is she a crazed multiple, a salivating PAP, a bitter Adoptive Mother, or just anover indulged out of control youth? Only her isp server would know for sure......but no matter who she is, the horrible remarks she has made to those hurt by Adoption are unforgivable."
So, what are these horrible remarks, and where are they posted? Who did I supposedly say them to? When were remarks ever made about adoption that were hurtful?
I'd like THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE to step up to the plate and SHOW HER PROOF.


She's said in her blogs,
"Why then, is she so volatile about my telling of the oppressive system it is, and how my Adoptive Mother abused me, and that closed Adoption records truly are involuntary servitude and child abuse. Why does she get so enraged and hysterical because I have talked about the legal baby stealing BSE Mothers went through and how facts about Adoptees identities were purposely misconstrued to keep our Mothers and us confused about who we really are?"
Again, where are these comments? When was I ever volatile about IA telling the truth about the oppressive adoption system?!? SHOW THE PROOF, BULLY.

She can't. She can't because all of this NEVER TOOK PLACE. This isn't my issue, my war to fight or my "thing" I chose to stand up for and fight for. I have no connections really to adoption, so why would I take any stances so strongly on adoption? Because I DIDN'T. This is all a concocted fantasy of The Improper Adoptee meant to help her convince herself and others that I'm the cruel one.

Sorry, lady, but it's just not working. I'm not involved in adoption. I only became interested in some issues because I found the link to The Daily Bastardette and read her blogs, but I'm still not some advocate and I never will be. I'd sign petitions to get records open, sure. I don't believe anything should be kept secret. As far as the rest of your nonsense, your cruel, abusive libel towards me, it's all defamatory crap that you want to believe so you can continue to HATE, and so that you can hang on to your negative feelings and your made-up stories and never let go, because YOU ENJOY PAIN AND SUFFERING and you must want others to suffer. I pity you.

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She has MORE LABELS with "spookie" than with most issues relating to ADOPTION. What does that say?

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