Monday, February 2, 2009

More Libel from Loonyville

Ranting, Raving LUNATIC. Ha!

She CLEARLY cannot comprehend CEASE AND DESIST. That's obvious.

Marilyn McAboy/The Improper Adoptee goes NUTTERS when asked to PROVE her LIBEL…and still doesn't prove squat. Typing your own rants without references is just the "ME, ME, ME! victim. IT'S NOT GOING OVER WELL.

TYPING IN CAPS that I hacked all these people's accounts is fantastic fiction, but hilarious delusional nonsense. Claiming it to be "PROOF" that I hacked her cheeseball computer, or her friend's computer, is SILLY. Her friend deleted posts about me because she put up the blog called "SPOOKIE IS INSANE" containing personal information, in which I put up her MySpace page(s) in return. Public info. She immediately took her blog garbage down, but left the account active. If it wasn't her (Amy), Amy asked Marilyn to remove all of it, because God knows Amy doesn't want HER info all over and HER ranch address and businesses. Should she step out of line again, her post is saved as a draft and can reappear at any time.

Again — the whole SPOOKIE IS A HACKER bit is getting old. It was hilarious at first, but now...yawn. Ditto with the "soon" regarding the police, or authorities, or FBI or anything else this lunatic mental facility escapee threatens me with. It's always "soon." It was "soon" back in June 2008!
You don't have a case — you're the abuser and one harassing someone.

Take a gander at the "slander." (LIBEL)
spookie In The Raw
Notice she just keeps infringing on my copyrights. And she wants her rights to be respected? What a cocky, nervy and evil spinster. Oh wait, she has that illegitimate daughter. I keep forgetting...the one who spies for her and hosts some of her blog stuff. She also has another little "friend" doing things for her, around 30 times per week. The Improper Adoptee is scared to log onto my blog, unless very desperate. And she does. I get full details, unlike her. I have a paid service with more details than she'd ever want to know I know. She claims I pay for nothing, like I don't pay to help rescue animals (ha, well, she doesn't, but I do: HSUS, NSAL, ASPCA, Little Shelter, Animal Haven, etc. AND random emergency donations, all things she has not once spent a dime on. EVER.), but she can just go look on my profile on BlogCatalog and watch her sad face come on. Paid account. My Photobucket — paid pro account. Flickr? Paid pro account. Oh, she won't find my last name on those sites. I'm not an idiot like she is. She must find me the way I found her. Use her own means and mind. And Google. And I paid for her info, though I didn't have to. A week later, I found it for FREE. Sorry, Improper Adoptee, no h4x0r pwnage was used on your stupid blog, email account, MSN or computer. Such a disappointment for you, I'm sure, but you can keep the dream going in your head, I'm sure. w00t!

Marilyn, get your crazy ass "adopted" into a Psych Ward STAT, or just…

To The Improper Adoptee:

As for your blog entry? Useless. you reference nothing, and you pull things out of context. IT ALL MEANS NOTHING. Better luck next time. Oh, there should really be no next time, but we all know you — you just can't STOP.

Regarding the screenshot to the right:
To those who haven't read the blog, or don't remember: I'd asked The Improper Adoptee — Marilyn — to stop harassing me and to remove my images. After I sent that comment to her, she posted, within hours, a blog containing the full names of my friend's advertising agency, co-workers and the phone numbers and address, asking people online to call, basically to make prank calls, to clients of the agency about me. I have sent many comments to her that simply said "JUST STOP IT" and all they seem to do is fuel her hunger to be as cruel and disturbed as possible. The first time I posted this screenshot, her last name was blacked out, and I never posted her last name. When she violated the ad agency owner, co-workers, etc., I posted her name. I told her I would ahead of time if she continued to harass the agency as well as abusing me. She's harassed the ad agency before.

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