Thursday, April 23, 2009

To IA: Remove ALL Posts and Images Please.

Please make sure to remove all references to me, including links, labels and images, as per your agreement.

I've removed all the blog entries and all references, as per your request to them.

You must comply, or there will be consequences. Please do as you said and delete the blog entries, labels, images and any other content that refers to me.
When you have done so, I will remove this request entry as well. I've only posted it because you've not kept your end of the deal. I don't want to have to keep bothering them with small issues such as this when they have more important things to take care of. Please just do as you promised.

Thank you for your timely and mature response to this message.
Improper Adoptee:

I think you've misunderstood. You must REMOVE all prior blog entries, links and images. I agreed to remove this blog ONLY under the conditions that you agreed to, and as of today, you have yet to abide by them. PLEASE remove all libel, defamatory content and images. I want to avoid having to call to complain to MA. PLEASE keep your end of the deal.
Re: Your Blog:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back To Adoption

It has been agreed that spookie will no longer be discussing me and I will no longer be discussing spookie, which is for the best. So this blog will be back to concentrating on the barbarity of Closed Adoption Records in The United States and what we must do to win the legal rights to what is rightfully ours and always should of been, our OBC's. Two voices that are being heard all over Adoptionland and the airwaves are of the incredible and well known musicians, DMC and Zara Phillips who have put both their and our pain due to the hijacking of our information and the Birth Mother Privacy Lie into a wonderful new song that will hopefully educate the public how we Adoptees are trodden upon and are treated as nothing less than commodities. So on that note (and excuse the pun), I would like to say.....

Posted by The Improper Adoptee


It appears that you've confused the deal made regarding the blog entries. You have to DELETE everything, or there is no reason for my having to have removed anything for you. You have libel, hate and defamatory information posted, and you have images used without permission. You have numerous entries on your blog solely about me; information which is untrue and which you have admitted is not true. Please, delete it all. As you can see, I've removed all documentation, so you have nothing that can upset you. Please do as you agreed when you spoke to the authorities and remove everything. I don't want this to continue one day further. I spoke to them yesterday and alerted them to the blog entries you still have publicly posted, as well as the links. That was not what was agreed upon. I don't want to have to call again and/or email them your blog entries. Please just remove what you told them you would.

Thank you.


To "The Improper Adoptee," Tuesday, April 28th;

I see you've hidden your blog. Should you open your blog publicly and still have blogs of libel and defamatory content posted, I will have no choice but to do as I did twice already. Remember, you have been told you have to remove the blog entries, the images, the links, the labels — everything. Once I see that you have fully complied, I will delete this completely. I cannot trust that you will obey the officers that ordered you to do as you were told. I will, in all good faith, delete this blog once I know you've completely deleted all the libel and the links as well that reference me in any way. I keep my word.

Please don't force my hand. I never wanted to involve police, but you honestly left me no choice. Please just leave me and my family alone, and then I will not have to blog to document anything.

Thank you.


("spookie" and "Mittens," the moderator on MySpace of the groups STOP Cruelty Against Animals, *Cat Lovers* and Save Shelter Cats!)

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