Sunday, February 15, 2009

BlogCatalog LOL

This is hilarious. You just know she posted this comment herself. I can't believe anyone would leave a comment like this. I'd be embarrassed if I were her! It's a flying pig! A talking cow! It's *The Improper Adoptee posting to her own blog on BlogCatalog! I almost peed in my pants! (okay, not really, but it is quite funny. I would guess she's a bit miffled that other adoptee blogs have credible comments from known bloggers, not pretend teenagers with PMS because Mom is "bitchy" sometimes!)

"I luv that teddy bear. Smart guy 2. I just wanted 2 let u know ur blog makes me feel better. I'll be looking for my natural mom next year when I'm 18. I don't like being adopted either and i get a lot of what u say cause I feel the same way. I don't like my adoptive mother. She is a pain. I'm sorry ur adop. mom abused u. Mine didn't abuse me, she's just mean a lot to me & my bro. She's always bitchy 2. ur meanydoodles thing made me cry. u r a good writer. Keep it up."
Ha ha ha! "My Mom is mean and bitchy, so I don't like her." Oh yes, well, anyone with even half a brain would know that even teens who live with their real mothers would say that! Ha ha ha! I'm sure this fake, made-up girl doesn't like her fake, made-up adopted mother because she's "mean to her" Maybe she sets rules to keep her daughter safe? Oh GOD!!! Maybe she is sometimes strict about dating or what time to come home at night? Jesus! What a meanydoodle! As if "Shanna," the pretend adopted teenager here thinks her real mother would just be Ms. Happy Mom and never be in a bitchy mood at all, and let her daughter run free and do as she pleases all the time. What an asinine post.

As pathetic as usual, it's written in the typical "anonymous" lingo Marilyn Improper tries to use when posting as her alter egos. "luv" "ur" "u r" "u" BUT, still using full sentences and words, such as "Mine didn't abuse me, she's just mean…"

Pffft. Seriously. Worst comment EVER.

Who would take her blog serious as an adoptee's blog anyway? Look at her "Recent Posts" list on BlogCatalog:

Recent Posts

Wow. Sooooo serious of an anti-adoption blogger! I'd definitely choose her blog as the winner! HA! The more Marlilyn McAboy tris to claim that her blog is all about adoption and it's evils, the more of AN ASS she makes of herself. From her very first blog entry, her blog was about hating people. She can't deny that. Her "Recent Posts" list has ONE adoption blog! What a laughingstock.

She can stop calling herself Jane Doe. We all know who she is now. Thank you, Google.

Thank you, StepfordChild/StepFord Child/The Improper Adoptee and all you other aliases for littering the net with all your dirt. No one needs to "hack you" to find out anything; you left your life story all over the place on your own. It's no one's fault that I found out who you were with Google. Stop whining about it and making up ludicrous lies about getting hacked. Grow up, you big, bratty, bullying baby. Any serarch engine can find out who you are with a little information which you left on MySpace and various blogs, including your own, and lastly, comments you left on a few sites. SHUT UP ALREADY.

*Narcissistic personality disorder, a term first used by Heinz Kohut in 1971 , is a form of pathological narcissism acknowledged in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1980, in the edition known as DSM III-TR. Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is a maladaptive, rigid, and persistent condition that may cause significant distress and functional impairment.

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Cats said...

A CYBERPATH can be very dangerous. Press changes soon as it's possible before she comes to your house or hires someone as crazy to hurt you and your family. This woman is a maniac!