Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Improper Adoptee: Insane Nutbar or Malicious Cyberbully?

Maybe she's both. I think she's a cold-hearted bully who is so miserable that she needs to harm others to make herself feel big. She gains some sort of power feeling from posting her grossness online. Whatever she is, it's not decent. Insane or just malicious? Regardless of which she is, there is NO excuse for her sick and cruel behavior. When will she stop? What will it take to make her stop? She has stalked me to the point that I can no longer post on public forums. I moderate two of the largest animal groups on MySpace. I have to keep in the background because this sick and twisted woman is watching me all the time. Now she even reads my personal blog, a blog that has nothing to do with anything she should care about. For all I know, she not only steals my images, pictures of me, but images of my son. This woman, who is in Massachusetts, is not going to be playing her cruel and maniacal game for much longer.

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As for you, Improper Adoptee, you are not the most net savvy woman out there. You keep claiming Valley Stream is watching you. Did you know that Cablevision is located in Valley Stream? Every user in the general area is routed via their local hub. Do you understand that? No, you don't understand that. anyone that knows about you and your cyberbullying, your stalking and harassment of me has looked at your blog, because I've emailed or posted the link to your sick libel and cruelty to others. Many people here use Optimum Online. Only the connections with MY IP are from me viewing your sickness. You don't even know the difference between an IP and an ISP. You're an idiot.

Back to the point here. You're a menace to me, to the internet and to society. You've admitted you meddle in your neighbor's business. You're a pest. Your pestering of me is going to stop. You refuse to honor my requests, so maybe you'll be foreced by the hand of the law. Would that be the way you'd like it?

Let's return to your anti-semitic comments. You obsessed about the Jewish quotes on my blog. I'm so sorry I did not put Christian quotes, just for you. you seem to have a hatred towards them as well, so what's the point?

You wrote that. Don't deny it. You've made so many anti-semitic comments over the months that you can't deny this supposedly anonymous comment. It's such a ludicrous comment, only you would post such asinine crap.

Tell me, nutter, what is so evil about this?

What about this bothers you so deeply that your bones ache?

Ah, maybe the latter bothers you for a very good reason. As for the Talmud quote; how evil is that? Explain the evil you read into it — or admit that you're just an anti-semite.

Read the above again, Improper Adoptee. I ask you to cease and desist. To stop it. You tell me to go fuck myself. You're getting off on harassing me. You're one sick bitch.

This is hysterical. Who's a team member? You, you and you? Did you make sure to invite yourself, and you? There's no blog records in 2006 or even 2007 for that matter. Again, you're not net savvy. This was a failed attempt to bully and harass me.

Oops! You two really made a Freudian slip when making this blog description. READ IT!
"The cyberbullying and stalking OF spookie" Yes, Document the cyberbullying and stalking of me, please. I am! That's what this blog is for. I'm documenting everything I come across. You stalk and harass me, I post it. You and your friend Amy were smart to remove that blog. Very smart. I bet it wasn't your idea. You're a dim bulb, lady.

Now here's your latest SICK, MANIACAL POSTINGS. First, for everyone else reading, I have to mention that you've deleted quite a few "anonymous" comments; the anonymous comments were made my you, and for whatever reason, you've chosen to delete them. You left one, and you left your response to yourself. You deleted the fake email address, which I have as a PDF of your entire page. Should you want to see it, just ask. Ha!

You just keep talking to yourself…

If there's nothing wrong with you, why are you so paranoid? Why are you delusional? And most of all, why do you use the internet at all if you believe people are hacking you? You've accused many people on many sites of hacking you. You claimed your Myspace profile was hacked, and then you claim your email was or was going to be hacked. You made references to someone hacking your blog, or trying to. You're actually afraid of the internet. So why are you on the internet? Are you online solely to abuse strangers for your own personal gain? Aren't you so paranoid that people are talking about you?


Yes, it's perfect. She's the perfect example of FROWN.

You're a hateful creep. You're not a victim.
Go cry more.

p.s. I am on BlogCatalog as "spookie." My PERSONAL blog is by spookie and not a "HATE BLOG," as The Improper Adoptee sees it as. It's simply a place I sometimes put a thought, a photo or a story I found interesting. I have no desire to add my blog to BlogCatalog. I used BlogCatalog to find blogs and to locate blogs I was interested in. I found a few, such as Dance of the Dolphin. IA has no idea who I am, what I do or what I stand for. Ignore this disgusting inhuman. She merely exists to hurt.

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