Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Title!

This blog will remain visible as long as my nickname* is still used libelously by Marilyn on her moronic blog called "The Improper Adoptee," which is her nickname. Her blog is and, bluntly, it absolutely sucks. If you need a laugh at the expense of a lunatic, take a gander. Anyway, This is it, there will be no posts here but what you see. The psycho freak cannot harass me anymore because the cops went to her house on Nick… Ave. in Orleans and told her to cut the shit. That was after the huge confession about her writing bestiality blogs, animal abuse blogs and blogs about my toddler — all in one place. Pretty gross, eh? Yep. Anyway, her figurative mouth has been slammed shut. This blog would have come down (been deleted, removed, expunged, etc.), but the asshole that she is refuses to remove the ridiculousness she still has posted, and she then posted more ha ha's (and I seriously mean ha ha's because the red text is hilarious) so this will remain until the day Blogger dies or the internet turns off. (The internet turns off? OH, yes, that will happen. Pfft!) Later! 

To all adoptees, parents of adopted children and those who might adopt, have a good day. Remember, infertility has nothing to do with it; don't let this nutter bully you if you are truly saving a child from a life in the system. If you're adopting out of love and you will love and cherish that child forever, kudos to you. Remember to never withhold anything from them, and please, if your adoption is open, keep it that way. If it was a closed adoption, do all you can to have as much information as possible available for your child for their future.


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