Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just SHUT UP Already.

Re: Online Defamation Act
"In legal terms, any false statement made in a public way that can damage the image or reputation of an individual, specific product, or entity (such as a business, government or country) is an act of defamation. Online defamation differs from the ordinary act of slander or libel in that, while both require actual publication, the shelf life of the online statement is usually longer lasting."

"We are watching you Spookie."

OOOOH, A FRIEND OF MARILYN MCABOY  THREATENING ME! Or is it The Improper Adoptee? Gosh. So baffling! I'm watching, too. Google is my friend.

KKG said:
"Improper Adoptee has not written anything about her in months."
KKG, if that were actually true, I'd not have posted so many screenshots of her still posting about me on other people's blogs. You see, she might've stopped posting blog entries, but she did not cease to post libel about me online at all. She still included me in blogs on her site, and in LABELS. Did you miss that? I didn't. I'm in ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!, Posted on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2008

"spookie of course has been stalking me and hanging out at The Daily Bastardette and spying there 24/7, and because Marley thinks I am a hater, because I think all reasons for the Holocaust happening should be examined, she has been all over my banning, like a vulture over a dead rabbit. She has also send Kite Kamp Girl more threatening comments, and is now out to get the AAAFC forum as well. Hiding behind more new profiles, like "psych prof", she continues to lie about me, and present me in a light that is unrealistic. Just as Marley did on her blog when my friend's comment about what really happened on that Adoption forum concerning my comment to Raine was deleted, to construct me looking a certain way, a way that is bogus. I HAVE ALSO FOUND OUT TOO, THAT EITHER SPOOKIE OR SOMEONE IN CAHOOTS WITH HER LIVES IN THE SAME AREA I LIVE IN. Over the last year, I have received many prank phonecalls, have found trash strewn in my yard, and about *15 times(whoops, typo, should read 5 times) someone has tried to get into my house when I was home, through the garage door. This has angered me, and terrified my pets. The loud banging noise this makes, even made one of my cats hiss the poor baby so was scared. I have an automatic door opener, that I unplug from the wall, because my cats have stepped on the remote raising the door in the past, and since they love to sleep in my car at night which I at all times keep in the garage, I do not want them getting out at night for their own safety (due to coyotes and crazy 20 year olds who drive 60 mph down my street), so the door is kept shut with a slider lock attached to the door from inside. I have heard the door being raised as I sit in here and watch tv, but by the time I get outside or switch on the outside light, the perpetrators are gone. I have been wondering who has been coming onto my property and doing this, and now I am starting to get an idea. This matter will be taken care of as I obviously need police protection."
"Anonymous said... (This is The Improper Adoptee)
hey improper, spookie follows that evil jewish talmud book. did u know that? do u know what the talmud is? if not, u need 2 cause that is one reason she picks on ya. check it out. a couple of churches warn about it 2. i lost the links tho so search around.
November 5, 2008 10:42 AM"

Then again, in Sitting High Up On The Chair Of Hypocrisy... Posted on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2008. Look at the LABELS and read the comments.

I'm sorry, didn't you say she had not blogged about me in MONTHS? I think you made a huge typo.

And They All Fall Down.... Posted on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2008. Don't post lies. In fact, THAT blog includes the blog entry from YOUR BLOG! You know, the entry you casually made disappear.

And then here you are, making your admittance.

Spookie Is Insane said... (KITE KAMP GIRL or The Improper Adoptee?)
I for one am starting to watch and chronicle every move that she makes. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
November 29, 2008 1:22 PM

It was stated that The Improper Adoptee had not blogged about me in months. Then why did you comment in a blog that was about me?!?

There's blogs for months. It's wrong.

IA continued to go around to other people's blogs and post comments to each blog, detailing her insane crap about me, when their blogs had nothing to do with me. She simply changed venues, just as she did when she left MySpace for Blogger. Get your facts straight.

Amy, or IA, each blames the other, said:

"She appears more and more insane."
Yes, The Improper Adoptee sure does. Who would think that being adopted would fuck up some people so seriously. This woman has wasted her entire life focused on other people instead of enjoying her own life.

Psst. Proxy. I have a proxy server somewhere, someplace. The adoptees from the MySpace group use a proxy. It's not even a real proxy! It's a shared computer, you'd be confused if I explained it. This was done to protect them from The Improper Adoptee. I've known how to since the mid-90's. How about you? I told StepFordChild, I was friends with hackers, crackers and some very serious geeks. That was a long time ago. It made her seriously paranoid. I suppose it's where she came up with her hilarious lie, "spookie is a hacker."

I don't use a proxy. I know you and Ms. M. can't hack me, nor can you do squat with my IP. They aren't as knowledgeable about computers, freedom and privacy, so they worry — therefore, proxy.

Marilyn McAboy/anonymous/IA/some nutter said:
"She continues to stalk and harass everyone of those that protest against her."
Wow, you need a Valium.

UPDATE DEC. 6th, 2008: BLOG entry referenced to in this entry has been deleted. Blog: (That link will not work.)

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