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Blog Entry from December 19th Gets Revisited with a Huge Update and Not so Surprising Surprise: KB, you say? So, WHO'S the Con Artist?

KB, you say? So, WHO'S the Con Artist?

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The original comment by this "compassionate woman" is posted on my personal blog, in response to my cat's FIV+ status and hospitalization.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Oh wow-what a mooching loser you are trying to get money from people on line. You are such a con artist on so many levels it isn't even funny. I bet your cat isn't even sick. You are just another online cyber theif like DL or KB or don't want to pay your own bills and wants everyone on line to do it for you. You will pay for the abuse towards me this blog too. And btw, EVERYONE is on to you spookie. You have no idea how much legal action is going to be taken against you and by how many people.
December 4, 2008 4:36:00 PM EST

You might want to explain this. Why is KB the same exact age as your supposed daughter?

Those images are on your blog. Why is KB hosting them?

Oh, there's more. A lot more. You might want to explain this. Maybe it's all a big mistake, just purely coincidental, you know. I don't post libel, like you do, or cruel hate-filled lies and hurtful toilet rot. That's your forté. Feel free to fill in the blanks here. I have no qualms with you explaining this "oddity." It's also odd that you listed yourself as an accountant on MySpace, (and someplace else, but that's not important right now) and she, too, is an accountant. Isn't that amazing.

And now for the update.

You're threatening me after I asked you dozens of times to stop posting libel about me? You're threatening me after I asked you to remove my photo, and then you not only did NOT comply, you stole and posted another? You have some nerve. To top that off, you posted to my blog dozens of times! What are you smoking? It's apparent you don't take psychiatric medications which you so desperately need, but you are taking something, and it's not helping you one bit. You're a paranoid, delusional abusive being. You want to have your cake and eat it, too? Who do you think you are?

Blah, blah, blah. As if you're not having your daughter and other people send you my blog entries. As if you don't read my other posts on other sites. you know too much information, and you post about it — you lurk me and then want to cry wolf? Get off your high horse.

Your demands fall on deaf ears, and I'll tell you why. I've asked you for over a year to remove your libel and hate, and all you've done is laugh. When you started your blogging about me, I didn't even know about it. When I found out and asked you to please stop, you said you laughed for 30 minutes.

I had no idea that your daughter, of all people, was involved in your despicable dirty work. To know that you actually use her to help you spread hatred is so hideous and vile, it makes my stomach turn. I only found out because of Google. I was only suspicious. YOU confirmed it. Yes, you posted the affirmation yourself. Anything I've ever found is on Google. Your crazy ideas about hacking are simply that — CRAZY. I used to pity you; I used to actually feel sorry for someone who might actually be nuts and think people are hacking her, but no, no more. I think you play this part like an actress, just like you say about so many other people, to try to call attention to yourself. You know no one has ever hacked you. If it actually ever happened, something would've been done a long time ago. you're an attention whore. You're the stereotypical drama queen. Worst of all, you are the dictionary definition of a bully.

Yikes. You'll go to any lengths to try to convince people that you're some poor victimized woman, the lady who did nothing and never said or wrote one bad word towards another. Can't you see that it's over? Your lies were exposed. You were never hacked. You bullied not only me, but a few dozen others, and the saddest part about those others is that they are adoptees — they very people you claim you stand up for. You've abused and harassed adopted adults and teenagers for as long as you've been on forums and social sites. You can deny it all you like, but those people will stand up for themselves one by one, and each has their own story of how you hurt them.

After everything you've done to me — from laughing at my father's cancer to refusing to stop harassing me with your libel and posting to other people's blogs your defamatory comments — you have some nerve telling me what to do. I asked you in an amicable manner so many times to remove your blogs about me, and the image you stole without permission. You think that now you have a right to tell me what to do? Are you that insane? You, the hateful and cruel woman who has no regard for others wants me to obey her? Oh, please.

Can you comprehend?

Don't bother trying to lie about it. Every time you make a new blog entry, it gets entered onto the site from which this information is taken from.

Now leave me alone.

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