Monday, December 1, 2008

KITE KAMP GIRL CLAIMS " Improper Adoptee has not written anything about her in months."

" Improper Adoptee has not written anything about her* in months."
Amy: Then why have you linked all of The Improper Adoptee's blogs about me back to The Real Improper Adoptee, Uncut and Unedited ? All that does is prove that you lied, and that The Improper Adoptee last blogged about me in November. Pssh. Terrible liar.


UPDATE, DEC 2, 2008: Random Comments left on others' blogs by The Improper Adoptee.

This comment was left on November 11, 2008. URL can be given if requested.

Here's an older comment from September, one I meant to post in a much older blog. I can include the URL if needed.

There's so many others, I would overload any browser that loaded this page if I posted them all here, in one place.

She needs to STOP. Please, someone who actually cares about her, send her an email, send her a message, or call her. Tell her that this is not a game or a joke, that it is going to get serious and she will have to pay the consequences. I'm no longer allowing this to go on. It went to far the past 48 hours. I'm going to take action very soon. If my son wasn't sick with a fever, cough and clogged nose, I'd be at the precinct right now. He comes first, not her. I stayed up until 5am watching him. When he is well again, I will have time to sit down with an officer and fill out all the forms and file the full report.

Link to Cheerio's blog where The Improper Adoptee's comment is posted:

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