Monday, February 2, 2009

Stick a Sock in it, You Dolt.

Actually, NO, I "don't dig," and sorry, but you didn't "get my goat" at all. I never once was hurt by your asinine "ugly" comments. Did you think I was? You need to seriously get a life, and get out of that high school bully mentality you're trapped in. You've called me ugly, skank and other "ugly" names plenty of times, and in fact, you called Marley ugly, too, and you posted as anonymous to say BOTH of us were so ugly, no one "wud fuck those bitches." Do you want to deny that was you? Don't waste your wrinkled typing fingers, because no anon's post unless they suddenly come out of the blue to make some crude comment YOU don't have the guts to post as yourself. You're just a cowardly bully when it comes to the hardcore bullying; you wouldn't dare let your little friends see the real BITCH that you are, the actual cruel and hurtful slimebag you enjoy being while online.

On the other hand, your goat's been gotten time and time again, because you hide. You're the coward. I'm not hiding. No one's hiding. YOU ARE. But, you can't hide forever, can you? Not when you're breaking the law and there are so many blogs and sites that agree with that. I can thank you for helping me spread the word. Ha!

Don't think I didn't notice how you mentioned "laughing for days" again. You posted the same thing when I told you to leave me alone because my father had just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that already had spread to his brain. Remember? Remember how to you laughed for so long and posted it on your libelog? Will you edit that now, too?

Keep bullying, and you'll learn your lesson soon enough. Actually, you need not do anything more, you're already one fucked idiot who crossed the line.

OH, oops! You are a very naughty woman. Are you ready for that MAP? 84?

Oh, I almost forgot. The other day, you said the Torah was the NEW Testament. That was funny. Do you know that the Talmud is the oral Torah? Guess not, huh?

Just for Fun (because everything can't always be so depressingly serious):


Real Name: Marilyn McAboy, Baba Yaga, The Improper Adoptee

Identity/Class: Russian Goddess

Occupation: Goddess of Witchcraft and Misfortune, former goddess of earth

Affiliations: Gods of Russia ; Daughters of Baba Yaga

Enemies: Yarilo (Bielbog), Perun, Captain Britain, Meggan

Known Relatives: Rod (father), Gaea (mother, alias Erce), Vij, Vodhi (sons), Chert (grandson, alias Chernbog); Kashchej (grandson, alias Koshchei The Undying), Autrimpas, Praamzius (brothers), Varunna, Sweigsdunka (sisters); Svaros, Pikuolis, Patrimpas (nephews), Lada, Kupala (nieces)

Aliases: Frau Holle (German Name), Jehzi Baba (Polish Name)

Base of Operations: a house by Bald Mountain near Kiev in the Soviet Union

First Appearance: Captain Britain II#11 (November, 1985)

Powers: Baba Yaga still possess some of the powers of the Russian Gods. She has considerable powers rooted in black magic such as reanimating the dead and manipulating earth and wood. Despite her great age and wizened appearance, she has great strength (Class 10 possibly) and resistance to injury but none of the vitality and vigor from her prime. She was also credited with creating the practice of flying on brooms.

History: (Russian Myth) Baba Yaga was the ancient Slavic goddess of earth before the Russian Gods came into power, but she seemed to abuse her powers by inflicting mortals with drought and famine. She unwittingly degenerated into a goddess of the underworld who built her hut out of bones on earth near the location of a cave leading to the underworld and often flew through the air on a mortar rowed by a pestle. The model for the fairy tale witch, she subsisted on anyone who wandered near her and soon inspired the story of "Hansel And Gretel." She was also known as the grandmother of Chert (Chernobog), the Russian devil, and Koshchei, the god of misfortune, whom became foes of Bielbog (Yarilo), the god of spring, and Perun, the god of thunder.

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