Saturday, January 17, 2009

Someone's Losing Their Marbles! (What's Left of Them, That Is!)

This woman never ceases to crack me up in between her insane maniacal harassment.

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Ha ha ha, she's going bonkers over a postcard that a real adoptee sent in to the owner of the very popular blog site, Post Secret. Somehow, she sees this as her "proof." Hysterical! Well, she claims she's having surgery. Maybe they'll remove whatever is left of her demented brain, and all of us can live peacefully from then on. As for her saying I admit to stalking, I'm baffled, but not going to sit around and try to figure out a total nutcase's way of thinking and her interpretation of my writing. She knows she is the stalker and the bully, but it's possible that she sees my keeping tabs on her harassment and abuse as stalking. She also seems to have a very short memory. She's posted many times to both my blogs. I've posted most of her rants in blog entries, to make sure people see them. She posted on my personal blog, which she reads all the time, too. There's nothing there that should even interest her, but she makes sure to have it delivered to her inbox when I post a new entry.

She also doesn't yet seem to accept the fact that I have no visitors from Sweden, but from Toronto, Canada, and Massachusetts. There's also quite a high number from two other states. Her daughter is involved in her game, but she doesn't want her online friends to be aware. That's understandable. But the Kristina I have located is not from overseas at all. The Kristina I found is very much connected to the abuser herself. This cannnot be denied.

Anyway, I leave this for tonight, to finish, if necessary, another time. The Improper Adoptee, I am sure, will be stewing for a while.

Lastly, she did not post my comments about stopping this nonsense. I knew she'd avoid that. I don't think she ever wants this to end. I think she wants to be prosecuted or punished in a way that is beyond the internet. Her wish will come true. That is a given.

P.S. to the nutter: IE is the most hackable browser. Anyone knows that. I'm not a hacker, but even you should know not to use it, yet you do. Dumbass. Check the stats. FireFox or Opera. IE = You WILL get hacked, you daft moron.

I think you requested this from me, since you're too lazy to post it yourself. Here — there's your post, and it's word for word the same as your posts off MySpace and some blogs. uh, HMMM? No coincidence there, cupcake. Before you burst a major arterty, that's all public information. It's out on the internet and public domain now. Sorry, lady.

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WORD FOR WORD. Verbatim. And you claim I don't know who you are. OH-puhLEEZ.

NOW STOP HARASSING ME AND STOP CYBERBULLYING ME, you psychologically ill woman. The more harassment, the more deeper the hole you dig for yourself with a very stiff court system who wil not care about your cries of abuse or your lies and diabolical stories of terror. You're just pass GO and collect nothing...head straight to JAIL.

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