Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proof of Libel. PROVE the Libel, Marilyn.

The Improper Adoptee's latest blog says:

"On spookie's Adoptee hating blog, where she calls Ungrateful Little Bastard a "bitch", and Amy Burt a "dyke" and "insane", and Gershom a "liar" and tries to intimidate Joy by mocking her strength, along with a host of other outright falsehoods and crude insults, indicating all of us are "nutjobs", which we are not, she has now said something SO stupid, it took me days to stop laughing"
Sadly, she's lying. We already knew that. The blog entry she refers to says this, and I'll quote it:
Those of you, the naivĂ©, or the ones who just take her side because you're adopted as well: Watch your back. Don't think for a second that this woman won't flip on a dime. She wrote to me once about how she was so happy about what I was doing for animals, and for the animal group(s) on Myspace, and signed it "Love, Step." She vehemently denies this, even though she herself posted her own message containing the very sentence it's in. She liked me until I had a friend who didn't hate being adopted. Wait until you time comes and she comes after you and refuses to stop. Wait until IT'S YOUR TURN for hatred and cruelty. Wait until you crack those eggshells you tip-toe on while chatting with her, and you'll see what happens. Forget about the DMCA. Watch as she steals, blatantly, your images from your site(s) and posts them on her blog, ignoring your copyright notices. Watch as she laughs about your requests to her asking her to cease and desist. Just YOU wait until IT IS YOUR TURN. That goes for Amy Adoptee, who blinding stood up for The Improper Schizopath and not only took her side blind as a bat in daylight, but blogged about me while not knowing anything at all. That goes for *Gershom, who refused to even see two sides, and when she propbably did, she didn't do anything about the fact that her friend was lying over and over again about supposed "hundreds of emails" or messages, and threats — claimed to be from me — that The Improper Adoptee, Marilyn McAboy of Orleans, Massachusetts (formerly CT and FL) when Gershom knew in her heart that these accusations were not at all true. This is to Teresa, Ungrateful Little Bastard, who just was a nasty little bitch instead of being a decent human being, a person, and decided to act like a highschool twat instead of having a rational, adult discussion after I sent her a damn polite message. No, she had to be a nasty, mean bitch because why? She's adopted? This is ludicrous. And lastly, this is for Joy, who is the tough one and thinks that because "nothing can rattle her cage," I should put up with The Improper Adoptee's abuse and just sit back and allow this insane, disturbed psycho to exacerbate her cruelty and hatred online towards me and others, and to start harassing my friend and his business and his employees?!? No, people. It does not work that way.
I would like The Improper Adoptee to point out to everyone exactly where on my blog I call Amy Burt / AmyAdoptee a "dyke." I do not, so I'm anxious for Marilyn to show all of this blog entry of mine, with a link. I said Amy was kooky. At the time I said she was kooky, I meant it in a way that wasn't negative, but after she blogged libel and nasty crap about me, I saw that she, too, was nuts. As for Gershom, I never said she lied, nor that she was a liar or was anything. I felt she should've spoken up when she obviously saw that lies were being posted, because Gershom and I did exchange emails, and they were NOT what The Improper Adoptee was claiming them to be, and there were only a few. I said she shouldn't have just allowed her friend to keep lying. She knows the truth. I was not cruel to her, and I have the emails, as does she. As for ULB, I sent her a very cordial request, and she lied about her actions publicly. I saved my message to her for proof that I was polite to her, and her response to my request was rude and biased. Lastly, Joy was out of line and had no right to tell me how to react or feel about being bullied and harassed. I had never had any interaction with Joy before, and she put her two cents in, telling me that she has had plenty of abuse online and that basically I should sit back and take it like she does, because nothing rattles her cage, and too bad for me; she went as far as to tell me about how The Improper Adoptee abused her in the past also, and she wasn't bothered by it. Well, we all are not Joy, so we all don't have to react like Joy. Joy doesn't have pages of libelous and cruel blog entries on some disturbed woman's blog site either. I do. Back to Gershom; I told you to stop bringing her up. There are no "100's of emails" as you claim. Maybe one day Gershom will finally just say so. You can just clam it already with that repetitive lie. It's ridiculous.

Keep lying, Marilyn. We all get it. You're angry.
Playing the "I'm Adopted" card is lame, though.
Your abuse isn't about being adopted.
You are abusive because you're mean, hateful and cruel.

My cyberbully also said this:

I would also like a link/URL to this ridiculous libel as well. How asinine a statement. The Improper Adoptee likes to post nonsense, but NEVER has anything to back her words up with. When asked, she never can produce. Never has, never will. This was the case on MySpace also. It's another reason she refuses to let comments go through. Many "comments" she posts in her blogs are never seen as actual comments. Ever wonder why?

And lastly, here's a doozy. She's changed the link to my MySpace profile.
I'm from a Catholic and Jewish family. She's now decided I'm anti-Christian. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The problem with this silly accusation is that I grew up in the church, and Ms. McAboy is obviously upset that I've not made my religious affiliation clear to her. Maybe I don't have one, or maybe I do. I went to Sunday school. I was baptized, had my First Communion, Confirmation and went through all the usual Catholic stuff. Since she claims to know me more than I know myself, I better go pawn my diamond and gold cross and toss out my heirloom crosses from Poland, from my grandmother. While at it, I'll get rid of my little Saint Anthony charms that are on all my cats' collars, for when they are boarded. I'll also toss the Saint Elizabeth statue, the Charm containing earth from the Catacombs of Rome, Italy and the numerous rosaries — that is, since The Improper Adoptee says I'm anti-Christian, so, I should obviously not keep these in my possession as keepsakes and momentos.

Now, we all know The Improper Adoptee HATES the Catholic church, so maybe this is why she's decided to change the wording on the link to my MySpace to this:
"spookie (Pro-Adoption troll, Adoptee Hater, LIAR, BIGOT, CYBERSTALKER, HACKER, CYBERBULLY, SLANDERER, SPAMMER, (MY COMMENT BOX AND GERSHOM'S INBOX IS PROOF OF THAT).....this brow beating, pushy, mean, immoral, rude, obnoxious INSANE, control freak loud mouth has many, many troll profiles including Mittens The Cat) SPOOKIE ALSO PICKS OUT AND HONES IN ON ANYONE WHO IS A CHRISTIAN OR QUOTES CHRIST AND ABUSES THEM MERCLESSLY, THIS IS ANOTHER WAY SHE IS A BIGOT"
It's clear to all who read her blog that she's lacking common sense and rationality. It's also quite apparent that she's a cyberbully, a cruel woman and a very hateful poor soul who has nothing that pleases her in her life, but hurting other people.

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