Sunday, May 10, 2009

Then Put It on PRIVATE, and LET'S MOVE ON.

You said to Kristina, a friend of mine:

If this is what you honestly want, you must set your blog to private and select who can read your blog, i.e., Amy, Cali, Teresa, etc. Blogger is public and you really cannot decide who reads your blog when your blog is pubic. As you can see, I just read your blog. I checked it because you still have not complied with the what the police have ordered you to do. You've posted a misconstrued and misleading version of the situation, and I'm not happy about that. I would like you to remove EVERYTHING as soon as possible so I can avoid another call to your local police precinct, and that will avoid another visit to your home by police officers, who this time might not just give you a stern warning.
Please, do as you were instructed and remove EVERYTHING THAT EVEN HINTS ABOUT ME. That includes your blog in which you make it seem as if you had gotten the police to come after me, ditto your main header paragraph with also insinuates that they worked on your behalf.
It's UNTRUE. While my father was in the hospital, after the brain surgery, while you made fun of him on that disgusting blog you admitted to, I was in contact with the police in your area. You know that. You know what happened next and you know what happened when you didn't comply. PLEASE STOP TRYING TO HIDE THE TRUTH. 

I NEVER LIED ABOUT ANYTHING on this blog, or on my other blog; my personal blog.
Let's LET IT GO. This has all been fucked up crap for no reason but the fact that you didn't want to believe me about an adopted friend and her mother who threw her away. I am sorry you didn't want to believe me when I said I asked out of curiosity, after you freaked out and said I made it up to hurt you and you began your tirade against me claiming I was a pro-adoption troll and animal abuser. IT'S OVER. Let's just ERASE IT ALL and MOVE ON.

To The Improper Adoptee: REMOVE ALL PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BLOG POSTS, COMMENTS AND OTHER WRITINGS ON YOUR BLOG TOWARDS ME, OR I WILL BE SUBMITTING YOUR ACCOMPLICE'S IP AND LOCATION TO THE ORLEANS, MA POLICE DEPARTMENT. I REVIEWED ALL OF THE LOGS FROM THREE WEBSITE MONITORS, AND I KNOW WHO LEFT COMMENTS FOR YOU ON MY BLOGS. I carefully culled through all the logging and monitoring systems used on my blogs, and noted which IP's matched exact times when your login left a comment on my blog. The entries match the blog comments and the blog comment pages are even noted. You didn't log in from home; you had another user do your commenting for you. OR, and that OR is very big, you were dialing up long distance using your AOL account. You used the same state as you used for the fake account on MySpace, the one in STOP Cruelty Against Animals. So, either you used an accomplice or you dialed up. It doesn't matter; both can be traced via your phone records or the other's because the information is all in my records. Just do as you were asked, nicely as I was told, so I don't need to come up to Massachusetts and file a complaint in person, which I'm willing to do now that the weather is nice and the coast is a lovely drive. I've driven it before and have a few stops I know from a prior trip. I want this over with. Don't you?
This is the same as the "activity" from Canada; slightly different because the person in Canada is very real, and we know who it is. Canada, and she logged in from home, work and other areas, was all too obvious.

Please comply with the police and just delete everything, and be sure to be truthful if you even dare to post about what has transpired. I CALLED THE POLICE ABOUT YOU. I contacted the FBI about you. I have NEVER had police contact me regarding you. I have never had police come to my home regarding you. I have never been arrested or even had a complaint filed against me, especially where you're concerned. You cannot say the same.

I don't want any more trouble with you. In fact, I want you out of my life, my online life, forever. REMOVE ALL THE REFERENCES THAT THE POLICE TOLD YOU TO, and delete your passive aggressive AND misleading nonsense, or I WILL CALL THE POLICE AGAIN. That would make it over a half dozen times or more. Do you really want or need that aggravation? I know I don't. Please, END THIS. DELETE, MOVE ON, GROW.

I would honestly feel badly for you and the pain you feel (and I mean that because I can see how it's affected you, though real parents could have dome the very same damage) , the suffering you probably went through as you grew up, if you had not harassed and abused me — and crossed that line when you made that sexually deviant blog about me, my toddler and included making fun and mocking my dying father while you knew about the cancer consuming his happiness with his family — his wife since they were teens, his grandson who was his world and vise-versa and me, who always stayed home instead of moving away because my parents are just that great. You have deep rooted issues, very disturbing issues, and I wish someone who cares very much for you would just reach out and help you the way you need help, not the way you want help.

NOW… please remove the references, the little white lie on your blog in blue text, and move on. I want to delete this crap.

When all is as it's supposed to be, then — Thank You.

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