Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hey Ms. "I use the AOL Search Page on My Comcast Homepage" Loser

Host Name
IP Address 76.118.XX.XX
Region Massachusetts
City Chatham
ISP Comcast Cable
Visit Length 6 mins 18 secs
Browser IE 7.0 (LAME!)
Operating System WinXP

Do you know what you were doing for that 6 minutes and 18 seconds? I do. Ha ha ha.

I see what you post when you think no one is watching. This might be old, but you keep forgetting, Google finds you.
Seems Google caught you in a big fib here. "Oh, I never go around to other people's blogs saying anything about spookie" — Suzanne — but oh, you do!

Gee, this "person" writes like "mike" on a calm day. Ha ha. :::sigh::: Not funny. Pathetic.

Just remember this. I stopped bickering and fighting with you a very long time ago. Now I just have no choice but to fight… you off. I also asked other people to stop bothering with you. You, on the other hand, never stopped. You never wanted to stop and you didn't ask your friends to even retract the bullshit stories you posted about me concerning them. You can only push people so far. (…or so much?) Well, I am growing very tired of having to deal with you. I take that back. I grew tired of you a long time ago. You refuse to understand STOP and you won't back off. Read through my blog thoroughly, cupcake. You'll find a few times where I tell you that I'll gladly, happily take this blog down, if you'd just stop harassing me, stop posting lies about me on other sites and blogs and remove all the libel and images of me from your anti-adoption blog. You know I asked, because I sent you messages. You chose to ignore them.

Lastly, I'm not pro-adoption. I'm not anti-adoption either. A year later and you still can't swallow that. Adoption is needed. I never said adopted people shouldn't have their original birth certificates, or should be in closed adoptions. I never said anything YOU said I did. But, I do think the world needs adoption. It just needs modifications, because as it is now, it's pretty sloppy and messed up. So is the foster system. So are a lot of things. Don't cry me a river about your cause. I have my own.

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