Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Improper Adoptee and/or Her Friends Are Trying to Pin Me for Their Anon Abuse.

The following was found on a blog I located tonight via my friend, Google. I don't find it amusing at all.

I think it's sick.

Whomever is doing this has a serious problem, and only wishes to harm others any way they possibly can. As you can see, in this post, they are trying to pin their disgusting anonymous posts on me. It's not even my style. The Improper Adoptee knows so, yet she wants so badly to ruin my name that she will stoop to any level, no matter how low.

Why is she, or her friends, doing this? Why do they continue to harass me? The proof, all factual, that their friend has cyberbullied me for a year is all here and verifiable. If it's The Improper adoptee, then she knows there's no way she can get herself out of this. My blog entries are not fabricated, unlike hers. I have documentation for everything, and I can link to actual live URL's for most everything.

I know who Anonymous is. Who else would be bashing the person who blogs "Motherhood Deleted?" Only the person who pretends to respect her on one side, yet bashes her unmercifully behind her back.

The Improper Adoptee.

Grow up, StepFord Child, or The Improper Adoptee, or Burned, or whatever hidden identity you want the world to call you this month or year. You're a mean, cruel-hearted woman, and you have no right to use the internet, not to bully others and not to abuse people you don't even know. You aren't an authority on any topic and you have no right to abuse and harass others as you are doing. STOP IT.

This is The United States of America. We have Freedom of Speech. These women are allowed their voices, and you cannot go around stomping on people. You're angry at anyone who sided with Marley, and anyone who stopped bothering with you once they got tired of you blogging your garbage about me. You're enraged because everyone doesn't agree with everything you believe in.

Just stop acting out and get yourself help. If you don't want help, then act out on your own blog. That's why you made it, is it not? Use your own space to accuse and post lies. Don't harm others and don't hide behind anonymous, or use other people to post for you as anoymous (yes, I did a little detective work) just so you can feel all-powerful and as if you are in charge of all of us.

You think no one knows when it's you, but oh, they do. You call people fat, you use phrases recently used by others (I'd just said "boo-hoo poor me attitude" to you the other day), and you always, no matter what the situation, call people sluts. It's your keyword. I've shown time and time again that you always use a sentence or phrase I had just used the day before or a day or two prior. You use figures of speech and sentences that you had just read from others' posts or comments. You give your self away, and don't you realize it? "wingnuts" ring a bell?

Improper and Not Good at Hiding as Anon, I ask you this,

HOW would I post a blog entry to a blog that I have no authorization to, and, how would it be to hurt them and be cruel if it's posted by a blogger with rights to blog on that blog?!?
I see that the entry is from August. Why are you only getting to TRYING to blame me for it now? Did you just stumble upon this in November? Why try to entice a fight with these women now, and with me? What's wrong with you?

You better STOP, and soon. No one finds you amusing, serious or even a source of facts.
Shoo fly. Don't make me have to swat you.


p.s. You claim I post, or posted in AAAFC forums, but I can't find a damn thing that even hints to me, or that is negative and could be pinned on me. You don't even use your nickname, so you must hide behind yet another fake identity. Want to share you supposed secret knowledge, or must we wait for the squirrels to come back and report to us all? You still have the spying squirrels...or maybe it's possums now. Only we do know.

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