Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Updating The Facts. Adoptees Were Bullied First.

She's So Improper, it's Difficult to Gather it All Up! An Attempt to Prove the TRUTH.

The blog entry above is getting updated. I've included many screenshots from adoption groups, where The Improper Adoptee, then known as StepFordChild was harassing and attacking other adoptees and posting cruel, nasty, and/or hurtful posts on a regular basis. She was in many adoption groups and she didn't like 99% of any of the members of each group she was part of. Click the link to see the real bully.

There is also a new screenshot added to The Improper Adoptee's Anti-Semitism …

NEW screenshots added to Insanities on the Internets!: How Stepford Child really got deleted from MySpace. (or "How Improper Adoptee found out she has to follow rules or else.") This should really make is quite clear about MySpace and the facts about StepFord's removal.

Updated screenshots and information. This blog is A DOOZY! The Improper Adoptee Can't Understand CEASE and DESIST? More Insane Harassment Posted by IA.

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