Friday, December 12, 2008

WOW, I Told People I Was Being Bullied, But This is SICK.

This is some of the sickest, most deranged reading you can find on the net that's written by a 49 year old woman who is supposedly just an adoptee who wants to help fight for adoptee rights.

OMG, what seriously improper shit to write!

To top it all off, she has her own daughter in on all of this, if that is actually her daughter. Is it?
YES, you read that correctly. I have proof, and it's too late for that proof to just GO AWAY.
She is using her daughter, or supposed daughter, to help her harass and abuse people online. If it's not her daughter, then there's some very coincidental activity going on. She is also using her daughter, or this person close to her that she is using because she is "afraid of me" to read my blog, thinking it will keep herself safe, since her own delusional mind has her convinced I'm a hacker, as anyone who has read her blog knows. If I was, then The Improper Adoptee has no qualms with her daughter being hacked, or this close friend, or cohort. Hmmm.

She's USING someone and pretending to care about them. What if it IS her daughter?
If that is not child abuse, what is?

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