Monday, March 16, 2009

The Improper Adoptee — Anti-Semite, Gay Bashing, Psychotic Bestiality-Loving PERVERT!

BLOGGER'S Content Policy DOES NOT ALLOW bestiality, even writing about it. She's also in violation of their TOS. The Improper Adoptee doesn't have a lot of time before they do find out about her sick, depraved blog.

If Blogger staff pops by, check out her blog:

Check out how nuts she's gotten. What did I do to make her go off the deep end? She says if I don't back off?!? What the hell is she smoking? She was asked a few weeks ago to JUST STOP! Holy hell, this is ONE FUCKING NUTTER! Can she even read? Is she blind? This has to be stupidity mixed with severe mental problems! To the lunatic: I said let's just CUT THE CRAP! What the hell is wrong with you, you freak?

It must've been because I pointed out the facts; she is the blogger posting about bestiality, calling Jews "kikes," posting my toddler and being crude and disgusting about him, mocking my father's cancer and mocking him (probably because she will never know her real father), making fun of my mother (again, because she doesn't know her real Mom, oh boo hoo — NO PITY from me for an online predator who posts toddlers on bestiality blogs!) and even trying to "get my goat" by making ridiculously immature comments about my son's father, who is in the other room editing audio from his band, and thinks Marilyn is just another mentally disturbed moron on the internet who is so fucked up that she doesn't realize she needs medication badly. He isn't affected by her crap because he sees her living her life out as a bitter and depressed woman, and he is sure she has been a negative, nasty person her entire life. He said he is well aware I'm being stalked "by a fucking lunatic."

Her fake "hey peeps" prose is getting so old. "u r still mumbling to urself" — is that why your daughter moved so far away from you? Seriously, the kiddy txt is pathetic.

Her threats… moronic. I already sent all her blogs to the FBI; New York and Massachusetts, so she can keep posting until the cows come home. I know her full name, her home address, her post office box and her email address. So do they. Does it matter if she threatens to post anything else? Nooooooo. But if she does, it just makes it even easier to bag her ass for federal prison, and that makes me grin. Her information is public. Mine is not. She isn't allowed, by federal law, to post it. I've love for her to break a federal law. Go ahead Marilyn The Improper Adoptee, because I want to know that your daughter has to write you letters to a prison cell.

Marilyn, you do a lot of projecting on your bestiality/child exploitation/anti-semite/hate blog. Did your mommy put you in institutions when you were underage? Have you had to admit yourself a few times? You seem very "interested" in discussing mental institutions, so it's my guess that you have some experience with them, as in taking some vacations away from home to the place that will keep you safe from yourself and others… you follow?

No, dolt. Look:

Yes. That's the way they like it, as one word.

No. I didn't "cry" to Amy about shit. Amy knows you're a sick bastard, and she has removed herself from you completely. Pisses you off, right? YOU keep bring up Amy, over and over again, the same as you brought up poor Gershom, and you brought up both of them on your sexually sick and deviant blog, so now both of them will eventually come up in a Google search of their names AND lovely words and phrases such as "bestiality" and "fucking animals," "twat" and other special things you blogged about. I'm sure Gershom and Amy are really overjoyed about that. If you look back on my personal blog, I told you long ago to STOP MENTIONING Gershom! Are you a total idiot? Can't read? You just have to keep bringing her up, don't you? Let me also remind you, Marilyn, that I said to stop mentioning them both (AMY and Gershom) in a comment to you over two months ago, but noooo, you couldn't dare let that go through or even copy it and edit it to your twisted liking. You ignored it because it would only make you look like the PATHETIC JERK you are. You are a jerk, because you've posted hate crimes, exploited children and made fun of cancer victims (Not only my father, but the people you yelled at on MySpace for doing cancer walks or supporting cancer organizations), and you've dragged your (FORMER) friends into your shit by connecting them to your out of control stomping on people and insane need to abuse me and others to make yourself feel good, because you are so unhappy.

Marilyn, your spelling SUCKS ASS. Point out where you claim I spelled PHYSICAL incorrectly. OH PLEASE. You see, I use a spell check after I type, just in case I slipped while typing fast. You, on the other hand, are just a retarded dolt with mad cow. If I misspelled it, It's just a mistake. In your case, your typos are due to your idiocy. You can't spell; your education system failed you. You are below average and a moron. You need to be under the care of a well-trained doctor and you do need to be on a cocktail of medications, because you have some very serious issues that left untreated are going to put you in a prison cell or a coffin. Just get help, you evil creep.


fucking spookie looks insane cause she is insane

fucking spookie looks insane cause she is insane

Monday, March 16, 2009

hey! psychotic kikehole!

kiss my ass. then listen up u fucking bitch. u spelled physical wrong on your blog. u see where u did that u dork? ha. ha. so we all know what that means. u r the improper adoptee. u r also everyone else on the net. hey do u get it?! anyone who spells a word wrong is u. pfft. u r a fucking dead head spookie u know that? siadcb spells his name the way he wants u idiot. he says it like he spells it 2. u should understand that. u call urself spookie cause ur mental illness scares the fuck outta u. it scares other people and animals 2. u should go google myspace miss crazy in the coconut. it comes up my space. duh! u fucking loser. u better stop lying about ia being the one who is doing our blog. me and siadcb made this blogspot and we ain't giving any one the credit due us! we r very proud that we exposed u for getting in 2 beastality! u can deny u fuck animals all u want u but me and other peeps know u do. this guy u know and his g/f who wrote some of what's on this blog know that 4 a fact. btw before i forget faggot:terrorist has 3 r's not 2 when peeps spell it the standard way. u really need to get a life spookie. u spend all day in the mental institution in ur room on ur lap top ur daddy bought u. i think the staff should be notified cause u ain't getting better. u r still mumbling to urself and dream about cats to fuck. u fucked your first at 12. some peeps know that. u dirty perverted slut. who would fuck anything when they're 12? gross. dudes don't even do a chick at that age unless they r messed up. u r a danger to society u know that?. u have a record 2 spookie. i know all about it. if u don't fucking back off it's all over every chat network. ya want that? we are getting really close to the time we r putting all ur info online. so if i were u i wouldn't push it. i totally get y germans hated jews like u. ur fucking assholes. i used to like jews till i met u. now i hate all of u! does that make u more paranoid? lmfao. now go take ur meds u freak.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

why don't you go kill urself spookie.

i mean it. really. do the world a favor. everybody wants u 2 cause all u do is make everybody hate u. ur a total failure as a human being. u r pure evil. u are going to hell anyway cause u r a selfish bitch. so what the fuck. do it. i can't wait till u go to hell either. the demons will torture u! yea! we are a gonna be laughing our asses off @ u. i can't wait till jesus comes back and kills all ur kind 2! hambone lying scum. either way u will be destroyed. by ur hand or by his. so spookie be prepared to lose u queen of pus filled zits. u deserve the skin disease god gave ya! i think it's funny. ur face is fucked. god has a good sense of humor. he knows who to screw with. he gives losers like u what they deserve. u choose to be a sadistic cunt. u choose to side with scum like chainsaw and fuck over my friends. everyone who knows u hates u. people avoid u in r/l and u know it. nobody wants to deal w/u. ur all alone and it makes u meaner. so make the world a better place and leave! hey! do it 4 ur kid so he has a chance at being a decent person or you'll drag him down to hell with u. no one wants a peice of shit mother like u spookie. no one wants a g/f or kid like u either. ur a fucking monster. no one wants u period bitch.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

what a fucking crybaby! wah.wah.

spookie is ur typical _ _ _ _ lmao. u fill in the blanks. when i was in high school there was a term for annoying chicks like her. maybe if you remember what it was that'll give u a hint about what the word is. rotfl. ha. ha. spookie. i can't beleive what a fucking, FUCKING _ _ _ _ u r 4 for crying to ia's friend amy. can anybody believe her nerve? fuck. if u don't like what we say about ur goddamn UGLY devil's spawn then TOUF SHIT BIATCH. u think u can say what ever the fuck U want about ia's kid and that amy lady's kids. fucking goddamn crybaby. spookie can dish it out but she refuses to take it! typical fucking _ _ _ _ . spookie, u should be in jail like bernie madoff and howard k. stern! u r a fucking goddamn con artist. u ugly flea! quick! somebody grab the fucking RAID. lmao. spookie needs RAID 2 for all the fleas she has in her mop from fucking stray cats!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

male bonding

yeah. i hear ya. i hate fucking spookie to. at least i was wasted the only time i was stupid enough to touch her. i'll find a good home for you so she never tries to screw ya again. i promise furry dude.

This was posted on The Daily Bastardette right when The Improper Adoptee was banned; what are the chances of it actually being "some random friend of hers" and then months later, an oh so similar guy just happens to make a perverted blog and writes in the very exact same way? The chances are really slim.

See that above? The Improper Adoptee has been at this anonymous thing for a while now. Psycho stalking creepy predator.

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