Monday, January 26, 2009

The Improper Adoptee, Also Known As The Improper Anti-Semite

The post I promised The Improper Adoptee will just have to wait.

OH gee, look what Google threw up today. We all know this isn't just some anonymous poster. Who does Marilyn think she is kidding? Seriously. IA posts an anonymous often. Who else just happened to wander over to ULB's blog and decide to post something anti-Semitic towards ME? And to top it off, so late after Teresa's original blog entry? Look at the date. November. Then she goes back in January to post a jew hater post. Disgusting.

I don't know how I missed this one in Google, but here it is now. Yes, this is the lovely and kind Improper Adoptee. That caring woman who tries to fool everyone, and had me fooled back on MySpace for a very short time.

She is adopted. Her birth mother could be JEWISH, and if she is, or was, then Marilyn is A JEW by Jewish law. If The Improper Adoptee's father was/is Jewish, she has Jewish blood running through her veins.

Or, maybe she is a descendant of Adolf Hitler.

The Talmud that The Improper Adoptee insists she knows of is the "talmud" of anti-semitic writers, which can be found via web searches. Some are from German texts dating from the times of Hitler's reign. This is the talmud Marilyn has "studied online." The anti-semitic works of other Jew haters. Some of these "books" were even written for children, to teach them that Jews can steal from non-Jews, don't have to work, can hurt non-Jews, etc. The Improper Adoptee believes these words, because she reads anti-semite sites and believes their hate.


I think that URL is more reliable and believable than The Improper Adoptee's hate spew.

Oral Torah: The Talmud

In addition to the written scriptures we have an "Oral Torah," a tradition explaining what the above scriptures mean and how to interpret them and apply the Laws. Orthodox Jews believe G-d taught the Oral Torah to Moses, and he taught it to others, down to the present day. This tradition was maintained only in oral form until about the 2d century C.E., when the oral law was compiled and written down in a document called the Mishnah.

Over the next few centuries, additional commentaries elaborating on the Mishnah were written down in Jerusalem and Babylon. These additional commentaries are known as the Gemara. The Gemara and the Mishnah together are known as the Talmud. This was completed in the 5th century C.E.

CLICK HERE for the rest.

I'm really horrified that anyone would continue to pal around with someone who publicly displays hatred towards a religious group. I'm appalled that this woman has the nerve to let others even know that she loathes Jews.

I hope she is a Jew.

3 Comments and Feedback:

The Improper Adoptee said...

I am suing you for putting names on this blog.ZI am suing you for assuming things that are not true, which is called slander. You better hope you are not a public figure spookie because I am going to ruin your life. And when I find out who you are, you will get the same from me, that you have satanically dished out. I have a relative that wants to sue you too. The worst for you is CHRISTAN BIGOT HATE ANTI-CHRISTIMITE.....

The Improper Adoptee said...

Hater Anti-christimite that HATE anyone that refers to Christ on their blog. YOU ARE A BIGOT, BIGOT AND I WILL PROVE IT.

Veraciousness, Inc. said...

"I am suing you for putting names on this blog."

Ha ha! OKAY. If I'm not mistaken (oh, I'm NOT), you put names long ago, long before I ever put a name, Deary. Not only that, you did it to abuse, harass and hurt people. Threaten me, bully? As usual. I asked you to CEASE AND DESIST so many times I've lost count. You're nuts.

"I am suing you for assuming things that are not true…"

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Didn't think before posting that, did you?

"I have a relative that wants to sue you too."

Oh, super. Why? For assuming I did something?

I have a relative that met Little Richard, and B.B. King. Oh, and the Pope. That was the important one.

"The worst for you is coming......"

Do you have that written on a giant sign you wear, front and back, while you stand on a corner in the city screaming at people "…and the end is near!!!"


We are all waiting...



Leave me alone, fruitbar.
I will NOT keep asking. I WILL keep letting everyone know about your lies and abuse.

Until you can prove anything you say, SHUT UP already. And again, STOP HARASSING ME.

I can prove (already did actually) you're a racist, bigot, liar, bully and psycho. Huzzah.

I'll keep outing your abuse and bullying as long as you keep doing it.