Monday, March 2, 2009

The Improper Adoptee is a Deviant Toddler-Hating Pervert!

More Disgusting, Perverse Blog Entries From THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE.

The Improper Adoptee is OUTED on this perverted and cruel blog by many mistakes she made. I'll point one out for her.
She used "" at first for her scrolling banners, but then quickly changed them when I said I was on to her, and knew by the coding. She changed them to "" Oh, but that is not the only slip-up she made which proves, without a doubt and 100% that this blog of disgust is The Improper Adoptee's creation. She's left so many blatant and obvious "markings" on her new blog that anyone with knowledge of her usual psychotic ranting can pin her in mere seconds. I'll expose it all soon enough. Knowing the authorities know is what really matters. Thank goodness this woman is not too smart about the internet, and her uncontrollable hate and anger will be her downfall, because she's slipped up so well that anyone can see right through this great lie she has created. There are no men behind it. No friends typed that blog up. The proof is right there and pops off the page. How can she herself not realize it?!?

NOTE: She took the top image off my MySpace group, STOP Cruelty Against Animals, and she took my son's image off Flickr. My Flickr images are copyrighted, and there is a huge notice on my main flickr page that states The Improper Adoptee and all associated with her may not use any of my images at all.

Marilyn McAboy WAS a member of that group, and resents that I am now the moderator. I had protected her from abusive topics many a time in that group. This is the "thank you" she gives back to me.

Marilyn has no regard for copyright laws, so she downloads all my images — from and from — saves them and uses them whenever she chooses.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

save the animals peeps

to not get fucked by spookie!

the anti-christ (?) brought to u by spookie's smelly cunt.

fucking ugliest kid i ever saw. harry is real spooky lookin to. don't cha think? lmfao.

Marilyn, you're mentally insane and a sick, depraved pervert. You're a child exploiting criminal. I hope you realize that you are sending yourself to a cell.

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