Saturday, December 6, 2008

Regurgitating Rants, and Some Hypocrisy...

The Improper Adoptee said:

"She has attacked me since I choose not to write her back."

Wow. Regurgitated reasoning. Or rather, rants. That's the EXACT same reason Stepford Child, otherwise known as The Improper Adoptee said I attacked her. My "attack," a question. He reply, harassment, lies and cruel abusive posts for all to see that were beyond derogatory, bigoted, and vile.

I guess this is her method.

To be clear, I'm NOT at all sticking up for Heidi. No way. I just find it "amusing" that The Improper Adoptee has used the same excuse on Heidi that she used to come after me like some vicious, rabid animal. Comparing her to an animal isn't really fair. Animals are kinder.

It's also hilarious that IA is making much fun of Heidi's weight problem. I'm always amused by people who hide themselves and never show themselves at all to anyone, yet have the gall to cut down others' physical appearance, which The Improper Adoptee has done for a year or more.

The Improper Adoptee should steer clear of using weight problems as a weapon against her enemies, or perceived enemies, because a few of her friends happen to have weight problems and appear to be over 50 pounds overweight, which puts them into the obesity range. If The Improper Adoptee honestly feels FAT people are gluttons, then she feels the same way about her dear friends. Two are listed on her blog lists. Both are clearly overweight and both are quite obviously over 40 to 50 pounds above the normal or average for their height. If I were IA's friend, I'd be insulted.

I've had weight problems all my life, so I am not jumping on the weight band wagon right now. At the moment, I happen to be thin. I lost all the weight I gained during pregnancy, plus some. I'm one of the thinnest moms at the play group center I take my son to. The other few are either very young, or lucky and blessed with near-perfect bodies, the type of body that doesn't even show a sign that a baby was once snuggling inside for many months, stretching mommy's tummy out. I think the rest of us moms would like to see a stretch mark appear on those perfect moms, just for fun. ;) But I digress… No one is perfect.What nerve. The least she can do it show a blurry image of her wonderful self, so others can see what a perfect woman she is, and then understand how she can call people fat, ugly and deformed — or all three.

IA claims toxic people make her break out in hives, and she claims almost everyone is toxic, so I wonder…
is The Improper Adoptee covered in Calamine lotion 24/7? I suspect there's a pink and peeling haggard woman walking around some town someplace, mumbling negative comments about strangers online and sneering at locals, suspicious about each, wondering which one is knocking her trash cans over and who is manning the robotic squirrels that spy on her, watching each improper move made.

IA, you wonder why there is a blog entry here. I am aware you are posting anonymous posts to various forums or blogs and telling people that the anonymous poster is me. You must stop this. I'll stop "doing to you as you've done to me" — as your friend so nicely put it when the two of you put up that asinine blog about me that you had to delete so quickly because it was far too incriminating — when you decide you want to remove the libel and the copyright infringement. I've asked enough times. How long do you want this to go on?


Posted by an ADOPTEE on MySpace:

"Posted: Dec 4, 2008 7:45 AM
Sara wrote:
"OK, so I looked at this anti-adoption blog/website and had to LOL at this quote: "Adoption is a form of domestic terroism" - Reverend Ruth Peterson.

Does she mean you’re a domestic terrorist if you’re adopted? Or if you adopt someone?

My husband now calls me his "little domestic terrorist", lol."
Posted: Dec 4, 2008 11:13 AM

Sara wrote:
"I am MORE than grateful for being adopted. The other option for my life would be to live with my parents who wanted nothing to do with me, in a country that wanted nothing to do with me and who made sure I had a one way ticket out when I was adopted and been in an orphanage till I was 18 if I lived that long."

Sara is genuinely NOT unhappy. I just wanted to point out that no one made her say what she did.
There are horrible evils to adoption, but for every evil, there is good, a saved life. This is why The Improper Adoptee is wrong when she calls me an adoptee hater and pro-adoption. I am against closed records, but I am not against ALL adoptions. Neither is IA's friend Amy. IA hates me for not being anti-adoption. Why does she not have any animosity towards her not-all-100% anti-adoption friends? A few say it's a necessary evil. Why go after me and abuse me? I'd like an explanation, but will never get one, not one that's honest.

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