Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marilyn McAboy — The Improper Adoptee. I Asked Her to STOP and She Violated Me Again.

I asked her to stop harassing me online, and in return, she posted more blogs about me, hateful, anti-semitic blogs and libelous cruelty, and she stole another image from me — after I told her to remove copyrighted images, and all of my images are copyrighted, as stated to her and on my pages.

I will be posting all of the information that is public, available via a simple Google search, by simply reading her blog and using keywords from her own writings.

She is Marilyn McAboy. She is in Massachusetts and she made calls from 774-209-7411, trying to get me fired or into trouble with an employer who said "a woman who sounds completely psychotic left a crazy message on my voicemail, and you have to hear this...if this woman calls again, we're pressing charges." Her voice was manic. She is possibly bipolar with paranoid schizophrenia to a degree. Had anyone heard the message, which has been transferred to CD and a computer for police files/evidence, you'd understand what I mean by a "manic tone." She sounded absolutely bonkers.

She's posted on other people's blogs about the Holocaust, and had posted about it on Myspace. She pretends to know all about the Jewish faith, Hitler and the Torah. She claims the Talmud is not the same as the Torah at all, and that it approves of child molestation! She has posted numerous times that the Talmud says that men should go out and molest children. That Jews should steal from non-Jews. She's claimed it approves of murder of non-Jews — in a nutshell, she claims, with complete positive factual tone to her posts, that the Talmud says all Jews can do anything wrong, cruel, evil and hateful, as long as it's done to a non-Jew.
She's an anti-semite.

She's posted racist remarks to black people, or those of mixed race. She's racist.

She's posted libel, ignored cease and desist requests and ignored copyrights on images. She's stolen mine and then kept them posted after I've requested she remove them. My requests have been mature and professional concerning the copyright infringement and libel. She purposely laughs and posts more hateful, cruel libel, and steals more images. She stores then on Picasa web images, using Kristina Benedict of Toronto, Canada. Kristina is an accountant for The View, a magazine. Marilyn claims to not know her, but long ago, Marilyn claimed that she herself was the accountant.

There's more, and it's coming. She's deserved this for so long, and I no longer care what her privacy is. She's abusive, hateful and a bitter hag. She's after me, my family and most likely, from what I read — dangerous. What if this supposed procedure is a ruse? Maybe she's coming to NY. She could be doing the jail time for harassing her neighbors as she's admitted to, but seriously, what if she does come to New York?

I have to protect myself. I have a toddler.

She had posted a comment to me a while ago, saying she was not in MA, never lived in CT and that she wasn't who I said she was. She was very snide in her wording, and snickering according to her comment. This was in reply to my asking, again, for her to cease and desist and remove my images she was using without my permission. I know (and knew then) who she is. I just was not going to stoop so low, but she's crossed a line that left me without a choice. I am so utterly disgusted that I have had to be pushed to this point, to be forced by this woman to go to her level. No one can understand how filthy it makes you feel to have to be like her, even if it is for a moment.

*Marilyn McAboy
Born 11-19-1959 in St. Petersburg, Florida
Conard High School, West Hartford, CT Class of 1978
Currently in Orleans, MA
or…? On her way to commit a crime?


A bully. A stalker. A fraud. A sociopath. A psychopath. A manipulative, calculating pathological liar. Diabolical. A perverse liar…even to those she calls friend.

*ALL information available on the internet, found via Google.

This Copyright Notice was ignored, and she used this picture in a blog entry, and refuses to remove it. I've asked numerous times. She blatantly ignores all requests. You cannot miss the Copyright Notice. It's in your face and even noted on the photo!

This is on MySpace, where she has probably downloaded all my images to stare at for hours. She doesn't have any regard for the laws of this country. She just posted yet another image she took off my profile on MySpace. She's creepy obsessed with my images.

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