Friday, February 27, 2009

She Just Read My Blog…

The Improper Adoptee was just here. IA just visited and used the same IP as usual. Same ISP. She even uses…
forget it. Why give away ALL HER SECRETS? I'll let her think her skeletons are tightly locked up in that crazy closet of hers.

I wonder what retaliation I'll get this time? I assume that "her two male friends" will blog some more on her perverted new blog about me. Who does she think she is fooling? I guess she really believes that no one knows it's her. She's fooling NO ONE.

I have asked more times that one can count, but she savors these abusive moments. Emotional duress, anxiety and stress only make her feel satisfied. Making fun of people with cancer, people with auto-immune diseases and people with other hardships makes her feel gleefully satisfied. I used to pity her for being mentally ill. I really did. I used to feel badly that a person would make up such sick lies just to make strangers all over think that they are good, kind people and someone else is tearing them down. Now I just see a sick, perverted and hateful woman who deserves what is coming to her because she never told one sentence of truth, and she regrets nothing she has done.

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