Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marilyn McAboy — The Improper Adoptee — is a Cyberpath, Cyberbully, Cyberpsycho and Sicko!

The sickest blog EVER.

The Improper Adoptee has put up a gross and highly disturbing blogspot in retaliation for adding my blogs to BlogCatalog (e.g., I then recieved over 1,000 hits, etc.) and for what she read on my blog Feb. 4th and Feb. 12th. She did post on her blog, and I quote:
"…and getting spookies rabid **like blog off the internet, which will happen, so I will be busy for awhile."
She sure was busy, as you're about to witness. I was right on the money about "Blogger Bulimia Nervosa." In retaliation, she gets beyond down and dirty; she gets filthy, XXX+ disgustingly raw. She comes through with her true colors and OMG, they are NOT of the rainbow.

Marilyn McAboy, a pathetic yet horrifically CRIMINALLY INSANE woman in Orleans, Massachusetts, has really snapped and finally OUTED HERSELF AS A CRUEL, DISGUSTING being. This is not made by a friend of hers as this sick, depraved writer claims; this is Marilyn, and I can provide proof, without a doubt, 100%. (I will NOT post the proof — and it's blatantly obvious proof that cannot be denied no matter how much lying is done — as of yet, because it would give this perverse woman a chance to reach out for help in covering her tracks. Those who want to know may email me at any email address you choose, as long as you simply tell me why you'd like the information; e.g. "I really thought she was not capable of this." "I used to believe her, but I realize that she has never posted proof to back up her claims, and you always have, so may I please know…" Nothing lengthy required; just an honest answer so I know you're not just playing me for her jollies.) I have nothing to hide, unlike this 49 year old woefully lonely woman who had nothing better to do for her supposed "medical time off" than to come up with X-rated sexually abnormal (heavy on the bestiality) and hate-filled blabbering.

Be prepared, though, because what I am going to show you is beyond disgusting.

If you're easily offended by vile and deviant bloggers, forums or websites, than this is as far as you should read.

Marilyn McAboy has made a disturbingly psychologically ill site with prose only an untreated and unsupervised seriously mentally ill person would put up. Her writing is filled with joy, and you can sense her pleasure with each sentence. She doesn't only cruelly make fun of my father, knowing he has terminal cancer, she has now added my mother to her hideous writing. She discusses bestiality so often in this new blog of hers, you won't want to believe that this is "…that crazy bitch StepFord Child…" at it again. It's stomach-turning, so either go back or keep reading. Remember, THIS IS THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE'S HANDIWORK, NO IFS, ANDS OR BUT'S.

This is StepFordChild, banned by MySpace for dozens of Terms of Service violations. This is "anonymous," who posts the same despicable bile on The Improper Adoptee's blog now and then. These are the same attacks she'd post on Myspace before dozens of users (adoptees and parents of adopted children) would all mass-report her for TOS violations. This is the real deal here, the true personality and hideous ugly thinking of "The Improper Adoptee." THIS IS MARILYN MCABOY, THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE. This is the anti-semite, the bigot, the racist, the hate-filled adoptee who thinks everyone is out to get her and everyone owes her something because her real mother didn't keep her, this is the wolf in sheep's clothing and the hag who cries wolf. This is a sick, sexually deviant and insanely perverted woman. Anything good or normal is corrupted by her and her abnormal mindset. Marilyn McAboy, The Improper Adoptee, is posting libel and twisted cruelty that is utterly reprehensible. In my studying and research of cyber-sickos, I found out most are men, but there are women who enjoy this perverse and unhealthy "hobby." The fact that she posts perversely deviant bestiality is so offensive, so WRONG, there is no
question that she is disturbed emotionally, and there is no "maybe" or pondering about who is behind all of this misconstrued and deviate prose — MARILYN MCABOY. CREEPY.

Take a look at what she does when asked to stop posting libel, stealing images, posting defamatory and gross content, and told to just STOP BULLYING and ABUSING someone (ME):

…and YES, I've already PDF'ed it and taken numerous screenshots, plus copied all of the code and then had another person do the exact same thing. The faking of this blog not being from the hand of The Improper Adoptee was evident even to someone who hasn't read much of this depraved narcissist's blogs. Before exposing the FACTS THAT PROVE WITHOUT DOUBT THAT THIS IS "THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE" harassing me using a pseudonym, readers can privately contact me if concerned, curious, or honestly want proof. The proof is clear and quite cut and dry — NO mistakes here, this is the work of Marilyn McAboy, also known as The Improper Adoptee.


Friday, February 13, 2009

even squirrels sense spookie is schizophrenic

what are you doing to that cat?!! euw!!!!!!!

spookie fucks cats

oh ma gawd!! meet spookie! isn't she an ugly skank! yes she is! her face looks like a smelly rotten egg vaginal infection! trich anyone! she looks like a totally deranged maniac 2 and that is exactly what she is! this loser says she loves cats, but what she won't tell you is that she LOVES TO FUCK CATS! it's true! she does! (she don't admit it in public because her shrink said he'd commit her). i know someone who knows her and he told me all about how she gets reved up on coke. then she pours milk all over her twat and makes a male cat lick it off before she takes his dick and shoves it up her cunt! EUW!! huh?!!! but see, she is so desperate for some cause she is such a clozapine case, no guy will give her any so she has to get it on with some helpless animal she can force. that is why spookie loves cats so much. i hear she wants to fuck a dolphin to. maybe she could have a threesome with her trailer trash mouth mother!I mean the old hag sleez bag loves to say fuck! fuck fuck fuckity fuck! spookie's first word was fuck! her second word was cat! fuck cat, fuck cat. her third word was me. me fuck cat. me fuck cat. her favorite toy was her bottle to. her favorite game was who can shove the nipple up the cat's twat fastest. she still loves to play this cause she is a psychotic bitch and the voices in her head tell her it's the most fun she'll ever have! spookie is so goddamn fucking insane that she believes them to! she also believed that guy in the hershey bar costume up there. she thought it was a candy bar that came to life tho, pathetic fruitcake. she thinks it told her that sex with melted chocolate and cats is even better. that is why the nutter ain't in the picture with her mother. she ran to the snack counter to buy some.

spookie's loser dad worships ozzie because schizophrenia runs in the family!

ain't she lovely? NOT. she is as scarey lookin as she is sexually unattractive. again, that is why all spookie can do is fuck cats. take it from a good lookin guy. no dude in his right mind would do her. spookie thinks bread is alive. i'm serious. she is that fucking insane. she thinks the bread is talking to her to. that's y she looks so excited. she told a shit load of people i know it told her aliens are coming in 2011. she said they are going to make her a princess on mars. she beleives them. for real. spookie's father is really embarrassed he has a psychotic kid so he tries to make her look good by worshipping ozzie osborn. spookie loves that he bit the head off a bat. she loves bats and vampires. they eat the mosqutitoes she thinks are all over her, you know when she is hallucinating. check out her sleezy looking father in his ozzie shirt.the dude looks like a slick con man from the front. but hey if the shirt erm, i mean the shoe fits. he cons everyone being schizophrenic like spookie is cool! spookie is one mean fucking bitch to, so avoid her if ya can. a lot of people in r/l do. her whole family are a bunch of losers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

spookie's kid is from outer space!

now most little kids i see around are cute. i see a lot of cute babies to. but this kid! ugh!!! what a space case. he is a space case, for real. he is from the planet schizoid, where his mentally ill schizophrenic mother is from. poor little guy. he is insane like her. or maybe spookie gave him some of her coke for breakfast. look at his bizarre eyes! she named him harry but damien would be a better name. he comes from a mentally ill and sociopathic bloodline. bunch of nutters. spookie got laid once. the guy was stoned out of his mind. so he forgot she was mentally ill and nailed her. i hope this doesn't happen again. some one tie the bitch's tubes!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

shut UP already!!!!!! (lyin,flat,rat girl)

dudes!you might be wondering why me and another guy are doing this blog. there is a very good reason. this ugly piece of flat, rat shit is a stalker to. some of you what know it's like to have to dump someone and then she won't go away. she keeps callin and callin. she wants to keep talking about why you broke up with her and she analyzes every thing that you said to her 24/7. you know the type. well, i have a good friend who is a blogger but she is female(and straight i might add.some people are saying spookie is bi tho)my sweet friend(improper adoptee blog, ia for short)met spookie on my space. spookie didn't like her profile because while she was sticking up for the animals, she was speaking out against being adopted. ia and a big group of other people don't like not being able to get their real birth certificates and i don't blame them. i'm not adopted but i'm on their side. anyway, ia felt insulted when spookie said to totally change her profile and not talk about adoption when she went into her animal rights group. this group was on my space. ia was cool about it. she felt hurt but didn't really say anything or express her irritation even tho spookie was rude as hell to say this to her. actually if you ask me, ia was way the hell to polite. i would of told spookie to go fuck herself. spookie later wrote her this stupid email saying something that hurt ia about adoption. ia said she was really upset about bulletins she was getting on my space about how so many animals are tortured all the time in testing labs. so partly cause of that she didn't want to deal with spookie's negativity and insults. she was upset about all the bad stuff going on due to getting adoption records open to, with bills getting rejected and shit. ia just did what any of us righteous guys would do. she ignored spookie. lmao. but spookie is a narcissist psychotic/schizophrenic bitch and she acts like those chicks that call you 100 times a day and then go smash your windshield if you nicely tell them you don't think it's working out. she is totally the type to be hiding in your closet with a butcher knife because she is a drama queen and a gum cracking piece of punk shit to. making a long horrifying story short, spookie started being mean to ia on animal forums whenever she saw her in one. spookie followed her around everywhere, even in groups ia made. she and Chainsaw started torturing my friend every day. spookie is high tech unlike ia and she hacked ia's account and deleted it. then ia made a new account and spookie did it again. and then again! she was making fake profiles of ia's my space in between throwing her off of my space constantly. finally ia was so sick of this demented fucking lunatic she started a blog on google. she didn't want to go back to my space. she was sick of getting deleted for talking about how the adoption agency's lie and shit. my friend also left my space because she was getting attacked by some idiots on another forum in there because some other dumb bitch wrote this mean poem saying how cool it was to give away her kid. some of those people were people who adopted kids and they didn't like my friend. they were really mean to her and then spookie came on that forum since she was tracking her, and started abusing her in there. my friend knew there were other people who were adopted who felt like she did, so when she started her blog she made a list of people that should be avoided. she knew they would torment other people who felt like she did. she saw them abuse a my spacer named blanket girls and another one named rose and these two chicks were adopted to. she didn't want anyone else to get hurt. these babies were attacking her to cause she told the truth about a lot of things that made them look bad and they would dish it out but wouldn't take it. spookie is on that list ia made. a couple months after my friend put up her blog, spookie found out about it and had a tyrannical,psychotic episode that she is still in. she started spamming every single person who left comments on ia's blog, writing them long e-mails trying to get them to hate her. she sent the same e-mails over and over again. if the people she sent them to wouldn't side with her, she would start sending them a shit load of mean, nasty insane comments really cutting them down. finally this fuck wit put up two blogs about ia and some people who told spookie to go away. if someone deleted one of spookie's mean comments she sent to a blog linked on my friends blog,she would tell lies and call them insane on her blog. she did the same to my friend. spookie is always lying about my friend, who is perfectly sane (unlike spookie) and she is still following her everywhere. spookie also put one of ia's friends husband's my space on her bullshit blog that he uses for business and started trashin it and saying bad things about him. this loser skank looks at my friends blog all day long,and has gone everywhere on the internet trashing ia and calling her crazy. spookie is a total spoiled brat with an exaggerated sense of importance due to her delusions. sounds like a fun date huh? total high maintenance with strait jacket needed. she is really scary and really dangerous. dudes, if you ever went out with her, like on one date and you didn't want to see her again, she would treat you like she did my friend. she would call every one you know and try to get them to hate you. then she'd send them 30 e-mails a day full of lies about you. after that she'd make a blog about you with the same lies and feed it all over the net. this is how spookie handles things, when people don't like her for good reasons. she is a mega attention whore and never shuts up her obnoxious fucking mouth!! she is trying to sabotage ia and her friends and she acts like a fucking second grader. spookie also is a troll. she has animal groups on my space and her other name is Mittens The Cat. as Mittens The Cat she moderates STOP cruelty against animals and she thinks she is all that and is a complete sinister bitch. spookie is very harsh on every one and thinks she is jesus christ cause she has a big group. she only made that group to harass and abuse people. she is friends with well known trolls like another ugly skank Miss Chainsaw{Gyspsy}who was attacking another friend of mine for a while. i know all this partly because i am a member of STOP cruelty against animals, but spookie will never know who i am. he. he. if you ever see spookie on line, avoid her at all costs. do not talk to her. do not join her groups on my space and don't add her as a friend either. she picks fights with people on purpose. she does not want to be any one's friend. she is only online to make trouble and try to wreak people's lives. she thinks doing that is funny because she is a total sociopath. this rat is a nightmare off line to. more on that later.

You can tell that this blog was created by The Improper Adoptee in just the first post, and in the elements used.

If you do not and just cannot believe it's her behind this, feel free to contact me and I will supply the proof, 100% positive affirmation that this is her, to you. If you look closely at her blog, you won't need to contact me or wait for me to expose the facts that will prove it without a shadow of doubt.

The screenshots show the SIDEBAR, which is not in the above copied code from her blog.
They're quite offensive, so the warning is still in effect!

(Clicking these screenshots will bring up full size images on your monitor)

"The Improper Adoptee" — Marilyn McAboy — is now exploiting my toddler. How despicable and creepy can a person be, while pretending to love all animals and children?

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