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Catatonic Digressions: When the Cyberbully Cries Wolf to the Masses, You Get Victimized Over and Over…

Catatonic Digressions: When the Cyberbully Cries Wolf to the Masses, You Get Victimized Over and Over…

The Improper Adoptee has been posting such cruel and mean blog entries about me since May of 2008, but before she joined Blogger, she was posting her cruelty and lies on MySpace. She was a member of my group, STOP Cruelty Against Animals, and not many members were a fan of hers — in fact, none were. I was the only one who had cruel topics about her deleted, and I was the only one who has ever publicly stood up for her, even though her rants were always filled with off-topic endings about her 110% anti-adoption stance.

She back-stabbed me because I am not anti-adoption. She decided I was "pro-adoption," and labeled me a "troll;" from then on, I was the target of libel and harassment. Why was I back-stabbed? I've explained it on my other blog — which documents her abuse while at the same time asks her to Cease and Desist — and I've explained it many times, but people still sometimes miss the full picture, so I have to make everything very clear. I have an adopted friend, and if she had not been taken in by foster care and then adopted, she would probably not be alive today. I know another young woman who said she is positive she would not be alive if she was not adopted. But my message to The Improper Adoptee was about my friend, and I asked her what she thought, being that she was so anti-adoption. I said to her that I knew it was a touchy subject, and I meant no harm, but I wanted to know what people who are against adoption felt a person should do in a situation as serious as my friends was, or rather, her mothers. No other family member wanted to take my friend and care for her, raise her, and my friend's mother was a user and abuser of drugs, plus a drinker. Addiction came first. When I didn't fget a reply, and posted to IA, then called StepfordChild, in one of her groups, she lashed out, saying my message was meant to hurt her, to cause her to cry, feel pain, to relive the abuse of her childhood. She then said I was a mean-spirited troll, a hacker, and a pro-adoption abuser, and probably "an abuser of animals not just people." Then was the claim that "many people hate spookie…"

For months, she posted public abuse, towards me and towards others, but the others were adopted people or people who adopted children. I was the only person not involved in the adoption world — not the adoption of humans, that is.
I asked her, many times, to please stop. I have posted it in my other blog, and I can link to the posts that still remain on MySpace. Her replies were always maniacal, or she laughed as if she not only didn't care, but felt she had every right to hurt us, be as mean as possible and try to touch the nerves that would cause the most pain, and she did with many of the adopted group members.

She also posted as anonymous when posting the cruelest. She now does this with Blogger when posting comments. She will post to her own blog, seemingly talking to herself, as anonymous, and she'll post to other blogs as anonymous, to post about me, even on blogs where I am not even mentioned at all. I've found her posting "warnings" to total strangers, telling them to call the police if I post to their blogs at all. Does this mean if I comment on someone's lovely flower bed, they should call the cops? According to The Improper Adoptee; YES.

She has called business owners I do work with. She has now posted that she is going to not only call the ad agency again, but their clients. She wants to ruin the ad agencies business for not "firing" me? She has also listed not only the business owner's name, but other people who work there. I had not mentioned this woman's name once, not at all, and I always blacked it out, until she went and posted all of this information over and over, blatantly abusing my privacy and the privacy of the people who work for a company I do some work for. She posted all this information after I asked her, in a very neutral, calm comment, to please remove my copyrighted images and to not steal any more off my sites. The next day, she posted another stolen image, and posted all the full names, phone numbers and contacts for an ad agency I have worked for, and posted the name of an employee or two, to harass them as well. What is expected to come of that?

Since 2007, I've been bullied, stalked and harassed by this woman. She laughed when I found her blog in August, and begged her to please remove the libel and my picture, because my father had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and I didn't have time or energy for her sick game, so similar to the one I thought had ended with her removal from Myspace. She snickered, and she posted that she "laughed for 30 minutes straight." She then mocked my father's cancer. I later found out that she had tormented a group member on MySpace, whose mother had breast cancer. She did so because the girl took part in a fundraiser for breast cancer, and The Improper Adoptee was against the organization that organized the fundraiser. The Improper Adoptee also told another user on MySpace that she hoped her son would die in Iraq, and then she called him a "baby killer." This was odd, because one of The Improper Adoptee's blogger friends served in the Gulf War, and she doesn't call her a baby killer and she supports her fully.

What I'm trying to ay here is that people need to see the full picture. I'm going to make sure everyone understands and that there is no bias.

This woman called my toddler a bastard child, and posted to the world that I stole him from an unwilling poor mother. I had him myself! Why can't I have had a baby?!? Add to that, I have never had anything to do with adoption, and she constantly posts that I'm pro-adoption or work in the adoption industry. I'm not and I don't. I'm so tired of the little lies to the cruel and hurtful libel.

I have wanted to have this blog be open, fun, serious and even personal. I can't. I don't want to have to hide because I have someone stalking me from a few states away. I don't want to have to keep checking Google for libel about me on sites I'd never expect to find it. I've been using the internet since 1992, and actively in forums since 1993. Why should I have to hide 16 years later? I've never had to hide and be secretive. I've always been open. I've even had to delete an entire website she'd not yet found, just to maintain my privacy.

Why do some people find this behavior acceptable? Why do people just ignore the abuse I've endured, and that others have, and pat this woman on the back and stand up for her…why am I NOT allowed to stand up for myself?

Insanities on the Internets!: The Improper Adoptee, Also Known As The Improper Anti-Semite

The latest hate towards me? Anti-Semitism. She anonymously posted to her friend's blog, saying I molest 10 year boys. DISGUSTING. Before, the comments were crude because of my Catholic upbringing. What's next? Green eyes mean you do something horrible or have a negative trait? This is ludicrous and to think, to know that people agree with her thinking, is so sickening to the stomach.

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