Saturday, May 16, 2009

You Lunatic Bullshitter, I Have Had it with You.

Look lady, you're full of crap, and we both know it. EVERYONE knows it.

I am giving you until Tuesday, when the Officer I have been dealing with all along is back in, for you to cut the shit and delete you nonsense and move the hell on. He's off tomorrow and Monday, but on Tuesday, he is back in the Orleans police department and I have his number and email, and the number and email for the other officer working on your case. If you refuse to cut the shit, I will — and don't think I won't — take it to Boston, because now I know how you've been playing your game, and now you CAN and WOULD be prosecuted for the hate crimes YOU ADMITTED TO. If you think I am bluffing, think again, sweetheart.

You don't belong in jail, but at this point, I don't care if you're in jail or a mental facility. I just want you and your libelous crap to stop popping up all over the place. You can't fix it; you admitted to everything.

I'm happy I am far more skilled on the computer than you are, or any of your idiotic friends.

Secondly, your ludicrous rant you posted is just that. Ludicrous. Amy Burt does not live in MA and the police in MA don't give a flying rat's ass about her. Also, you even mentioning her in your stupid screed proves that it is indeed you, once again, keyword searching Amy Burt and Kite Kamp Girl via AOL dialup, and I know you use AOL via Comcast, so I know it's YOU. You're obsessed with Amy Burt! The police in Massachusetts don't work for a Texan. If Amy is upset, she can file a report in Texas. Your logic is absolutely insane. Amy Burt/KITE KAMP GIRL or whatever you want to refer to her as, and you refer to her ALL the time, is a non-issue.

Furthermore, I know HOW you've thought you've fooled some, but oh, not me and not the police. I have you on my excel sheet, logged in a few times leaving me comments from AOL and OH GOLLY GEE, you happen to not be in MA! I'll be handing that over to the officer who told you to cut the crap OR ELSE and then you CAN and WILL be prosecuted for the HATE CRIME; the "kikehole" blog and the "Germans should've finished the job" stuff. You know, the blogs you admitted to writing and posting when the officers put them in your face, and the tears rolled out of your eyes as you confessed to EVERYTHING.

Your nonsense:
"This is in reply to spookie due to your lastest message to me on your Insanites On The Internet blog (May 1oth): I checked your Insanities on The Internets blog yesterday to see if it had been deleted yet as I had not seen it (looked at it) for almost two weeks. I have removed my other reply to your first message to me on The Insanities on The Internet blog, which I took a screenshot of, and now I expect you to please delete your Insanities on the Internets blog as you said you would. The police did tell me to call them if you wrote anything about me again, you are free to call the Officers and ask them if you would like. I will call them if your blog is not deleted as it is supposed to be, as one of the Officers agreed it would be deleted and I should delete my posts about you to end our argument, which I have done. The Officers told you to delete all previous posts about me and Amy Burt, that is why they are gone off The Insanites on The Internets blog, and told me they were going to tell you not to write anything else, about me ever, which hasn't been done due to some lies you have
written on your Insanities blog, and the continual bashing of Amy Burt. I will check throughout the day to see if you have come onto my blog so I know you will have seen this message and then I will delete it and I trust you will then keep your promise to delete your Insanities On The Internets blog. Please remove as well all you wrote about me on your Mittens The Cat myspace that has been up since last fall I think, that say I am mentally ill when I am not, and other references to me that say the same that have been online for 15 months. Other than this message to you, everything I wrote about you has been deleted for over two weeks. Both of us must cooperate equally so this ends immediately, as in today. Thank you for your cooperation and let's never speak to or of each other again. I wish to no longer correspond with or to you in any manner whatsoever and I expect the same from you. PLEASE let this argument end now. I wish for that more than anything in my life. I am exhausted and physically ill from this fight. Please delete your blog. (Or at least right now, everything you have written on it and never write anything again, as I will check from time to time and I will call the Officers in my town if there is anything on this blog about me, or any new links about me or that direct back to your blog).
Thankyou very much,
The Improper Adoptee"

Thank you very much? Spare me your BS. Call them. Check YOUR ASS. Direct your ass to your toilet. NO one gives a crap about you, lady. I just want you TO GO AWAY. Call them. PLEASE. Tell them you can't seem to comply with their request that you just not mention me ever again in any way, shape or form. Tell them you have blogger bulimia. Tell them you can't let go, and that you might start to harass Kristina next, as you've now placed her in CAPS on your sidebar. NUTTER. Can't you just leave people alone? Are you able to function day to day without being negative towards someone else? Can you live your life without throwing your daggers of hate at someone? I suppose not. Pathetic. It took me over a year to get you to leave me alone. It'd have happened sooner had I known I could call YOUR police dept., and not mine! DUH! Trust me, I'd have nipped this in the bud sooner if I had the time and had thought of that; you wasted a lot of my time, and I had far more important things to deal with that your insanity. When you crossed the line with your deviant, pervertedly sick sex blog that included many posts with my toddler, that was IT. I'm glad I got tired of waiting for my PD to process.

"I checked your Insanities on The Internets blog yesterday to see if it had been deleted yet as I had not seen it (looked at it) for almost two weeks"
Thank you — seriously, I mean that — thank you for admitting that it has been YOU! I have the proof, and I can prosecute you to full extent of the law. Of course the other part of this statement you made is total crap, because I have logs that say quite different, but who cares. You already admitted to all I need.

"…which hasn't been done due to some lies you have
written on your Insanities blog, and the continual bashing of Amy Burt."
What lies? That you admitted to posting the horribly cruel bestiality blog that included my toddler? that's not a lie. As far as Amy Burt is concerned, that's not your concern or the Orleans PD's concern, and in fact, it's not even on this blog and it wasn't for a very long time. You just kept searching for her via your "secret little method" you thought you'd get away with; the little dumb slip you made that I can now use to reopen the investigation against you. You searched her name, her nickname, her blogger name, full name, blah blah blah, and you also used the same IP's to post comments to me over half a dozen times. Tsk. All the comments were from your Blogger account and all the searches were also from you, according to the information on the logs from three sources, all cross-checked.

Fuck YOU for your lack of cooperation, you mentally ill bitch. I posted NO LIBEL whatsoever, and you posted despicable bestiality and exploitation of my 2 year old toddler and then you had the utter audacity to make fun of my father dying of cancer.

I will come to Massachusetts and personally file complaints with the officers I've been dealing with, and then I'll go a step past that if you keep up your lying and passive-aggressive nonsense. I don't care if you have a runny nose or the swine flu. You stop this game NOW.

You are mentally ill. I can confirm that. You did write and post those animal sex blogs. I can prove that. You did harass me. I can prove that. Stop trying to make yourself look good and make me look bad. I will sue you for libel and I will have the hate crime reinvestigated with the new IP's and I'll have you sent AWAY.

The agreement was for you to remove EVERYTHING, and in return, I'd keep you sane by deleting my entries. The officers never once said I did anything illegal. You though… remember anything? The officers went to your home. Don't lie to the damn public to save face. Just delete the entry on Friday, April 24, 2009 called "Back To Adoption" and get the fuck out of my life.

STOP screwing around with me! I will get them to take your computer and search your stuff and then you'll be in so deep, you head will spin. Leave me the hell alone, you crazy kook!

CEASE AND DESIST, crazy lady. And YES, you ARE CRAZY. FACT! Don't like it, TOO BAD. That's what people are called when they post libel about strangers they don't even know, libel about them having sex with cats, libel about their toddlers on sexually explicit websites, libel about people dying from horrible cancers, and when they post all this sick, deviant and depraved stuff and they laugh about it. They're called sick and crazy people.

STOP, CEASE AND DESIST or I AM COMING TO MA AND SUING YOU ON YOUR OWN TURF. Your phone records will be subpoenaed and the proof will not be deniable. You almost got away with it. This time you won't. I HOLD THE PROOF THAT POINTS TO YOU FOR ALL THE ABUSE AND LIBEL, AND THIS TIME, THE HATE CRIME AS WELL. I'll take that to BOSTON if I have to. With the undeniable proof I now hold, you cannot escape the charges that the Orleans PD would be able to back up due to your confession. The confession, the Comcast records, the dialup IP's from your location… you'd be in quite the pickle.


DELETE IT ALL, AND STOP. I've NEVER LIED ONCE. You've told nothing but lies and posted cruelty and hatred, including hate crimes. YOU remove that blog entry or I call Det. T and you get another home visit, possibly the last before I come to MA to file complaints against you in person.

Can you do as you were told and STOP? Must I call the police again? Do you really want me to come to MA? I do not bluff.

p.s. Telling Kristina to not look at your public page is as stupid as if I were to tell your daughter to stop looking at mine. Which she just did for you again.

The Orleans, Massachusetts Police DID VISIT The Improper Adoptee twice. She confessed to the officers of creating the sexually deviant bestiality blog AND she confessed to all the harassment and abuse. She confessed to the anonymous posts and the comments to herself. She confessed while balling her eyes out hysterically in front of the officer I spoke to. When he returned to the precinct, he called me and let me know what happened. She is totally unstable and I deleted the blog entries to get her to stop harassing ME. She refuses to listen to the police. When I am able to, I am going to have a new, third complaint filed and this time we'll have her phone records subpoenaed. This woman is a sick, mentally ill stalker who can't even obey police orders!


Orleans Police Department
90 S. Orleans Road
Orleans, MA 02653
Phone: 508-255-0117


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