Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blogger Bulimia Nervosa

Some ask, "What are all those insane blog entries about "spookie" on "The Improper Adoptee's" blogspot really about?"

Most of us already know. Some people don't, so unless you're going to start from the very first blog entry here at my little place for documenting the abuse and harassment I've endured from the keyboard of a cyberpsycho…
the answer is:

How insane The Improper Adoptee really is. Insane AND abusive.

I can say that about many of this freak's blog entries. She just has an abnormally voracious appetite for abusing people, especially me for the last year, and when she's through posting she purges in her bastard barf bucket. The Improper Adoptee clearly suffers from Blogger Bulimia Nervosa. Her pathologically insatiable hunger to continue to harass and abuse me online, and to abuse others — even other adoptees — proves she suffers from many mental diseases, including what I shall now call Blogger Bulimia Nervosa. Initially, she feels much pleasure from posting horrific lies about others, and maybe even gets some sexual release from the harm she causes to these strangers she hurts online, but in the end, she feels self-loathing and self-disgust. She gains nothing, but she hurts others and she hurts herself.

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