Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Improper Adoptee is Spamming Me Now, And…!

«« And she sends CANADA here to copy the blog and show her so she can get updated, that is, of course, when she doesn't come by herself, from Orleans, MA. Oh, BTW Marilyn, I don't care if you post that I'm in West Hempstead. It's ON MY OWN BLOG!

Marilyn, you made a deal with your local police department, and you didn't keep it. Don't cry on your blog about not keeping your word to the officers who came to your home twice! I removed everything I said I would, AND FYI, it was only to keep you from having mental outbursts. I was informed by your state of MA that you're not mentally stable. I'd thought so all along — with dozens of others — but it was confirmed by the officials in your state. You must have a record of some sort in the system for me to be told such a thing. This information was only divulged to me because I was going to have an order of protection and restraining order made to keep you from coming here to get near my son, my toddler, but they reassured me that you weren't dangerous — just psychologically nuts.

FUCK YOU for your lack of cooperation, you mentally ill bitch. I posted NO LIBEL whatsoever (and no cruel harassment), and you posted despicable bestiality and exploitation of my 2 year old toddler and then you had the utter audacity to make fun of my father dying of cancer.

I will come to Massachusetts and personally file complaints with the officers I've been dealing with, and then I'll go a step past that if you keep up your lying and passive-aggressive nonsense. I don't care if you have a runny nose or the swine flu.
You stop this game NOW. Boston wanted to prosecute you for HATE CRIMES. I will gladly come up there to make it happen and disregard your mental status completely.

You are mentally ill. I can confirm that. You did write and post those animal sex blogs. I can prove that. You did harass me. I can prove that. Stop trying to make yourself look good and make me look bad. I will sue you for libel and I will have the hate crime reinvestigated with the new IP's and I'll have you sent AWAY.

The agreement was for you to remove EVERYTHING, and in return, I'd keep you sane by deleting my entries. The officers never once said I did anything illegal. You though… remember anything? The officers went to your home. Don't lie to the damn public to save face. Just delete the entry on Friday, April 24, 2009 called "Back To Adoption" and get the fuck out of my life. AND NOW YOU'D HAVE TO DELETE YOUR ASININE RED CAPS TEXT THAT'S FULL OF YOU TRYING TO SAVE FACE WITH LIES!

STOP screwing around with me! I will get them to take your computer and search your stuff and then you'll be in so deep, you head will spin.
Leave me the hell alone, you crazy kook!
CEASE AND DESIST, crazy lady. And YES, you ARE CRAZY. FACT! Don't like it, TOO BAD. That's what people are called when they post libel about strangers they don't even know, libel about them having sex with cats, libel about their toddlers on sexually explicit websites, libel about people dying from horrible cancers, and when they post all this sick, deviant and depraved stuff and they laugh about it. They're called sick and crazy people.

STOP, CEASE AND DESIST or I AM COMING TO MA AND SUING YOU ON YOUR OWN TURF. Your phone records will be subpoenaed and the proof will not be deniable. You almost got away with it. This time you won't. I HOLD THE PROOF THAT POINTS TO YOU FOR ALL THE ABUSE AND LIBEL, AND THIS TIME, THE HATE CRIME AS WELL. I'll take that to BOSTON if I have to. With the undeniable proof I now hold, you cannot escape the charges that the Orleans PD would be able to back up due to your confession. The confession, the Comcast records, the dialup IP's from your location… you'd be in quite the pickle.

DELETE IT ALL, AND STOP. I've NEVER LIED ONCE. You've told nothing but lies and posted cruelty and hatred, including hate crimes. YOU remove that blog entry or I call Officer T. T. and you get another home visit, possibly the last before I come to MA to file complaints against you in person.

Can you do as you were told and STOP? Must I call the police again? Do you really want me to come to MA? I do not bluff.

p.s. Telling Kristina to not look at your public page is as stupid as if I were to tell your daughter to stop looking at mine. Which she just did for you again.

The Orleans, Massachusetts's Police DID VISIT The Improper Adoptee twice. She confessed to the officers of creating the sexually deviant bestiality blog AND she confessed to all the harassment and abuse. She confessed to the anonymous posts and the comments to herself. She confessed while balling her eyes out hysterically in front of the officer I spoke to. When he returned to the precinct, he called me and let me know what happened. She is totally unstable and I deleted the blog entries to get her to stop harassing ME. She refuses to listen to the police. When I am able to, I am going to have a new, third complaint filed and this time we'll have her phone records subpoenaed. This woman is a sick, mentally ill stalker who can't even obey police orders!

Orleans Police Department
90 S. Orleans Road
Orleans, MA 02653
Phone: 508-255-0117
I know what else you've been up to, so don't think you're little game is a secret. You're beyond insane and depraved. You're not even human. Heed the warning or face very serious consequences. I'm not playing your game, I'm serious as a heart attack. I'll drive up to Massachusetts ASAP and have you brought down to the police station in minutes of my arrival. Just keep it up. You have no idea what I will do to make sure you're punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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