Saturday, July 11, 2009

Any Further Mentions of ME WILL BE REPORTED TO THE ORLEANS, MA POLICE, Improper Adoptee.

«« The Improper Adoptee can't control herself, and of this we are all well aware. While she was "on hiatus" from blogging about me, she took to MySpace once again, and trolled a bit. She's even tried posting to a blog she's been banned from, forever. She's just incapable of understanding the word STOP.

The police in Orleans, MA visited her at her home twice, to my knowledge. They might have visited her more, but I'm only aware of twice. Both times were to warn her to cease and desist or face the consequences. She'd committed a hate crime, online, and she was to never harass me again. She was to remove all references to me — in any wording, shape or form — and she did not. I just let it go and didn't take this blog down fully, because the nutter didn't comply with direct police orders.

Now the mental patient wants everybody to believe that she has done no wrong. Well, besides doing far more than WRONG, she's broken the law and she's still doing so. She is treading on thin ice. This is her warning, and she better read it and heed it: DO NOT START TROUBLE WITH ME AGAIN.

The police will arrest her this time. She is NOT ALLOWED TO HARASS ME. Even her full of crap claims on her blog as of current are harassment enough. I will not allow this mentally damaged and sexually depraved deviant of society to prey on me and my family ever again.

Last warning, lunatic:

p.s. She eats bacon.

Look how long ago I'd asked politely for her to leave me alone. This wasn't the first time I'd asked her in a very "calm" message either. Each time I did, she retaliated with horribly cruel blog entries on a blog she made about me and my family that was X-rated and included child exploitation — of my child. She is not the victim of cyberbullying. She's the cyberbully. That must be made very clear. She admitted to all the harassment I've ever posted about, and she admitted to creating other blogs using aliases, including the bestiality blog that included my toddler, and my father (in which she mocked his dying; stage 4 cancer, and made fun of him and my mother). Taking pity on her because she's an adoptee is wrong. I'm not abusing people due to horrible events that happened to me in life. I'm not lashing out at strangers for my childhood (which is none of her business and had serious life-altering events, none at the hands of my parents) and using my life as an excuse, as she is.

It's time this woman is stopped and it's time she gets the mental and emotional help she needs. It's also time for her to heal. 49 years old and she is still living a life of negativity and hurting others… when will it stop?

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