Thursday, December 11, 2008

Numbers Don't Lie.

Before I begin this entry, I'd like to repeat to The Improper Adoptee:

I've asked you over 50+ times since this year began. STOP.
Any legal action that results from your abuse will most likely include your other victims, not only me. Yes, there's others who are interested in taking legal action. Please stop now, because you have gone too far already, and the first steps against you have been taken. STOP.

Numbers don't lie. I have proof of each and every time I've asked you to cease and desist. The officer I spoke to today asked me if I'd ever asked you to stop, and I told him that I'd asked you so many times, I couldn't tell him off to the top of my head just how many times. I have to go through the printouts and count each and every instance, from MySpace and from Blogger, where I've asked you to STOP. That included the times I've asked you via Blogger, and you didn't let the comment go through. I screenshot each comment before hitting send. There are over 2 dozen of those or more, I'm sure. I then spoke to the DA's office. The DA's office said that once everything is processed by the local precinct, it then goes to their office. Sending death threats, calling John, posting John's information and stalking his alleged employees, threatening all of us, posting defamatory information — it's all called "Aggravated Assault." Each instance recorded counts as an instance. Each will count as a separate violation.
The numbers won't lie.

These numbers don't lie either. You can hope that no one has read this blog, the truth. I only installed this specific tracker on Dec. 2nd. The numbers, they don't lie.

p.s. Hello, Overland Park, Kansas! I see you're quite the avid reader. Friend, foe or curious people watcher? Anyway, I noticed you use many devices to access the internet. Don't let that scare you away. I'm not going to do anything. That's all huffy BS that The Improper Adoptee would tell you. Then again, you could be the one who gives her these blogs. ;) I don't do anything with anyone's IP's. No worries on your end. No worries about anything, actually. I'm the one who needs to worry; I have a psychopathic woman cyberstalking me. Anyway, you stood out, so I'm saying hello, friend OR foe. AOL, mobile devices, cable ISP, etc. Pretty savvy.

UPDATE Screenshot SAT. Dec. 13th.

I know who is in Canada. I know who uploads images to The Improper Adoptee's blog. I know who the accomplice is. The Improper Adoptee should be so ashamed of herself.

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