Monday, November 10, 2008

StepfordChild, is This What you Wanted?

I think you were looking to be NUMBER ONE in some way. Well, you are. It's nothing profound, but if you're Googled, you do come up many times, in different ways, on search engines. I particularly like it when your current nickname is searched with your old. It pulls up some good URL's, and by that I mean the negative "press" on you.

This is Page one if I Google "Improper Adoptee" and the word "stepford." I hope this fulfills your wishes. I know you have some need to be recognized and acknowledged. This should suffice.

On another note; where are your pals, all your old "regulars" that used to post to your blog? Why are none of them posting to your blog lately? I see a lot of anonymous posters, and they all seem like your sock accounts. Has your bigotry, racism and anti-semitism turned them off, or was it simply that they realized that aligning themselves with you was almost as good as aligning themselves with a terrorist? Maybe you need to request some comments from them, so you can get .5% credibility back.

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