Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catatonic Digressions: Some Photos of...Me. (and an Updated Blog From The Improper NutJob Herself)

Catatonic Digressions: Some Photos of...Me.

I'm sorry, Marilyn. you said you were having a "medical procedure" and wouldn't be near a computer today. I think I read another lie! I call bullshit! Anyway, a while ago I posted this to you. Enjoy. It's clearly obvious you missed it.

That is the nutter's latest blog entry. Desperation, anyone? Jesus, what a sick and pathetic woman. I'm sure someone called her.

"Marilyn? Hi, this is Marilyn. I found some typos on your blog…"

Myself and others find it hilarious when an anonymous, well, a woman who hides herself and used to be anonymous — who posts as anonymous — has never once shown her face, yet rips apart others' appearances on a regular basis.

Improper Adoptee, I recall you regularly making childish and cruel coments about other people's looks or weight on MySpace, and then we all got a laugh out of you, then 48, making those immature comments about Marley Griener and me, and how supposedly ugly we were. You remember, don't you? I think you said something like "…nobody would fuck those ugly bitches…" Yes, it was along those lines.

Are you happy about all of this?
Is this what you wanted, Marilyn?

Does your daughter approve of your sick actions?
Is she proud of her mother?

Onto the blog entry you should not miss, and will enjoy so much. I posted it on Oct. 31st. How could you miss it?
Oh, you were out on your broom, terrorizing your neighbors, no doubt!

One of my friends, Marilyn, was sharing some pictures of me and I noticed they were so
low-res they looked awful, so I wanted to post the photos in a more viewable size so they don't look so odd.

I've seen my pics stolen by people on the net, and then distorted so I look "scary" according to some of these people.

Marilyn is a kind soul, really shy and honest, but cannot access MySpace, I am. Both the first are before I had my son. In the first one, I'm holding my dear cat Buster, who I was lucky to have in my life for 15 years. As you can see in the picture, he was almost blind by the time the photo was taken. He was a very special family member. I rescued him from the streets, and he became the socializer of the household. Boy, did he snore!

Here I am with spookie. She's a very shy cat, and
she was not too happy when one by one, I brought home new kitties to the house. She's a little princess, and a little nervous. She now lives with three others, and she'd be really glad if they all just went away one day and never returned. Sorry, spooks, but they are family now. ;)

Now here's one that someone stole without permission, copyright infringement (a shame people can't obey laws), and then said I was a "vampire," but not just a regular vampire, a "psychic vampire!" I got a good LOL out of that.

The original picture is the first one. As anyone can see, I was driving my car. Actually, I was being pursued by two much younger guys (they were idiots with sideways caps on...I hate that wanna-be look) who wanted to drag race on a very dangerously curvy parkway, and they were not going to just let me drive. They had even made very brief eye contact with me at clog-up near the Meadowbrook. I have a 30th anniversay Camaro, so all young guys think it means "RACE!" (Okay, even old men do this. Let's not be silly.) One was on my left, the other, my right. I was staring straight ahead, watching the highway like any good driver would. Luckily, they both got totally busted after a "logjam" at a construction area. Yes, I did speed for a bit, but not much. Anyway... I'd just gotten out from a Motley Crue concert. Yes, I went this year. I'd not gone out the year my son was born, and I wanted to finally get out this summer. I'd also lost all the weight I'd gained from having a baby, and, I looked practically the same age as when I had him! I had to hit a show. I couldn't pass up seeing Tommy Lee, no matter what the media says about him. He is hot, and I'd not seen him live in many years. Oh, and he's even hot in that PETA ad. :P I was sweaty, it was July, and it was a breezy night on the water of Jones Beach. If this picture means I'm a psychic vampire, I want to know what others could mean!

I'm pretty damn proud of my skin, since I had such bad skin in early high school, and later on went on Accutane. Being made fun of for things you can't help is no fun, as we all know. I also thank my parents for inheriting the "OMG you are NOT how old you claim to be!!!" genes. I've never had any work done. My sister can still pull off early 20's, as in 21, some days.

That image above, with the black border, cropped from the original, is the one that was stolen off my profile and used without permission. It's the "Vampire" photo. :D If you click on it, it's a pretty large image, and you can clearly see, I'm very focused on driving, not on being a psychic vampire, but, if that person wants to believe I'm up to some psychic vampiric activity, then very well!

When I have some time, I'll put up a few more. The older ones might be fun. :)

Remember, Marilyn/The Improper Adoptee, NO STEALING!!!

The Images Are Copyrighted and YOU CANNOT USE THEM

The Improper Adoptee

(aaaagh, it's "to," not "too!!!") She's so Christian herself, you know. She's told me to find Jesus a few times. (holds in laugh) I guess that's her way of making fun of my upbringing in the CATHOLIC church, the one she loathes the most. Ha.

21, yes, that's TWENTY-ONE blog entries of libel about ME on a blog supposedly about adoptees that "think outside the box they want us to live in..." OH, those "they's." So X-Files like. Watch out!

She must've been on the stem today. Read her blog entry and get a load of the last sentence. I think I almost spit my drink while reading it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

%&*%@#!!!! Typo's!!!!!

No, the below blog is NOT a joke, and yes the Rabbi's listed are true criminals, despite the *typo that may of indicated otherwise:

"Case of Rabbi Jerrold Martin Levy (Convicted of two counts of soliciting sex through the Internet and two counts of child pornography. He was sentenced to six years *and sex in prison. He was caught in the “Candyman” year-long sting operation by the US government.)"

Nope, it shouldn't of read "and sex in prison", LoL, that was a mistake, it should of only read "sentenced to six years in prison", and I have fixed it. Thank you to you know who for calling me and telling me about that......:)
I didn't want to sign into my blog today but I appreciate the tip. Now if only spookie could fix her ugly face that reflects her I want too and I think I have a right to be mean to everyone ugly soul........:)

Eh, I can dream can't I?....................... :)
Okay, Marilyn. They don't give you those hardcore meds BEFORE the alleged procedure, so you have a stash. Woo hoo! You're high as a kite.

Oil painting by Natasha Turovsky.

Since you don't post pictures of yourself, I've found one of you. You're even on your broom.

Back to your hut, Baga Yaga! That means you, Improper Adoptee! By the way, in your case, the old tale doesn't quite follow as it was told to me and so many others over many, many years. There's no reward of kindness in The Improper Adoptee Baba Yaga folk story. There's only cruelty.

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