Saturday, July 18, 2009

You're Crying Wolf for Way Too Long, Nutter.

Proof the PSYCHOPATH SEXUAL DEVIANT was spreading libel LONG AGO:

The Improper Adoptee said...

Hi Cheerio-
I just want to say ty for your comment on my blog-I need to warn you too, that for over a year I have been abused and stalked by a bully named spookie/mittens the cat/suzanne and 50 other names she uses-she has also abused Cassie, Gershom, Kite Kamp Girl, Ungrateful Little Bastard and joy and others. If anyone comments on my blog, she will bombard them with long monotious lying comments about me, trying to get that person to hate me. She also put up a blog recently calling ULB a liar, and demonically insults and trashes the people above I have mentioned, including myself. I am in the process of legally doing something about her and her insane terroist cyber rampages and her hate blog. I did publish your comment-but if she sends you any nasty comments, please just delete them and ignore her. She craves attention like a vampire craves blood. I published your comment, because I won't back down to this psychotic, and because I like you and your blog, and I am not going to silence you about Adoption the way spookie wants all of us to be silenced-she is a Pro-Adoption troll. I have many blogs written about what she has done to me and others on my blog-(under label spookie). I wanted to tell you too, that you are an Aries-a fire element-so you are passion-air again is intellect but Libra is the most loving and emotional sign in this element, so don't worry about your son's sign-I beleive love will win out too. I'd love to have a Real Mom who was as wonderful, caring, sensative and loving as you are. Your son is lucky to have you for his Mom-and yes his mom. Because only you ARE his Mom. :)

The Improper Adoptee said...

Footnote: spookie also uses the tittle Anonymous all the time too., Improper Adoptee, but I have no problem posting from my account, unlike YOU. Now remember, cupcake, you're NOT ALLOWED TO HARASS ME, so STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW. Don't even ask what, because I already know. Sorry lady, but someone already informed me about what you have done in the last few weeks and what you have planned. CUT THE CRAP OR YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL — I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. YES, I PROMISE.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Hi Aleex-
How are you? I am leaving this comment because I am going to court over blogs called "insanities on the internets" & "catatonic digressions" made by a cyberbully named "spookie". I have contacted the police as well, but things are moving slowly because I have been ill for a while, although I will be in the courthouse to get her blogs down next week-this horrible and sick woman has been cyber bullying me since last March-it started on my space-she has hacked, spammed, abused all of my freinds in blogger too, calling us paranoid schizophrenics, using some people's real names and linking htem with that term and putting people's spouses my spaces that they use for buisness on this blog and insulting them and trying to give them a bad name. She is also attacking some people's children, who she does not even know. She has never maet any of us in person, and yet trys to create the image that we have mental problems when we don't. Her blog is a bully blog and is used only to terrorize innocent people on blogger. spookie is going all over the place on the internet and in blog catalog, lying about me and other people, and she is using this social network to deface, sabotoge and defame people only because they called her on her abuse on my space. spookie is a big time troll there. You are a nice level headed girl, and I am asking you to please delete her two blogs, before she starts hurting even more innocent people. She has already hurt my daughter, who she doesn't even know and who has nothing to do with any of this. Thank you very much Aleex if you honor my request. Take care.

The Improper Adoptee said...

and putting people's spouses my spaces that they use for buisness on *this blog and insulting them and trying to give them a bad name.

* on this blog (insanties on the internets)

The Improper Adoptee said...
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The Improper Adoptee said...

I saw you came to my blog yesterday-I didn't know if you wanted to leave me a comment or not in response to my last comment on your blog-I have them turned off though because spookie was constantly spamming and sending me abusive comments-I have 86 in my box right now. I am going to re enter my blog-but use a new email address diffent from the one I orginially used. I will turn my comment box on in case you wanted to answer my question. Sorry if I am being a pain, don't meant to be, but thanks again for your help-

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