Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's So Difficult to Grasp About Copyright Infringement?

Yes, there's a few typos, and yes, I didn't capitalize a few sentences, but my point is quite clear. The Improper Adoptee has had enough time since she posted her disgusting blog* on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2008, and I'm done waiting for her to remove my images.
I've asked since the day or so after she posted her "I'm obviously not on meds and mentally insane" ramblings titled Is spookie On Drugs? (at least after asking for about a year, she finally uses a lowercase "s!" She still cannot spell to save her ass, though.)

The FAX will be sent, as shall a letter to the address noted on Blogger's site. I have nothing to worry about; the images are indeed mine. She has stolen them and refuses to take them off her site. I specifically asked her many times, since the very first image was used and spotted by me, to remove it. Now she uses another. Enough is enough. This anonymous phony, this drama queen fraud doesn't even show herself. She hides in the shadows of the internet, and then takes others' images and posts them to her blog for her enjoyment.

How will she feel when someone, somewhere, gets their hands on her image(s), or her family members image(s), and posts for all to see, to the public?

Maybe then she'll change her evil and ugly tune.
The cold-blooded snake would probably just do more cruel and horrible lashings out towards me and others she so passionately hates.

REMOVE MY PHOTOS, or I'll POST YOUR PHONE NUMBER. Do you like that deal? No?
Remove the LIBEL, The gross cruel harassment, and avoid the DA's office coming after you. I'm done playing your game.

Improper Adoptee, can you not read?

Once again, repeating to The Improper Adoptee:

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