Thursday, March 5, 2009

Someone's Awfully Jealous of Me.

You have to be very jealous to make such an immature and seriously psychopathic blog. Knowing a 49 year old woman is this obsessed with me is disturbing. It's scary. Seeing how she posts about a toddler is utterly disgusting, but I assume it's because she's mentally ill. Exploiting children on the internet is a federal crime, which is why I went right to the FBI's website after copying all her code and taking screenshots. All the proof that the site was made my my cyberbully and internet stalker — a sexual deviant — is clear and without doubt. She can keep the blog up as long as she likes, as well as her other, because both will be her downfall.

This is her latest. She pulled the wolf image from the anti-animal cruelty group I moderate and she used the same image of a boy flipping off people as I did on this blog. Not very creative.

Why is she obsessed with my boobs? Does she want a picture of me in my bra?!? Has she come to my home and spied in my windows? CREEPY!!! Sorry, Marilyn, but I'm not flat-chested. Even if I wasn't a full B, I'd not care! I'm not obsessed with breasts! I'd rather have smaller boobs than larger. Who needs the hassle of big jugs? The stupid, childish comments she makes are the exact same immature posts she'd make when she was on Myspace — digs at people's appearance. That was Marilyn's "thing" when she attacked like a rabid nutter. It really does nothing. I'm not affected by any of it. I laugh. Miss Chainsaw laughs. A woman almost 50 is throwing out playground bullying taunts. Yes, oh my gawd, I'm so upset. (NOT)

Look at this sick pervert's latest blog entries. Please, someone — Amy, are you reading? — any of you, her friends in "bloggerland" as she says… GET HER HELP.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

stupid fucking bitch.

spookie is as stupid as a turd. she smells like one to. lmao. now the nutter is sayin ia is doing this blog. ia ain't. we are. hey fuckwit, did you guess who we are yet? lmfao. dumbass spookie thinks this is ia's blog cause we used shit from omfg. what college did you go to spookie? i guess it was some school for mental retards. only a fucking idiot would think who ever makes generators from that blinkyou website is ia. hey. you use blinkyou to! maybe this blog is really being done by one of your multiple personalities and you just forgot one of em made it. i bet it's the personality that knows how sick you are to fuck cats. you're screaming out for help spookie! go fucking get some, you ugly bitch. rotfl.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fucking greasy troll.

"Suzanne N.: Different. Caring. Giving. Overly Sensitive. Outcast. Shy. Anxious. Artist. Creative. Empath".
(fuck you, ya lyin bitch!).
this is more like it. Suzanne N.: weirdo. satanic. sadistic. selfish as fuck. attention whore. schizoid. sociopath. psychopath. scizophrenic. fruitcake like van gough. terrorizer. this is one way to tell spookie the nutter is a troll. she says this shit on her care 2 profile. "What Bugs Me Judgmental people, People who use horrible grammar., People who refuse to spell correctly., ignorance, hate, cruelty, bullying, apathy, Any one that would hurt an anima"
ha. ha. she can't even spell animal right. spookie thinks she's smart. she's not. she is just a lazy, lying arrogant shit, who sits on her fat ass all day cutting down other peeps on the net. a lot of peeps go around saying it is important to be smart. the ugly nerds and geeks cause they are physically inferior. they hate to work to. they fail at sports. they ain't real men and they are fat pig women. like spookie. don't let this skank fool you. she is a troll who made some animal group on my space. i have seen her be mean as fuck to many people. i never said nothin, but i am saying it now. i've had it with this fuckin bitch. so have a lot of other peeps. nobody even talks in her fuckwit group but her and other trolls, like that ugly cunt Chainsaw. they want to hurt animal activists. don't let em hurt you. they don't deserve the satisfaction.

spookie cries wolf

spookie says ia is cyberstalking her. that's bullshit. spookie is so fucking stupid she doesn't even know what the fuck stalking means. ia has never written spookie an email. ia has written spookie bout 4 comments since she made her nutter blog a long time ago. spookie has written ia over 150 rude comments an ia still has em. this fucking lunatic got ia's friend's email addresses 2 and spammed them all the time. one of ia's friends gershom told ia that when she wrote a comment to ia's blog. you can see it cause ia published it. a lot of other people told ia that spookie wrote mean comments to their blogs 2. ia never did anything like that. she never talks to anyone that knows spookie. ia never talks to spookie either. she doesn't have a my space account and she never tried to get everyone on my space to hate spookie. but spookie did that to her. ia doesn't even go to the same places on the net that spookie goes. this fucking goddamn loser thinks ia is stalking her because ia says on her blog that spookie is a bully. this is true. spookie is the biggest bully an con artist online cept 4 Chainsaw and some other peeps. one of the grossest things bout spookie is that she is so loud. fuck. i fucking hate loud people. everyone hates loud people. u just wanna shout out: shad up already bitches an pricks! i always ignore people who wanna be loud, cause that is all they deserve. loud people make fools of themselves. if somebody is stalking somebody else, it means they constantly talk to them. send them mail an call em all the time and shit. stalkers follow their victim around everywhere 2. ia never does any of this. spookie does this to ia all of the time tho. spookie can't even show one email ia sent her cause she never sent her one. ia wouldn't cause she doesn't want that psychotic bitch to have her e-mail address. there is nothing spookie can produce either where ia is saying anythin 2 her on a public forum anywhere. cause like i said ia doesn't go ten feet near spookie. people who want to convince other people that the lies they are tellin r true go all over the internet like spookie does and screams their bullshit at the top of their lungs. people who fake hate crimes do the same shit. everybody knows this. spookie is like one of those selfish, manipulative parents who start fakin heart attacks to get their way 2. u know the type. spookie does this kind of crap everyday. she is doin it all over blog catalog. she does it 2 on that lame care 2 petition profile she made. no one ever goes into her fucktard my space group but she tells the same lies in there 2. the sickest thing bout all of this is that spookie started ALL of it. this is why spookie is so scary. she started pickin on ia and she won't even apologize. instead she goes around tellin big lies about ia and hurtin her friends. i gotta tell ya, spookie is the most immature psycho i have ever met. she is dangerously vengeful 2. she needs psychiatric help 4 that. i mean really, really bad. she shouldn't have custody of a kid, cause he'll be just like her. i never saw anyone in my life who acted like this cause someone just wouldn't write them back. there was this cunt i dumped once tho cause she acted like this. the way spookie conducts herself is y, people who r psychotic sociopaths like spookie shouldn't be allowed online. fucking spookie is a whore in every sense of the word 2. she is dirty. she is one of those nutters that believes in werewolfs and vampires. she thinks they are real! yikes. she hangs out with crazy peeps who do 2 in her bullying my space group. the chick needs to be locked up in solitary confinement till her urges to hurt other peeps r gone. no one listens to spookie tho at least. word has it that no one believes the bullshit she is sayin bout ia. everyone i talked 2 says that if she was tellin the truth, she wouldn't be all over the net tryin to convince everyone that ia sucks, but she does that cause she's lyin. spookie is so fucking stupid tho, she doesn't get that people see that right away. spookie thinks anyone who reads her blog is an idiot or sumthin. but nobody is stupid but spookie. stupid and crazy. that is what everybody thinks about spookie. people r laughin at her 2. that is all she deserves 4 crying (were)wolf. lmfao. btw spookie you an ur kid r losers. ur both inferior. the other dude doing this blog w/me said the same thing. hee. hee. we both said it in our blogs. ur both ugly as fuck. all u could make tho is a loser like ur self. ur a fucktard 2 for puttin that kid's pic all over the net. ur a bad parent. so take a screenshot of that and shove it up ur smelly cunt you fucking flat chested bitch. u suck in bed 2!

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