Monday, December 15, 2008

The "Threatening" Letter IA Claims "Warns People to Stay Away From Her Blog"

Below is the letter, unedited, that The Improper Adoptee claims that Gershom said was full of threats and "possibly contained threats of physical harm."

The Improper Adoptee has referenced this email many times, and each time she has, she insists it's content warns people to not read her blog and it makes threats to the person who received it.

You judge for yourself.

The reason this letter was sent to the above mentioned is because she commented on a blog about me that The Improper Adoptee posted, and fell for the libel and despicable crap that The Improper Adoptee vomited up onto her keyboard for them to read. I wanted her to know that it was libel, and ask her to please help her friend, to tell her to stop.

As obvious by The Improper Adoptee's blog entries, she claims Gershom was threatened and harassed by this email. Gershom, according to The Improper Adoptee, told IA that she received hundred's of spam messages from me as well. This is just so untrue. I don't know why Gershom couldn't just be a mature adult and say, "No, that is not true. We only exchanged a few emails." That's the truth.

I'd also sent this to "Unsigned Masterpiece," because she, too, had left a comment. I don't recall The Improper Adoptee saying that she claims I've harassed her, though. Maybe she has said I have, but I've not come across it. I only sent it to three people, three who commented on one blog entry that was cruel and full of mean lies, and that all three seemed to get sucked into and believe. I found their emails on their profiles for Blogger, or their blogs. Add to that, they all thought I did have some connection with adoption, so I wanted to clear things up. Look at how when I tell the truth, one of them goes and pretends to not see that truth and says I'm the bad person. I'd even showed her, Gershom, the harassment dated 2007, yet she still believed WE, as in me and the adoptees on Myspace, made the first move. I cannot stress enough how untrue that is, which is why I am willing to supply the URL's to the topics on MySpace that still contain "StepFord Child's" quoted posts and the other users' responses.

You can read the email and decide if there are threats of physical harm, and if it says to not read The Improper Adoptee's blog. You can be the judge. I can see two instances where I ask for intervention, because of the libel and cruelty, but no threats.

As you can see, I wanted to contact the police back in August. I didn't, because I knew The Improper Adoptee has something not quite right about her. I'd hoped her friends online would help, and talk to her, tell her that she can not only get into trouble, but she's taking it much too far. I then hoped a blog proving I'm not the person she blogs about would stop her, but it didn't. I don't think people with mental illness should be incarcerated, not in any situation, so luckily this is not a situation where she is playing Russian Roulette with prison time. She is dealing with other charges that can be pressed, so if you are a friend of hers reading this now, it's time to have that serious chat.

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