Friday, March 20, 2009

Pathetic. I'm So "TerrOfied”

Why won't you stop?

More from the "White Castle Duo" — yes, that's sarcasm. We all are aware that THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE is the one behind the "two guys" here.

BTW, "guys," IA says she isn't a jew hater. Why are you two? She's the one claiming she she is not a racist, bigot, anti-Semitic, yet you go and say really cruel hateful stuff about Jews. Improper Adoptee would not like that. Conflict of interest is going on here, no? Oh, and keep yanking those stolen images. The DMCA is no joke, "guys."


Thursday, March 19, 2009

pony rides

nah. don't worry. his mother isn't here. we have to keep her away from horses to.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hey siadcb! ur a tool!

wanna know y? cause u spelled sometimes wrong in your blog dude! so come on! fess up! cause u did that everybody knows u r ia! u forgot the i in one of ur sentences 2 guy! i know ia did that once 2 so ur busted now siadcb! we all know who u r! fuck. it's scary to think like spookie ain't it? lmfao. spookie is gonna die when she finds out who i am. it's gonna rock the twits world! i can't wait!

eat shit spookie

you can go choke on some ass wipes to ya lying bitch! i got an e-mail from mike telling me that you said you think this blog was made by ia because u think i spelt a word wrong in my handle. lmfao! i have read all your blogs spookie and u spelled about 30 words wrong yourself nutter! i'll tell ya, only a loon like u would think this is ia's blog cause she spelt a word wrong once! i see other people make the same mistakes everyday. big deal. everybody fucks up soemtimes when they type and spell their-thier just jsut, because-becuase etc. there are tons of people who spell terrorist wrong you butthole!. jesus christ fuckwit! you can't even spell animal right so who the fuck are you to talk? last year on this forum i was on almost everybody fucked up typing terrorist. it read the same way i typed it to. only you spookie would turn a typo in to solid evidence that ia is writing what's on this blog. you have to use lame shit like that because she isn't involved in this blog and you know it. you can't stand it that other people hate you to. what u don't know tho fruitcake is that i fucked up the way wanted to spell my handle. cause how i write it online is how i say it in r/l. it was supposed to look like spookieisadementedterrOistbitch. that's how i pronounce terrorist.terr-O-ist. maybe ia made a typo once and spelled it the same as me without the r before the ist like other bloggers, but that doesn't mean shit. as a matter of fact i didn't even start this blog, mike did. he just sent me what he wanted posted cause he didn't have any time to do it himself. a dude named john and his girlfriend wrote some stuff to. so did some other people who know you from your troll groups. you really r so fucking lame spookie! everything you say is irrational because you have the smarts of a worm cause you are insane! i lmao when i read what you write about ia and other people because nothing you say makes any sense! you are a spoof and you know it! ia hasn't been around either and i don't even know if she knows about this blog. i sent her my e-mail address when i sent a comment to her blog a month ago but she never contacted me. i tried again last week to get in touch with her but she isn't allowing comments now. nobody has heard from her. fuck u spookie for scaring her off ya bitch. you r a cancer. this is done. talking to you in any form makes me wanna punch a wall in so i'm gone. if you don't like this blog about you well, tough shit then. you put up 3 blogs up about ia and her friends! you are one fucked up bitch spookie. i can't wait till mike starts posting all the info he has on you. you deserve it for the smear job you are doing on ia so go fuck yourself bitch.
Truthfully accounted and posted by

Improper Adoptee, I asked you to please stop a long time ago.

To The Improper Adoptee

Look to the left. I sent that to you on January 19th, 2009, privately. I asked you to leave me alone and to remove all the libel and images. you didn't even bother to acknowledge this. You just posted another blog on your Anti-Adoption blog.

I told you many times: I am not pro-adoption. That's like someone saying "Hey, I'm pro-abortion." I have no pro or con stance. Accept that already.

Stop bullying me. You've been horribly cruel, hateful and crude. There's no excuse.

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