Monday, February 23, 2009

More Psychological Violence C/O The Improper Adoptee

The Improper Adoptee Cries Wolf.

Above are the words of a CYBERPATH: A cyberbully, cyberstalker and psychopath. A control freak who desires power and control, and with no control over the internet, is lashing out viciously. Cyberpaths absolutely bask in adulation, many using pity, in a most conniving way, to get the attention that they need. The Improper Adoptee uses pity, plays the part of being the real victim and tries to pull the wool over the eyes of all whom she can suck into her narcissistic drama.

"The Improper Adoptee," as she likes to be called rather than her real name, Marilyn: an out of control mentally deranged, cruel woman who methodically, intentionally and repetitiously posts aggressive, bullying blogs designed to undermine, distress and embarrass me — her main target. Marilyn feeds on the pain of other people, and has a strong desire to humiliate and prove her "dominance" with her non-stop cunning and clever bullshit stories meant to get the "cyberhugs" and sympathy of naive and ignorant online readers while fullfilling her need to hurt and create chaos and distress towards someone else — in this case, me. As one can see, she has not dominated me, and there lies what might be the problem for her; she sees I have facts in many forms, covering many months of abuse and harassment by her and yet after all this time, she cannot provide anything but a tall tale to get her sheep to gather and bring her the Online Box of Kleenex to wipe her alligator tears away for her.

Some people snap back about The Improper Adoptee's behavior towards me, saying it's petty and really nothing to get upset about (oh, JOY),and a couple said to not waste my time because she is obviously off her rocker bonafide nuts, but dealing with libelous undermining, bullying — sick and cruel HATE — repetitively week after week, month after month, is abuse and harassment and I don't have to put up with it and take her psychotic lying, online harassment, blatant hate and creepy story-telling, not to forget the anti-semitic comments, bigotry and the Hitler-like attitude towards myself and others for not sharing her point of view on many issues. She wants to drain me, to bleed me of anything I am, but she'll fail.

Victims do not need to be victimized doubly by others insisting not to fight back. I am not this woman's doormat. I'm not a bad person for standing up for myself and outing a bully. There's no crime in standing up for yourself and saying STOP! There's no reason to just lie down and allow an abuser to repetively abuse you. Victims of bullies are always "punished" for "ratting out" the bully; from the schoolyard to the workplace, and now the internet — bullies like The Improper Adoptee count on others out there to laugh with them and punish the victims, to make sure they're seen as the one who is the victim with their "I'd never do that!" and their "poor me" expression or words. I chose to fight my aggressor and I won't back down from my choice.

To The Improper Adoptee: CEASE AND DESIST.
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Signs The Improper Adoptee is a Serial Bully

To Marilyn-The Improper Adoptee:
Cease and Desist the Libel and Cruelty you display towards me. I've asked you for so many months, and through two winters now.
When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I asked you to end this sick game of yours, and I asked you privately. You didn't post my "please…" because it was too honest and it came from a place you don't have within you.

My father's stage 4 lung cancer spread to his brain first. The liver and hip were next. The brain tumor was turned to dead mass via CyberKnife, but a few cells got away. The lung and liver tumors have shrunk 40%. FOURTY PERCENT!!! With bad news for me and my family came good news, but it's always a catch-22. You'd not understand. But I asked you back in the summer of 2008 (Marilyn McAboy began blogging about me in MAY 2008; I only found out after she had already posted a handful of blog entries about me, with an image stolen from my profile, months later) to please leave me alone, because I had family issues now, and the MySpace stuff was over many months by then. Your reply was a hearty laugh, and a brazen statement saying "cancer doesn't spread UP, it spreads down!" Well, surprise, Marilyn, it spreads where it wants to, and when it wants to — and to whom it chooses to make suffer, to lose life as they know it — to lose close friends and family who run scared, stay away out of fear and hide because diseases make them feel uncomfortable, crying in front of others can't be allowed to them, etc. — so many excuses — or who seems healthy otherwise (e.g., nothing too serious, nothing fatal, life-threatening, terminal) yet has bad karma and sows seeds of hatred, cancer sneaks up, sows it's cells of a slow and painful death or a quick "One day you're just feeding the cats and then a short while after, you faint in the shower…" You never leave that hospital that diagnoses you with cancer because it's spread so swiftly, it barely gave specialists time to discuss how to possibly give you 4-6 weeks more or maybe a few months. You just die.

IT'S TIME. SHUT UP, Marilyn. Find another way to amuse yourself and feel powerful, a way that doesn't harm, hurt and exploit people all over the world. Being anti-psychiatry is only harming yourself as well. You can be a content, if not happy person, if you really wanted to and tried. Why not try? It's 2009. It's a long time since you endured the reasons you refuse help now. Live in the NOW. Leave me alone.

FYI to newcomers: This woman has threatened me with physical harm, claimed to get a "native" american witch to put a death curse on me (no, I don't fall for that stuff!) and taken every nice thing I did for her and turned it into hatred and volatility. She has been laughing about my father's diagnosis of Stage 4 Lung Cancer for months now. My family and I found out in June, so when I found her blog late summer or early fall, I asked her to please stop and to leave me alone, and I told her why — because my father has cancer and I didn't have time for this harassment and abuse, to be on top of her actions all the time because I knew what she was capable of from the past. In return, she chuckled and posted more blog entries, even wishing that I would also get cancer, and blatantly posting so in her comments. No one ever hacked her or her friend Amy (and Amy knows this as well). Marilyn deleted what she wanted to, to attempt to throw off the scent, and Amy clearly deleted the entries about me, and after she did, I deleted the one entry about her in return. Amy was not hacked and no one deleted the blog entries from Amy's blog without her permission. I never called Amy a "dyke" and I don't read Amy's blog. If I see that Amy has looked at my BlogCatalog page, I sometimes, though rarely, click onto her BlogCatalog page. I'm honestly not interested in Amy's issues. I already read The Daily Bastardette and one other, and that's enough for me. I rather read current events, New York articles of interest and blogs about animals; all types and for all reasons, from rescuing them and protecting them to just posting cute and adorable images of them for smiles. I am in no way connected to the adoption industry, and I don't have a stance on adoption that's radical. It's necessary. Period. My blog will remain up until Marilyn removes ALL LIBEL and STOLEN IMAGES — in other words, until she stops abusing me and removes anything about me from her blog site(s). This woman is wasting my valuable time. I want no part of this. She refuses to STOP HARASSING ME AND MY FAMILY.

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