Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Improper Adoptee Can't Understand CEASE and DESIST? More Insane Harassment Posted by IA.

Once again, repeating to The Improper Adoptee:

Click the link below for information on
Signs The Improper Adoptee is a Serial Bully

I can only pity this woman, but I'm even losing pity. I possibly lost pity for already.
Anyone this sick needs to be disconnected from the internet, society and put into an institution until she can prove that she can handle interactions with others, even when people don't agree with her and yes, when people completely disagree with her or have different values, religions, skin color and views.

Ohhhhhh-KAY. The Improper Adoptee leaves herself a comment, anonymously, to tell all her oh-so avid readers that she's made another ridiculous blog about me, and a childish, immature email address for people to contact her at? Oh give me a break.

Holy Psychological Problems, Batman!

She can't find anything on me on the internet, but some "stranger" just happens to stumble upon her blog and post as "anonymous" giving her just the information she would drool over. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! She's just giving the police more ammo. IF SHE ISN'T ANONYMOUS, HOW DID SHE KNOW ANON MEANT "SCABS?" Look at the fake email the anonymous poster left. It's all mistyped. "spookies pussy is full of craps and scaps" — isn't that so clever of her? We all know that when she's in a huff, she misspells like mad. This pretend play on her blog... It's ludicrous. Where's Amy? Where's Joy? Where's Kali? Teresa, where are you now? Your friend needs you, gals! She's digging a very deep hole. I might loathe the abuse, but I'll be happy when she is finally taken care of, because I've asked her TOO many times to leave me alone, and she won't. As she's stated in many places on the net, she wants to post about me, and will.

As for The Improper Adoptee's comments, both her own under her nickname and her posts hiding behind anon, I refer back to my blog Insanities on the Internets!: Signs The Improper Adoptee is a Serial Bully. "
"is emotionally retarded with an arrested level of emotional development; while language and intellect may appear to be that of an adult, the bully displays the emotional age of a five-year-old (e.g. "meanydoodles")"

Look, she invited herself to a blog she made up. Ha ha! It's been active since 2006, you know, with sooo many haters. I really don't have pity for her any longer. She's just cruel and stupid. I'd wonder if she's really a 49 year old, or if she's the daft "Benedict" girl in Toronto, but I think she is actually 49, which is just sad. She is obviously in desperate need of serious help.

Look at the paranoia in the title of her latest blog. At least the last blog was just simply called "Spookie is Insane." I suppose Amyadoptee made that one, since The Improper Adoptee claims she didn't make it, but her cohort did. The Improper Adoptee is the only one who is paranoid enough to actually think I "hack and steal" personal information. What should I have called what she and Amy did then, when they posted all that personal information on their little fun blog just a week ago? If I were paranoid and delusional, I'd call it "hacking and stealing," I guess.

Look, StepFord Child/The Improper Adoptee: I asked you dozens of times to back off. You refuse. I said please. You laughed. I sent you cease and desist messages, with no threats or harshness. You just ate it up like power pills and posted more libel fast as you could. You have a problem, and I clearly understand that, but I can tell you aren't unaware of your actions, and I feel that you are able to rationalize between right and wrong. You know what you've been doing to me for almost one full year is very, very wrong.

I know you recall my requests in March and in April. I also asked you again in June. Here's a screenshot I have handy. I can supply the URL, since the entire thread is still available. As you can see, I asked you to leave me alone. That was JUNE 18, 2008. You've yet to STOP.

I know you are not doing this without a "helper."

I know who it is.

OH Canada. She's quite the puppet for you, I'd say. Brainwashed well. Tsk.

As for Amy/KITE KAMP GIRL, you are pathetic for going along with all of this. YOU are a bully as well. How dare you. Do me a favor and go along with it to the fullest. You'll get what you deserve that way, and I can guarantee you, it won't be your OBC.

*NOTE: I have URL's for EVERY SCREENSHOT on this blog (not just this entry, this entire blog). If anyone is wary about the origin of an image, JUST ASK. Nothing has been altered. There are links to ALL screenshots for MySpace and for Blogger entries.

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